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The second Lotus is placed in abdomen, between the navel and the pubic bone, above the bladder, and between the kidneys, since it controls the water energy and the fluids of the organism. On the belly surface, below the navel and at the back on the spine, there are points of acupressure; the places which help stimulate the fluid system of organism, which is controlled by the Second Lotus! Svādhishthana is a Lotus with six petals, which represent six sound vibrations, six subtle channel of energy, which drives the subconscious human Consciousness, Ego situated in the Lotus Flower! Svāh means Self, Ego, Subconsciousness, and Dhi means Light, Brightness, Luminosity. Svādhi is the Light of the Self, and SHTHANA is a Place, Location. Svādhishthana means „Location of the Light of the Self”, and this name shows that in connection with this Lotus we concentrate in the Light of Our Own Self, we look for the Light of the Real Nature. Concentrating on the abdomen, the energetic centre below the navel and flowing, following the Light, revealing the Light of Our Own Self or concentrating on the point of Light and aspiring to Enlightenment is the basic practice process at this level of development.

The Word of Power, Mantram of this Lotus, is VAM syllable, which enlivens and controls the element of Water, and the people born under the sign of this element (Cancers, Pisces, Bears) often concentrate on this Lotus spontaneously. We breathe in the Om syllable and breathe out thinking about the VAM syllable. It is a simple mental practice of enlivening and purifying the Lotus of Subconsciousness, which is performed to the rhythm of breath! You can also breathe in thinking of the VAM syllable and breathe out Wam syllable in order to purify WARI-PITHAM, the Place of Water, the Water Lotus of your Inner Body of the Soul. Repeating the phrase OM VAM NAMAH is also a basic, recitation-purifying practice used in all the authentic schools of spiritual development. Svadhishthana is a Lotus which is called the Heart of Subconsciousness or the instinctive Heart of the Belly.

Crescent or Half Moon is a sign, a symbol of this energetic, astral or emotional center and it is known that Moon influences the Waters of the whole planet and the waters of organism, of every living creature! The element of Water and the sense of taste, both culinary and aesthetic connected with it has its location in the Subnaval Lotus with six petals, which symbolize six phases of change, six distinguishably different stages of a development of a human being who finally comes to the Center of Self, getting to know His/Her Real Self as an Internal Light of the Soul’s Spirit. The Soul’s Spirit, Dhi in the Svadhishthana Lotus is finally the Bright Light, White, Creamy-white as the sun’s rays, therefore, the warm, creamy-white light is the most popular and best-known method of work with the purification method, the object of aspiration of the concentrated, focused people who set their consciousness on the Lotus of Water!

Svadhishthana is the Centre of sensuality and passion, the center of sexuality, pleasure and sexual enjoyment, the center of gaining sexual ecstasies. Therefore, spirituality connected with this center is often mixed with erotic aspects, which either tend towards hypersexualism or towards celibacy and sexual ascetics. A typical, satanic error is opposing sexuality and eroticism with spiritual enlightenment. Such a division should not be made, since the people who negate and reject their own sexuality instead of spiritual light of Enlightenment achieve the split of their self, a kind of schizophrenia, which will be reborn in the following incarnations. 

Good taste, erotic aesthetics is about exchanging and accepting one’s own sexuality, which, with time, and along with spiritual trip, becomes subtler and higher. There should be no conflict between sexual life and spiritual aspirations since it is merely a sign of psychosexual illness, schizophrenia. The control over sexual expression must be based on the acceptation and making erotic life more and more subtle, and it cannot result in suppressing and refusing the needs, creating complexes of guilt, since it results in pathologies such as pedophilia, sadomasochism, transvestitism, aversions towards the opposite sex, pederasty and people so much deformed are reborn in another lives without the ability of achieving the Light of the Soul, the center of Ones Primal Self.
Often vibrate VAM, think about VAM, concentrating on a creamy-white light of the Self and the process of development will become more dynamic and you will become a person who can control subconscious, astral moon sphere. The Center of Subconsciousnes is responsible for a number of psychological, astral and emotional phenomena, in which one should not engage and should treat them as of little importance and persistently aspire to revealing the godly Light of Soul.

Six VRITTI – Negatives must be purified and sublime, and they are all weaknesses and shortages in empathy (sympathy), destruction, illusions, contempt and mistrust! These emotional states and features of character must be removed and you should cultivate in moderation and joy happy male-female sexuality. Six petals create two triangles of the male and female power, owing to which people can make long lasting love bounds, erotically-loving, full of ecstasy, happiness and satisfaction. The knowledge about creating the bounds of love is born in a more and more purified and developed Lotus of Emotions, which is the heart of subconsciousness, Svâdhishthana! It is a center of natural expression of emotions and primal feelings, the needs of lower self, ego, the center of life experience and the wisdom of life on higher stages of development.

Polar, binary pairs of behavior and reactions of the dual world, such as desiringrepressing, inducingimpeding or givingtaking or else pleasureguilt result from the nature of the Lotus of Abdomen, whose two major powers, which are ATTRACTING and PUSHING AWAY, create this kind of polar pairs in different spheres. We focus in the Light of the Lotus of the Self on the abdomen and we push away what we want to get rid of, and attract what we want to have. With the breath out we get rid of the flaws, and while breathing in we attract what we want to have. With the breath out we get rid of the negativities and during the breath in we attract what we want to have, we attract what we want to become and be!

Each of the six petals of the lotus Wreath frees and purifies one of the six Vritti, the flaws of the psyche, six emotionally-psychological Negativities of human self. A purifying-freeing, sublime direction of spiritual work is reciting or contemplating the vibrations of the petals, energies in the right order: BAM, BHAM, MAM, YAM, RAM, LAM, which can very quickly, even within a few years, free you completely from all the astral negativities and pollution. 

Water is the essence of life, and water therapy is one of the Basic therapies, especially good for disturbances of emotional, erotic, sensual and psychological life. All kind of freakishness result from the pollution of Lotus Svādhi, and the state of total HARMONY, UNDERSTANDING and RECONCILEMENT is in the Centre of the Self, which is the seventh stage of the Transformation of Ego, Self. VARUNA, the Angel of Water, Oceans, the Guardian Angel of the Laws of Universe and the Rules of Streams and Magical Signs of Powers, watches over the development of the Lotus of Water and Good Taste (taste and aesthetics). Vishnu and Lakshmi are Angels, who are Lords of the astral, emotional space, the fourth stage; they are an ideal couple that lives in Love, Harmony, and Welfare. Vishnu is a symbol of Fulfilled Dreams and Śri Lakshmi is an Angel of Giving Goods, Angel of Abundance and Welfare.

Svādhi is the House of the Light of the Soul, the Self, the House of activated Kuńdalini Shakti (the Power of Faith and Trust). The Power of this Lotus is the Power which removes stupidity and ignorance, the Power which removes the darkness of the lack of knowledge and the Power which removes the enemies of spirituality, the inner enemies and obstacles as well as the Power which removes the enemies outside! Integration of the Self, integration of subconsciousness results in the feeling of Completion, the feeling of cherub hermaphrodite, which can easily be satisfied and give satisfaction in a love relationship with a woman and a man, but which can as well live alone. 
The color of the Water Element often is a transparent watery Light with a pinch of green of nature or the blue of the sky, which results in a blue-greenish, transparent, emerald color! The work on the love relationship often needs coloring the petals of Lotus cinnabar or pink-reddish, and the spiritual work colors them orange. Each petal, however, has its own, characteristic hue, specific color, which is stabilized on the Seventh Stage, in the phase of work on the Centre of the Self, on the Enlightened level of the spiritual development of the Lotus Flower Svādhishthanam.

The consciousness placed onto the Lotus with six petals created the Circle, Chakram of people who care about the good taste and aesthetics, they care about the taste of food by cooking spiritual, vegetarian cuisine, the people who aspire to the Light of the Soul, the Self, searching for and discovering themselves as the Creatures of Light! The self, the soul is contemplated as a point or drip of bright sunshine, which shines from above onto the lunar, astral human nature! The Crocodile, the Holy Crocodile, the coldblooded water animal symbolizes the ego, the subconscious self and the lower human nature. Dream is this water, the astral part of a human being, while reality is the time which Holy Crocodile spends on earth. Analyzing dreams, the water, astral sphere, is a part of spiritual work on one’s own development, like it is with the magic of symbols and signs and their interpretation, or their deep understanding and broadening this understanding.

The unity of woman and man, or the unity of mother and father is the leading subject, and a mystic approach to love and the desire for creating a love relationship are interlaced with the spiritual aspirations to the enlightenment! White, creamy-white, pure syllable of VAM sound, which in Sanskrit is mainly graphically represented by a Circle, shows the direction and methods of work concentrated on the Light, Purity and Perfection and inner Depth of the Self. The Circle of Light is also an inner gate to the astral plan as well as the gate to the water world, to astral spheres, subconscious dreams and desires! Achieving the Light of the Self, the Soul, Svādhi, means overcoming oneself, overcoming the Ego, and a total Victory over one’s own lower nature.

Let the Good Spirit, the Angel of Water Protect and Bless You!


Himalaya Swami

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