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Human values, humanity, can, at their basis, be summarized in the four Virtues, which, simultaneously, are the rules of behaviour. In mystical terms they refer to four petals of Lotus Root Tank, at the very bottom of the body, which is connected with the womb, reproduction, fragrances or pheromones and with the elements of the Earth, soil.

The basis of humanity is mutual liking and kindness, the friendship. A spirit of friendship has been always considered as a basis of human brotherhood. This first, cardinal virtue of Humanity, the basic moral value for the whole humanity, is called in the language of Heavenly inhabitants as Maitri. This word has a few meanings, but the friendship, kindness and liking indicate its most important meaning, and this value, this virtue, should be developed at first among good, close persons; in a loving family, in a group of good friends, or in an authentic spiritual community. Friends, kind people always talk sincerely and openly about what they think or feel and never do any malicious things behind the back of a sister or brother. Maitri means help, mutual help which people living in good company, brotherhood community or kind family give to each other. Lord Buddha Gautama threw away from spiritual community everyone who couldn’t keep the friendship, kindness, liking, and everyone who avoided charity among friends on the spiritual Way of Life. Undoubtedly, the basis of spiritual brotherhood of humanity is friendship among good people, kindness among spiritual association.

Maitri doesn’t appear to enemies or torturers unless they show repentance and stop harmful activities. But it appears to those, who are neutral, not harmfully malicious; to those the spirit of kindness and friendship should always be shown. Liking good people is the basis of spirituality.

A supplement and development of Maitri, which is also called brotherly love, is the second Virtue, Caruna, the value translated as sympathy, mercy, help to the suffering, those who are in need. Caruna is giving sincere and true help, the rescue for the sick, suffering people, hungry and homeless, who have problems and suffer from pain. Caruna is not only a feeling of sympathy, as pathological individuals who are ill with laziness and social insensitivity sometimes think, but it’s instantaneous and spontaneous help to people in need, easing their suffering. Mercy or sympathy is the life basis, which creates an internal need to feed the hungry and dress the naked men, feed hungry birds in winter or prevent tormenting animals or people. Caruna is a feeling, sensitivity to the suffering of the others and giving instantaneous help where the pain, suffering, disease or tragedy occur. There is no divine Caruna feature in a man who doesn’t help the sick, hungry or homeless people; and one can even refuse to call him a human, because he’s deprived of one real human value. Human value is a virtue in people only when they can express it spontaneously, when such a help is reasonable, in an objective way. When a drunker is hungry it’s better to give him food, because when he gets some money probably he’ll spend them on drinks and will stay hungry. So, giving him money, you will not feed him and, moreover, you’ll commit a sin by giving financial support to drunkenness, which always looks bad in the God’s eyes. It’s better to buy a dinner in a bar for a few hungry men, so that they could eat as much as they need. Caruna is not supporting bad addictions and habits of the others, but, for example, drug rehabilitation means showing the mercy and sympathy to an ill neighbour. Maitri and Caruna are the features a little bit connected with each other, because Caruna is kind help, coming from Maitri, the support to suffering people in tragic position. So you can translate the Caruna feature as humanitarianism!

The spiritual people will always promote human values in the society, especially among teenagers, and with the example of their behaviour they will encourage the others to use the rules of truly human ethics and morality.

The third virtue, or a value, of the right upbringing is the ability to be happy with life, especially with successes and achievements of the others. Mudita is the ability of being happy with the success of those who achieved the welfare because Mudita is a medicine against the demons of envy and jealousy. Mudita is a simple and sincere joy, the contentment of a spiritual human person, contentment with successes, victories and promotions of other people. When you’re happy because your workmate gets a promotion and a pay-rise, it means that you express Mudita sincerely, and the spontaneity is the measure of sincerity! Being happy with successes, achievements and good luck of other people is a valuable part of the life of every human. Contemporary humanity should take care of authentic developing Mudita value as a feature of society. Then jealousy and envy will disappear from human life and the society brought up in that way will live happily and spontaneously in contentment, happy with the achievements of all the creators. Malicious criticism is immediately eliminated, when a person growing up to the next level of humanity expresses just usual joy, is simply happy about someone’s work, invention, achievement, profit or fame! Mudita is a positive and joyful fascination, sincerely shown to the people of success in any field. The ancient said that Mudita is the happiness with watching works and successes of the honest and sincere people.

The fourth rule of humanity that exists inside every human soul and should be liberated and manifested as reacting to evil and wickedness. The fourth human value is Upeksha, and it is authentic cold indifference, ostracism or condemning all evil. Speaking and revealing all evil, crime or wickedness, public slandering it in the presence of a wicked person is Upeksha. It’s not good to tolerate and hide dishonest, bad, corrupted or criminal people, but all the evil should be purified and removed from your society. Upeksha is stoical ostracism towards evil and wickedness; at first we calm down, and then stop the evil and reveal it. Upeksha towards aggressive animals or people requires calming down and reacting from the depth of internal peace, without fear and terror about the bad creature, because the fear is a cowardly advisor, always a bad one. From the depth of the spiritual peace comes the courage to stop and overcome evil. When you see muggers attacking a victim in the street and beating him, don’t pass them by indifferently, but with the whole indifference towards the one, who is a bad person for you, try to break and stop the evil you are witnessing. Upeksha means, that if somebody becomes excluded from spiritual community for wickedness, then everybody becomes indifferent towards the wicked person, they do not have any positive feelings to him any more. The one who punishes the evil can neither have friendly nor hostile attitude towards the wrongdoer. He must be neutral, indifferent, totally calm and then he will act reasonably towards the evil in the right way. Cultivating Maitri – mercy for enemies is a totally immoral, devilish idea, which is the cause of overgrowing weeds in the world. Friendship with evil, wicked company is the basic cause of spiritual and moral fall. Don’t show liking to evil, just Upeksha, the indifference, neutralism and ostracism, only then there will be the chance that a bad person will be healed. Remain calm in spirit; have the strength and courage to overcome the evil without useless emotions. The four virtues used together in an appropriate way, along with the circumstances and needs, prove achieving full humanity, developing the truly human features and values.

The square, four petals of features, Maitri, Caruna, Mudita and Upeksha are the root of energy, human values, basis of all ethics and morality, and Upeksha, as the ability of stopping and eliminating evil, is a real crown of humanity, making people real heroes in the battle of the world against darkness. These are the bases of Vedic philosophy and the art of living, bases of yoga, mystics and spirituality, bases of righteousness mentioned often by the ancient sages like Sri Pantajali Rishi in the Yogasutra treaty (the book of yoga), recommending human values as universal. Sri Buddha Gautama built on these four values the whole Buddhist culture full of kindness for the good and, on the other hand, full of brave fighters, such as in Shaolin monastery, who, with stoic peace, effectively counteracted every attack of evil. On these values the Vedic civilisation of Arians was built, and, later, the Indian spiritually-religious culture as well.

People, teach, these basic human values all the children and teenagers, teach them with words but first of all with your own example, by manifesting each of the four spiritual human values always when there is such a need. Only with your own example you can raise the next generations.

Himalaya Master

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