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Literally the word Tantra means “getting rid of primitiveness”, “refinement”. Tantra term is a synonym of Magic concept, especially in the field of creating interpersonal relationships of love and life welfare, so effective prosperity in practice. In Laya Yoga studies, Tantra has the prominent position, because it refers to effective removing problems and troubles of daily life of a man. Sages used to call Tantra the Art of Living, and contemporary tantric training appear under the name of Psycho-Synthesis, Transpersonal Psychology, Rebirthing, Regresing, Art of Living, Psycho-Education Laboratory, School of Living, Prosperity Courses, Consciousness of Welfare, Relationships of Love, Art of Affirmation, Spiritual Culture, Miracles Courses, Menagering, Spiritual Dance, Positive Thinking, Creative Visualisation, Assertiveness, Creativity and many similar. All these courses and training are exactly the introduction in some aspect of knowledge and practice of our ancient Tantra, which is a real Magic of Life.

Tantra includes all practical knowledge about how to live and function in the life among people, how to create successful intimate and love relationships, how to find the love of life, how to create the conditions for yourself to proper living, welfare, luck, profits and happiness. Creative and effective arranging your living matters, solving problems, removing physical suffering is undoubtedly a good start of any spiritual life, no matter the religion you profess or your world-view. Nowadays we talk about Indian, Buddhist, Muslim (Sufi), Jewish and Christian Tantra. Jewish Tantra is especially known from particular activity at the field of prosperity, wealth and welfare, and transforming some appropriate rules of behaviour into life always gives desirable effects.

A man has the right to Love, a man has the right to Welfare and creative realising in life at the chosen field of study, art, religion ,work, technique, artistry and others. Knowing better yourself (Atman) and realising yourself in life in exactly Vedic art of Self-Realisation and Self-Fulfilling. Transforming into life the rule of Love becomes a driving force for realisation of a man in his individual life. Intimate Love in particular chosen relationship and the holiness of each sexual act, Love and Friendship in interpersonal Fraternity, fulfilled and full of Love activity that ensures welfare in spiritual Undertakings (Prosperity), opening to the dimension of spiritual art and creating, it all heralds breading in pains and within dark obstacles New, Social Spiritual Culture called a Society of Aquarius Age. The Rule of Love for Everyone becomes slowly and inevitably the basis, the basic Rule of Functioning every New, Reborn Man of the Future.

Removing fears, self-acceptation, being now and here, harmony with other people, respect for life and all creatures, building peace and fraternity is an activity of people at various fields of work on whole our planet. Tantra offers simple and effective tools of purifying man from anger, worries, problems and anxieties, removing fear phobias and demonic threats of old civilisation of Fish Age based on feudal compulsion and terror. New societies will leave feudal and feudal-parliamentary structures building fully timocratic societies, where everyone will have direct right to speak about governing this society, and human values shall be build on the authority of authentic Spiritual Guides, Guru of human kind, who see indeed the purpose and destiny of human kind.

Liberation, redemption the man from all complexes and syndromes of guilt, usually induced, persuaded by sick neighbourhood, especially syndromes of guilt at the field of sexual life and right to wealth, seem to be the basic priority of all therapeutic activity in the society. Various phobias, like fear of danger, delusions of sinning referring to sex, complex of poverty and inferiority, syndrome of submissive and conformed sheep, or rather the ram unable to independent and creative existence, sick, bossy parental authority of feudal structure leading to destruction of individuality, lack of spiritual and moral values in society, this all is an issue of interested complex therapy, transformation and purification in processes of simple and intelligible exercises of Laya Tantra.

Art of Affirming and changing thought patterns, the magic of thoughts, visualisation and prayer is an effective tool of designing own fate, changing conditions and improving own being for every human creature. Breathing exercises and simple sound vibrations enable effective purification a man from his complexes, phobias, inhibitions, so he could live with the whole of life.

Himalaya Swami

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