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A man is a very social creature and for his own functioning he needs a good and devoted group of friends, and that need of a human creature causes the appearance of all social groups, especially religious, spiritual or cultic ones. Spiritually Great are the ones chosen from humankind, who had been blessed with great mercy by a Deity or Goddess, and provided with charisms, in order not to spend their life on pointless actions. A man should understand and realize the purpose of his life on Earth, understand why he was born here and what he has to achieve in this life. Such Self-Realisation brings Felicity and real Happiness into a human Life. A man who doesn’t recognize his life purpose becomes lost and beastlike, but a soul innate to a human body comes to Earth to make an effort of going to Heavens, an effort of developing to the higher spheres of Spirit. The one who doesn’t work on improving oneself, developing his creative potentials to perfection, then he generally wastes his life and his chance of rising to the higher level of Consciousness evolution! Beastliness for many people is the main cause of evil existence in the world of people, that’s why the basic role of educators is to promote humanistic, humanitarian and fraternal ideas!

Happy are those people who have found the real way and the purpose of their life, the purpose of the existence of humankind and being a human. All those, who have found the purpose and sense of their life become deeply religious on the basis of their own experience and revelations, and great determination to create and practise spiritually-mystical religion that all real religious schools include. Spiritual people, the ones that are not lost, are humane, subtle, kind and sensitive, especially to suffering of other feeling creatures, of the whole nature. They like to support others, help them and are very devoted to God, Guru, Community of Path, and Sadhana, the daily practice is a basis of their life and activities in every field! Those who have found God appreciate relations with Guru and the membership of the Community of Path (Sangha), and they also achieve the purpose of life with the help of a competitive teacher and guide of the Path. Strict and powerful Sadhana practised in an appropriate way and with the guidance of an appropriate Master brings Fulfilment. Every sincere and devoted man can also sincerely comply with every recommendation or exercise that Sadhana requires to make the purpose of his life reality and then to deepen and develop it! Regularity and patience, determination and trust to spiritual guidance, reliably lead to success, and pure and solid personal relationship with Guru, with the Master of Path, is absolutely indispensable basis. A house won’t last without the foundations, but it will break up during the first storm, making a person feel much more lost and confused in life. Many people of the West suddenly leave their Guru or Teacher, they fall in depression, psychological crisis or become mad, because of breaking up the relationship with their Master, however, such sick behaviour is unknown to the people of the East, because the spiritual culture of the East is on a much higher level than in the countries of the West.

Ancient sages (Rishi), Saints (Sadhu), or Masters (Svami) of enlightened spirit indicated that the most important path for achieving life purpose, prosperity, felicity and fulfilment is DHYANA, so MEDITATION! It is the truth repeated by guides and priests of all religions that exist on Earth! Meditation is an art of living that enables us to achieve eternity and immortality and eternal felicity and happiness which never stops, which secretly every man dreams about. DHYANA is a state of Mind without hesitations, fears, doubts, and other sensual dualities, a state above temporary, delusive impressions! Everyone can try reflection, consideration, but their real depth is in meditation without emotional or mental obstacles, in the peaceful, endless space of higher Self, a truly human Soul! Dhyana is often said to consist of three elements, and they are: Mantra (Sound), Mudra (Gesture), and Yantra (Sign, Symbol), and the system of practice including these three elements in a clear way, is called Tantra, which is colloquially translated as spiritual Culture, or white, good Magic. Because of these three elements of serious internal spiritual practice which are Vibrations of Sound, Gestures and Signs, a man achieves fulfilment of his dreams and aspirations, welfare in life, influences and finally Siddhi, so powers of Divine charisms, the awakening of the snake Power of Goddess, which is colloquially called Kundalini!

Three methods, Mantra, Mudra and Yantra are well known in every religion, Buddhist or Indian and also Muslim or Christian, where even the gesture of hands making the sign of the cross is a typical Yantra, and the repeated phrase while making the gesture is a constantly repeated Mantra! Putting hands together to pray at the  heart level, or a kneeling down position is typical religious Mudra. There is nothing so mysterious in Tantra, although every ritual activity has some deep interpretation and explanation, known to the more initiated and committed or monastic people. Tantra as a Mystery of Sound, Gesture and Sign is deeply practiced in the area of the Roof of the World as we call the Himalaya Mountains with Tibet, and also on the Indian and Chinese side of the Mountains! It’s commonly known, that sacral and spiritual Dances, apart from singing include Gestures, Mudras made in special sequences and appropriate to the content words. For sure it causes the popularity of spiritual Dancing in a sacral, ritual, religious way, both among Shamans, Tantra dances or Muslim Sufi. Using Mudras, Gestures for healing many diseases, well known in antiquity, comes back also nowadays, and you cannot overestimate the therapeutic advantages of spiritual Dances!

God, Deity and Goddess, there are many names and all Divine names, considered as holy by appropriate religions are so called Maha Mantrams, Great Word-Sounds, Great Vibrations of Spirit! For Indian Brahman or Shiva is Maha Mantra, for Muslim Allah is Maha Mantra, for Christians and Jewish JHWH (Jahve) Elohim (God) is Maha Mantra or EL SHADDAI – God Almighty! Mantra is for making man closer to God, and also to Angels (Devas) or Saints and it’s considered as a basic, but the most efficient way of spiritual development of a man. Those who don’t practice Mantra deprive themselves of the possibility of sublimation, purification and spiritual growth, and every man should know and remember about it. Melorecitation, vibrating, repeating holy names of God is a basis of every rosary. Every sincerely devoted man, devoted to God, willingly and regularly recites some Name of God so Maha Mantram, and whether it’s El Shadday or Allah or Om Shiva it depends on the tradition that he had chosen to deepen and usually on the karma of an individual soul and on its relationship with religion. Obviously, particular and basic Sadhana is recommended by an appropriately experienced Teacher, Guru!

Tantra is White Magic and it decides about the effectiveness of the practices and receiving Mercy, Charism. Tantra is not a practice of witchcraft or black magic which is called on East Dzadu Tuna, but it’s a path in the sense of method and technique of practice leading to Meditation, to what Dhyana really is. Shiva Deity and Parvati Goddess, the lords of Heavens are creators of Tantra, which, clearly speaking, is a mystical and magic, charismatic side of every religion, Huna of Shamans, wonderfulness of the Holy Miracle-Workers. Tantra has Mantra practice as a basis, but also there are many esoteric meditations, some special messages and forms of practice for various particular purposes. We say that Tantra is the Cult of the Goddess, Power, since Tantra appeared because of Parvati Goddess questions, directed to Shiva Lord, so it’s a practice for Woman Goddess and it is often taught by Women Guru! The study of idea, exercises and methods of Tantra Yana, Vehicle of Tantra has been lasting incessantly for over 22 thousands of years, if you take into account the oldest written spiritual messages! Symbols, Gestures or Sounds are perfectly based inside human psyche in every society of Triple-continent. Tantra in every religious organization is a practice, Sadhana, it is not only a collection of ideas or spiritual theories, and those who know Tantra Yana, they knows many Meditation practices based on experiencing three original methods and many Mantras for every occasion that a human being can encounter in his life. Energy of the middle column of the body, vertical canal or original energy, Sushumna Nadi canal as well as directing Kundalini Power upwards, through Sushumna canal to next Seven Centres, Chakras are basic practical issues with which both Rituals (Puja) and whole systems of particular practices are connected. You can only be grateful to Parvati Goddess for making this wonderful possibility of development available and passing it to the whole human race!

Himalaya Master

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