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1. There is a lot of suffering in this world but do people comprehend its meaning fully? Why do we suffer while living here on the Earth in human bodies and why do we feel sad, worried or sick if Good God in His Act of Creation did not want his people to feel like that? When you think about suffering you are usually afraid of the fact that you or your relatives or friends can feel it and you want to prevent this suffering; however, it is not always possible because people make too many mistakes and give up to too many bad instincts, they lie and cheat to their Guruh – Spiritual Teacher, promising him different things such as building a new ashram and they do not keep their promises and then, when they suffer, they ponder about the reason for it. They feel offended and turn away from their Guruh, from God, fall out of the spiritual community, or they look for other “spiritual” schools, or, unwilling to understand the cause and effects of their own behavior from their past incarnations and from the past of the current life, which lead to the suffering, pain, accidents, loneliness, poverty and misery they are going through, they become atheists. Because suffering concerns only those who do the wrong things and rebel against the spiritual teaching and those who do not do the duties they owe to God, the duties to which they agreed before they came down to the Earth taking on their human bodies. Suffering concerns those who do not listen to the advice of their Spiritual Guides and who rebel against them instead of living in accordance with their spiritual Sadhana!

2. Each soul is summoned by God to do some specific Work here on the Earth. When the time of its incarnation and coming down to the Earth comes the soul can see its whole past life and its whole karma, at the same time it promises to take up the duty of improving its life and removing the negative effects of karma from its past incarnations. Then it promises God to take such an earthy work which will be enough to erase its previous sins and will lead to its spiritual improvement. The work which is undertaken by the soul is called DHARMA. It is work which should be done by every human being during the time of maturing and it should be fulfilled within the course of the whole adult life. If a man does not do this, his/her soul suffers and the sad darkness wraps the heart of such a person; he/she does not see the sense in his/her further life. If people meet unfavorable conditions which distract them from this work, they fall into alcoholism, drug addiction and the habit of smoking or they commit suicides, which results from the sadness and longing that cannot be satisfied and causes pangs of suffering and the feeling of absence of the life goals. That is why, when the longing for God awakes in one’s heart, the spiritual practice should be started as soon as possible, and the reaction of the environment – their laughter and troublesome disturbing behavior – should be ignored. They are merely jealous and envious daemons which try to stop people from the awakening of their souls and try to prevent them from finding their Guruh and from achieving the Goal under His guidance. Such daemons in human beings should be avoided and should never be listened to because they are trying to deceive and tempt the students looking for the Path and Guruh.

3. Suffering is a punishment sent by God onto those who rebel and do not want to help the others but also onto those who do not want to develop their spirituality and who turn into the road of darkness and decay. Each soul is summoned to serve God and the whole humankind, to give itself to the work for the good of the others. If you do not do what God wants you to, suffering, sadness and longing awake in your heart and the more you scruple to this the more you are touched by this, up to the point of depression. There are many kinds of suffering on this planet, which add up, in fact, to a lighter version of hell, from which you can descend as a spiritually mature person who has performed the duties owed to God by helping other living creatures or from which you can fall lower into the darker spheres, to the kingdom of Patala, the gathering of all bad, demonic creatures that are against doing the Godly Work on this Earth. So suffering is a punishment from God by not fulfilling your duties but it can sometimes be a punishment for your previous live, full of wickedness, evil and rebellion against your Guruh, which you must now redeem in your present life by going through the results of the suffering that the others felt because of you and by repairing all the past mistakes of yours in order to empty the glass of your suffering. The more wicked and selfish you are, the more you suffer from illnesses, loneliness, poverty, misery and humiliation. The more rebellious against your Guruh you are the more you hurt Him, the more you will suffer in the present life, until sanskara – the sleeping seed of karma – wakes up and grows. You should be careful in order not to repeat your own mistakes from the previous incarnations and not to hurt your Guruh and other nearest and dearest with your behavior – often very selfish.

4. The students practitioners who are blinded by their own selfishness cause most pain and suffering to their Shree Guru – the Teacher and Spiritual Guide whom they chose and from whose Blessed Hands they received the Holy Initiations and Blessings. It often happens so that due to the mistakes made by the practicing students Masters suffer from persecution, imprisonment and rejection. When a Guruh – Spiritual Guide and a Teacher suffers, it is caused by the mistakes of his students and followers because a Holy Guruh does not have his own Karma, and his only duty to God is to teach other creatures who desire spiritual development! When a Guruh is persecuted and imprisoned a big part of the burden of the suffering He is going through is redirected to the ones who have contributed to causing this pain and it results in a great mess in their lives! Each Godly Shree Guru is united with God and Holy Spirit, and a sin against Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven! It is the greatest and deadly sin of the students and followers if they cannot prevent this sin! They will suffer humiliation in their lives, they will lose their possessions and friends, they will fall into worse and darker spheres of the darkness and in the time of the Judgment – God’s Angels will sentence them to hell because due to their activities their Guru, their Spiritual Teacher suffered imprisonment, which disabled him from fulfilling his Dharma.

5. Each Guru – Spiritual Guide has his own Dharma of Teaching, which He undertook swearing to God at the moment of incarnation into a human body. This is the only Dharma towards humankind which he has to fulfill during his life, and if he does not do this and is disabled from spiritual teachings, his heart and soul suffer terrible torments. Each objection to the work given by God is punished by Angels of Karma, Lipika Deva, with suffering and pushing the Soul into dark deepness of Hell. The same Godly Law of Karma concerns the Guru who cannot fulfill his own Dharma and is imprisoned and deprived from the possibility to teach by means of spiritual lessons or by lecturing the Holy Teachings! When a Guruh cannot fulfill his spiritual mission of teaching because he is imprisoned by the devilish powers of the darkness which his pseudo-students paid services to and contributed to the persecutions of the Guru, a punishment will be sent to the horrible ingrates in their lifetime and their suffering will be horrible! They will experience much worse suffering than their Guruh is going through when he is deprived from the possibility to teach and they will be punished by God for the sin of contributing to causing the Guru’s suffering by preventing him from teaching while his task is to Teach and when he does not do that, God is turning away from him although the Gurus is not guilty of the whole situation! Often in such a way the students and followers, daemons in human bodies, contribute to the fall of their Guruh! And it will not be forgiven by God and their lives will become hell and they will suffer terribly thought their lifetime.

6. That is why, all the practitioners who have ever been blessed, initiated or have listened to the teaching of an imprisoned Shree Guruh or have read the teachings of Shree Guruh and used them are obliged to and have an order from God to fight in all the possible ways for freeing Shree Guruh from prison and purifying His good name from all the libels and slanders! Damned are in the eyes of God those who slander and offend the Name of their Godly Guruh who taught them for many years and whose blessings and favors they have used, damned are such people as Larson who slandered Shree Sathya Sai Baba! No human being can let any Spiritual Master suffer or be offended because of somebody’s ignorance or stupidity. Nobody can contribute to slandering their Shree Guruh and libeling him. The punishment for your permission for the imprisonment of your Guruh and your lack of ability to prevent such a situation, as it happened with Swami Premananda, is, in the eyes of God a great and deadly sin of the humankind for which there is no redemption!

7. And if you contribute to the Death of Shree Guruh by not doing anything to protect your Spiritual Teacher and you let him suffer for years the pains of imprisonment and you let him lose his physical health e.g. in the attacks of the other prisoners or in being ridiculed and prevented from teaching and practicing, which results in his death – God will erase your name from The Book of Life and  you will be forgotten for ages; because during the Judgment Day the Angels of Karma, Lipika Deva, will annihilate your soul, will make it disappear, because if a soul cannot stand by the side of Guruh, who is an incarnation of Love, Truth and Goodness it means that such a soul that does not protect the Master is evil and is not good enough to develop further in this existence and is unable to grow spiritually in any way! Everyone who does not stand on the side of Light, Goodness and Truth in the time of trial when Shree Guruh is persecuted and he suffers, and everyone who leaves his Shree Guruh in such bad time is damned in the eyes of God!

Himalaya Master

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