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Genius is the source of all progress and evolution of human race, thought and technology, that is why, each epoch should appreciate and respect its geniuses, including their eccentric ideas, which often are the clues for the future. There are many talented, gifted, great people but geniuses have unusual creativity and ability to create, a wider point of view, an ability to great work and risky searches. Your children must have conditions for creative work and development of their abilities, and must be taught how to act with passion until they have results. Genius in the Hellenic culture was a protective guardian angel, a god looking after men from their birth to their death. It is recommended to try metaphysical contacts with one’s own Genius for discovering own talents and abilities and increasing creativity. Yunona is a higher dimension guardian angel of the consciousness of all the women. Angel – servant Yunona guards the abilities of women and angel Genius – the talents and abilities of men. Deva and Devi are the names of angels, which take care of people according to the teachings of Orient, and El is a general name for such Gods of Genius in Hebrew culture. Revealing and manifesting genius by a man represents an internal connection of human mind with more advanced beings and consciousnesses which help the development of humankind, for example through inspiring a gifted, chosen man to revolutionary discoveries. Due to this influence of higher forces, of better developed beings, all the attempts of educating a genius will give no more than average results, although they help finding talented people of above-average intelligence.

Genius can be divided into two types. The fist and highest is Genius aware of the source of inspiration, cooperating consciously but in secret with the guards of the planet and humanity, realising important tasks of introducing the science, philosophy, art or religion into a new age. It reminds of a work of a spiritual honorable ambassador of different worlds and higher civilisations for the good and progress of humankind, who is dealing with his difficult role as an apostle of development and progress. The second type is Genius inspired unconsciously, because of his proper features and abilities, a Genius that has inspirational dreams, visions, creative ideas, and the feeling of compulsion for work and certain specific researches. Such human beings – unconsciously under the influence of Deva – Genius – sometimes cannot stand the confrontation with reality and the resistance of meretricious society, which can lead to isolation or even slight insanity. Creative and persistent work on their discoveries or inventions allows with time for breaking the resistance of conservative thoughts and ignorance and for introducing the progress, but the talented human being must be patient, consequent and faithful to the scientific truth, which he/she honestly presents! Simple training of relaxation and intuitive feeling basing on practical tests of progress can really help every talented being go towards the manifestation of Genius, because it is something he/she does not learn but reveals!

Good health that allows for intensive, challenging creative or research work is a condition of revealing creative or inventive genius, although there are exceptions to this rule, and psychological resistance to critics, slanders and ignorance is of basic meaning for manifesting the two kinds of genius. In the convention that comes from Greece, men ask the angel Genius for support, inspiration and leadership, and women ask about that angel Yunona, who can guide and inspire female brain that is slightly different from male’s brain! Generally, the talents are not inherited, they do not depend on education either, and it is self-development that has a meaningful influence on shaping the genius since the higher forces choose human beings with the need for learning, innovation, creativity, openness to new ideas and pragmatism, without dogmatic prejudices, which is a European disease. A man united with a higher force through his angel reflection, good God and a woman united in such a way with her angel, Goddess, will be genius and creative advocates of progress in science, culture, technology, music, and in every field that needs change development and increase!

Contact, fascination with somebody’s Genius, acceptance of possibility and friendship with such a great man may evoke in us creative inspiration to develop the works that have been started, and civilisation and culture need constant change and development. Life goes on and humankind develops in the following generations still having the ability to use so far no more than 8-12 percent of human brain. A lot of possibilities potentially exist in every man; yet, the willingness to development, progress, researching, studying, creating and understanding is necessary to activate new possibilities which potentially dream in human brains, connected with morphogenetic field with the sum of experiences of the life on entire planet. When you breathe in concentrate inside the light of consciousness, intelligence of the whole civilisation on the planet Earth, the whole consciousness, intuitive knowledge of life, and when you breathe out radiate with the knowledge, intelligence and wisdom on the whole humankind, the whole planet. It is a simple way of opening oneself as a good guide to wisdom – knowledge, intelligence, which, coming from the spirit of the subtle spheres, will serve the whole humankind. It is a simple exercise with opening to Genius or Yunona (Deva or Devi) which anyone can easily do with the benefit to him/herself and the whole planet. Higher consciousness is a feature of every Genius and it is something more than any thought knowledge or intelligence measured by the learnt ability to solve tests for perceptiveness.

Chittam – Consciousness connects the functions of thinking and intuitive brain, connects the heart and the head, as it is often symbolically presented. This connection of mind and intuition creates inspirational, talented, creative and practical enlightened Mind. And Mind is understanding and predicting, feeling the direction of researches and the possessing the ability to scientific work with data, phenomena and discoveries. Exercising the spatial imagination, visualisation helps develop the creative abilities of the mind and exercising feeling without calculation increase intuition. Still, above all, Genius must listen to the inspiration of his/her inner voice, feeling, drive, in order to be able to work and achieve positive results of his/her work.

We help developing people in the new conditions of the new era and new Age of Aquarius, so you, people, take advantage of our clues and pieces of advice, change ideals into tangible activities, work creatively. Help children develop their creative imagination, which helps improve a number of processes and teach them interdisciplinary thinking and using their intuition, so that the future geniuses will be able to have easier life and work. But also protect the geniuses from the satanic inquisition, which constantly destroys people who advocate progress and development, and which often does not let inventors, scientists and artists into people’s houses. Create conditions to revelation for our geniuses, because we can have electricity from the Sun for free, without polluting the air with carbon, petroleum and devilish tar fumes!  

Look for geniuses, knowing that they are often born in February, in the sign of Aquarius, their fathers are often over thirty and mothers are much younger than fathers, they often lose one or both parents and as a result they become self-reliable much earlier, without any influence of obsessive, overprotective parental guidance. Geniuses often live in loneliness, doing a lot of hard and creative work, and they are often ill in childhood. The genius children often have childish willingness for learning, which is not typical of their peers. Genius works with great passion and sacrifice, achieving enormous concentration on the field he/she chose. The one who creates non-stop is curious and able to realize the goals he/she has set and it is possible that he/she is a genius, because it needs both being bright and patient! Delve into the regions that have not been explored with any human though, do not be afraid of misfortunes or risk, avoid thinking in a dogmatic and schematic way, do not worry if your ideals will be liked by the majority, and you will easily become a pioneer person with a personality of a genius! Do not let the system enslave you and do not become limited by the discoveries of the predecessors, be a person that is faithful to oneself and develop unreliable thinking and certainly the higher forces will become interested in you and you will be graced with becoming a Genius – a person chosen to shape the progress of humankind!

Himalaya Master

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