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Vajrasattva (Vajrasattva Marga) means Good Will, Divine Will or Diamond Goodness and it’s the path of developing fiery, radial Power of God’s Will and Force. Vajralaya, as we can also call this Eternal Path, is a four-leveled path of Laya Yoga, established by Spiritual Master of the Ray of God’s Will and Power for the souls joining his heavenly temple called in esotericism of East as Paksala, which is a station for the souls walking the Path (Marga). It is a stage of the journey to Shambala (Agartha). All initiated in the Diamond Path create the spiritual community called Vajrasattva Sangha – so the Community of Good Will.

There are four great Rings or levels of esoteric initation of this community described with four leading key-ideas, on which students of this Path work: Prema (Loving, Agape), Satya (Truth), Dharma (Duty, Demand of the Soul), Shantih (Peace, Pacification). When the Soul has learned Loving, and it walks to the Truth, and when has learned the Truth it receives the Task to be done on the Earth from Divine Hierarchy of Relations of the Saints. After fulfilling the task the soul becomes a Guard of Planet Earth, Shantideva, the Angel of Peace.

First yoga at the first level of initiation we also call Abhava Yoga, so the stage of Bliss and Vacuum. The second yoga we call Chohan Morya Guru Yoga and it serves for establishing internal connection with Spiritual Superior of Ashram of Divine Power and Will, with Morya Lord. Third level is Great Yoga, so Mahaa Yoga Chohan Morya which is a path of Devoting Divine Will, and the last level is Yoga of Fire and Light, so AGNI YOGA, which is a path of Guards of the Planet against attacks of the forces of cosmic evil. Vajrasattva Sangha is second branch of Himalaya Tirtha Sangham, so Himalayan White Fraternity of Indian order Parvata Tirtha.


Future Manu – Lawmaker, Secret Master of Masters, Master and Spirit of Himalaya, Great prince of Rajputan, Hierarchy of Shigatse Ray of Divine Will and Omnipotence Temple (El-Shadday), Manager of Devs of Peace, Victory and Reigning! Higher Master and Internal Manager of spiritual guides, reformers, movements, spiritual, esoteric and occult organizations on whole Planet Earth! Spiritual Father of great Avatars, Masters, Saints and Prophets of Humanity, Heavenly Father and Master of Darjeeling Council, Metatron, El-Shadday, Yahweh Katan! Manager of Seven Highest Masters, Imperators of the Planet like St. Germain, Kuthumi, Hilarion, Serapis! Spiritual father and Hierophant of Zarathushtra, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Moinuddin. The Prime Minister of SHAMBALI Council, the performer of Sanata Kumara Will (JHWH). Morya Master is known in history as Henoch Prophet (Idris, Shach) when he had attained the Assumption and many other emanations like Morya Gupta Cesar or Great Akbar. The Imperator of Seventh Sphere of Heavens, Yahweh Katan – Smaller God, Shambala Prince, Vajrasattva! Soulful people of the planed feel him like Internal Manager, Great and Universal, Heavenly Guru (Yahuel Archangel)! All Transmission of Himalaya Master is live Ethics, Chohan Morya studies like also Transmissions of Helena Roerich Agni Yoga, Helena Blawatska Theosophy, Bo Yin Ra Studies or Transmissions of Alice Bailey.


Known as HENOCH, HERMES, IDRIS, METATRON, EL-SHADDAJ is constant day of 13th December of solar calendar or on the Day of Full Moon, Purnima, Zodiac Sign of Sagittarian (between 21st November and 21st December) in remembrance of Full Moon during the birth of Prophet Henoch-Idris in lunar-solar calendar! This day is celebrated by henochian schools, so hermetic, occult, esoteric ones!


The day of an Income of the Sun in the Zodiac Sign of Capricorn (Makara) in XXI century A.D. astronomically falls on about 20-22nd December, in dependence on if it’s a normal or leap year in the calendar. It’s a Great Festival of the Birth of Light and the beginning of Chohaniya – beginning of Uttarayana - the wandering of Sun to the north from Capricorn Zodiac Sign! The Beginning of Esoteric Solar Year in spiritual mystic calendars!


Initiated in El-Morya Consciousness, Vajrasattva, Henoch, are all initiated in such secret esoteric spiritual practices like GURU YOGA, Abhava Yoga, Morya Deva Yoga or Agni Yoga, into Narayana Deva Yoga, Sanat Kumara Deva Yoga, Dyaus Deva Yoga, Varuna Deva Yoga, SUBUDH, SACHINDHAM, Ibadhat Khana (Common Service) or so called Planet Yoga (Navagraha Yoga) or Yoga of Elements (Bhutajaya Yoga). Spiritual Leaders really actively working on reformation and rebuild of the world in every field of human activity, particularly belong to Morya Secret Box! The code of MANU Vaivasvata Rights similar as Manifested Books of Henoch are the oldest source of Transmissions.

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