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1. Being human involves preventing oneself from poisoning and producing harmfulness which poisons the earth, water and air and destroys biological life as well as other human beings. All the destructive, poisonous contamination produced by the underhuman creatures, human-animals with limited consciousness, sick minds and darkened souls points to the killing instincts of a non-human humanoid, demonic nature which generates poisons, destruction and contamination which are highly dangerous for all the other natural creatures and, finally, are also harmful or deadly for the destroyer. Humanization is the level of consciousness at which a human-animal quits the activities which are harmful for the others as well as for oneself. He/she stops poisoning, littering and destroying the nature in each activity and starts living and acting in harmony with all the nature, cooperating and coexisting with it. Each eco-philosophy or humanitarian science will understand humanity as a level of reason at which a man prevents oneself from toxic activities harmful to the environment. Everyone who pollutes and poisons the natural environment, water, earth or air could be, traditionally speaking, called the worst and the meanest of sinners!

2. Achieving and keeping human level of consciousness, being human, means having the ability to cooperate with the wildlife, to get rid of poisonous and toxic inclinations, to prevent oneself from participation in destroying, littering and poisoning and, especially, to withdraw oneself from participation in all kinds of assailant, invasive and rapacious wars. Producing chemical, biological or atomic weapons for mass destruction of human beings, animals and nature is an example of the activities of the creatures which are commonly called devilish or demonic, which reveal no humanity; those creatures are worse than predators, because predators merely satisfy their hunger in a natural way. There is nothing human in those who organize war sieges and aggressions and there is nothing human in those who promote, create and use extremely harmful technologies that destroy and poison all the nature: the water, earth and air in order to make a profit. These kinds of creatures which declare war against life and health of everything which exists, including people, are shrouded with the darkness of stupidity, backwardness, godlessness. It could be said that devilish inventions are those which kill, destroy, poison and bring harm on a mass scale, and alcohol, cigarettes, gas, industrial exhausts are the most popular satanic weapons. Godly inventions are these which are not harmful for the natural environment and are safe for both people and animals even when a major industrial problem occurs and such should be the direction of the technological and scientific progress. This is the basic rule of eco-philosophy and we could stick to it as it is the rule of respect for life and the rule of harmonious coexistence of creatures!

3. Littering the whole world with completely useless and highly harmful and poisonous wastes is the activity of godless demonic creatures, so is poisoning the rivers, lakes and seas with toxic and dangerous sewage. In the process of upbringing and humanizing the society of humanoid aggressors they should be taught how to reuse the wastes and to prevent themselves from producing litter because a spiritual creature, which a humanized man is, is ecologically clear, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. An alcoholic who poisons oneself with drunkenness and who stimulates oneself with wine to aggression and rape cannot be considered a human being or a humanized creature due to degeneration of one’s brain and limitation of the mind, which is a side effect of alcohol abuse. Similarly a tobacco addict who pollutes the air and destroys the ozone layer cannot be thought of as a human being but merely a harmful destructive devil which brings damage to the environment, destroys one’s and other people’s lives and even the atmosphere wherever it puts its claw! The war with and against life, which is fought on this planet by the forces of evil by means of implementing technologies and innovations which are harmful for people and eliminating the ones that ale clean, harmless and totally safe, is very characteristic. It is fought in the name of greed and exploitation which block out the reason and additionally force out everything that is good and progressive, safe and non-toxic! The major centers of evil and devilish harmfulness apart from tobacco and alcohol industry can be found in chemical and automotive industry connected with gasoline and its toxic elements as well as the industry of toxic disposable packaging which litters the earth, and also the power industry which bases on petroleum and coal, which are not really necessary. Real oases of evil are all the companies connected with slaughterhouses and breeding animals with their processing, which destroy and poison the planet while a man does not need any dead bodies or corpses of animals for food because human beings have always been herbivorous and they are aware of that. Being a human sounds proud because a human is vegetarian, he/she eats only healthy food of plant origin, he/she also cares for health and cleanliness of the environment, he/she is healthily fit into the surroundings. In fact, there is no obstacle to making small gardens full of grass, flowers and bushes on the tops of high scrapers. Such a garden would be a payback to the nature for the places which were taken by men to build their houses. Cleanliness cannot be associated with producing chemical sewage which poison the environment with each bath, shower or washing, because a vegetarian cares for healthy life in every aspect of his/her functioning, also in the aspect of hygiene!.

4. There is no eco-philosophy without a connection to healthy diet, and such a diet is always strictly vegetarian. None who eats corpses of animals can say that he/she is ecologic or human. Educating people for healthy life starts with cleaning their own backyards, removing the elements which are maximally poisonous. Next, after getting rid of addictions and bad habits of poisonous littering each human being learns to fight evil and to choose good and reject evil! A human being will reject military service, work in breeding animals fit for slaughter or killing them, a human being will reject participation in hunting for animals and other human beings, he/she will reject participation in wars, in drinking alcohol, he/she will not eat meat preferring good fruit and vegetables or other plant related products. A human being prefers herbs to synthetic medicaments. A human being will not poison the rivers with sewage or the air with pollution. Underground cables in insulation do not have such a bad influence on the environment as the overground transfer lines and gasoline is not necessary for driving poisonous vehicles since spirit is much better fuel, cleaner and healthier for the environment, not to mention hydrogen, which is even better! An evil one has a combustion generator of electricity and the good one takes his/her electricity from the river or a windmill, from photo-galvanic cell or even straight from the magnetic field of the Earth by means of a simple inductor! A good one remembers that the land must rest every seven years from cultivation and he/she does not have to use artificial fertilizers which are used by the evil ones to destroy the earth!

5. The evil ones eat meat and commit great unforgettable evil by hunting and breeding for the slaughterhouse, poisoning the earth and destroying the forests for their pastures. The good ones eat alive and healthy food of plant origin from their own harvest, from their own field, orchard and garden because eating meat is admissible only when the meat is dead and when it replaces the right food in the times of natural disasters such as drought or hunger, when no vegetarian crops from fields, orchards and gardens are available. However, this cannot happen on a bigger scale if humankind lives in harmony with nature. Eco-ethics makes a clear borderline placing humanity and citizenship approach on the side of the good, as it is for rejecting and eliminating or at least limiting the evil. War of evil against good has its individual, human dimension and it makes individuals degenerate; there is also a global dimension to this, when it makes the whole societies degenerate. The degenerate societies can be recognized by a higher criminal rate, imperial aggression onto other countries, the level of water, earth and air poisoning also by the number of illnesses and cripples, as well as by fiscal oppression and advancement in creating destructive weapons.

6. Protecting the environment should be started from one’s own plate and using non-toxic cleaning detergents, healthy equipment in the house, life end health friendly sources of energy, rejecting harmful habits of poisoning oneself and the others, which altogether helps in detoxication from many dangerous drug stimulants. Respect for life and active participation in preserving and protecting the biological life of the planet is an elementary part of humanization of the two-legged creatures, which are thoughtless and harmful human-animals. Poisoned nature and society become a source of primitive, aggressive and criminal children conceived in the cloud of alcohol, nicotine and exhausts from petrol engines and chimneys of poisonous factories. The wheel of destruction and degeneration closes in the cult of violence; that is why, the good ones should fight and clean the planet!

Himalaya Master

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