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(TM-Siddha Peace)

Program of classes especially recommended to meditation and praying groups disposed towards the word for common good of all humanity and all feeling creatures of our planet, and organized as a spiritual structure of YOGA sympathizers called a Ring of Fraternity Frieds (Sangha) and also for virat groups, yoga of elements, healing and other similar. Hereby spiritual practice for establishing Divine peace on whole Earth can be also practiced as Abhava Yoga ritual for adepts of Lord Morya paths. Anyway there will be probably no need to enlighten somebody how needed is calling Divine Spirit of Peace for overcoming global crises.

1. We start by intoning purifying vibration of Aum (7x), and next we practice exercises greeting elements, preferably in the form of greeting breaths with mudras (gestures). We greet elements in lotus sequence: bhumi (soil), vari (water), agni (fire), vayu (wind) and ambara (ether, akasha). When we fulfill the greeting of a spirit of ethereal element we keep hands in praying position, put together at the height of heart lotus and we breathe slightly through nostrils with imagination of absorbing luminary energy flowing down from heaven during indrawn breath and sending it from plexus to heaven during exhalation. Four elements correspond to four faces of Slav solar angel, Sviatovid, and they’re angels of four gates of Divine Paradise described in Enlightenment. (Optionally you can also begin with spiritual singing the phrase of Invocation of Peace: Om Shanti Nam Shanti Nama Om Nama Om Shantih! (21x or 108x).

2. When we feel hands electrified with ethereal spirit, we slowly separate them from us feeling mutual magnetic connection. We can play longer minute with this feeling developing the power of healing magnetism in our hands. We imagine the glob of our planet between our hands and continuing subtle ethereal breath we experience spiritually our planet, Mother Earth with all it’s forms and symptoms of life, either visible or invisible.

3. We establish in the hart and soul the wish of peace, by it’s loud or whispering (also singing) multiple repeating “Let Divine Peace bloom in the heart of every creature”. We feel this bloom in our own heart, in the depth of our soul. Let the flower of lotus bloom inside us, the flower of five petals symbolizing the essence of divinity inside our heart. Slowly we fell that the consciousness moves outside in four directions of the world. We can experience this feeling as shafts of light spreading into four directions of world from the center of our soul. Optionally we can also intone calling Divine Spirit of Peace, which name in Sanskrit sounds Shantideva! So let’s hum here the holy phrase:

Shantidevau, Shantidevau, Shantidevau Nama Om!

4. Try to feel the prime of peace spreading when you feel the shafts of light in four directions, the shafts that surround, purifies and heal our country, continent, hemisphere, and also whole our planet and the solar system with all it’s visible and invisible life.

5. Continually repeat the phrase of the wish of PEACE: “Let Divine Peace to bloom in the heart of each creature”. Try to perceive each field of your life as a space surrounded by huge shafts of bright light. You can also imagine shafts of light like four archangels (mahadevas) – spirits of elements guarding the gates of heavenly kingdom of Truth and Justice.

6. Experience the movement from your heart outside so the whole powerful force of peace could emanate and pour around. Experience the prime of peace, which heals and purifies whole Earth and all it’s creatures. The Spirit of Peace pacifies and anihilies all aggression, jealousness, hate, with one word it eliminates all forces and powers of evil, either personal and non-personal. The dusk disappears when lightness approaches.

7. Recite holy phrase: “Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih!” (7x or 21x) and remain some time in silence contemplating action of transcendence of whole kriya-shanti ritual. In silence you can contemplate holy syllable ŒAM (ŒANG) that is transcendental seed of service to peace and purification the human world from all evil. You can perform act of self-offering to Divine Angel of Peace (Shantideva) to holy service of devotion, obviously for establishing Divine Peace on our native planet Earth.


It has been proved that if some percent of people from some society regularly and intensively or constantly practice such kind of transcendental meditation-prayer transmission, so in some vicinity radically decreases delinquency, decreases quantity of misfortunes and problems and appear numerous spontaneous healings and people live much healthier and safer. That’s why it’s important to develop and widespread this simple spiritual practice for establishing peace and spiritual fraternity of whole humanity and all creatures living on Earth. Much depends on us, and if we pass this possibility by and do nothing, will not the state of the world depend on us in some way? As human creatures we can take matters of our planet into our hands and eliminate all forces of evil and darkness).

Himalaya Tirtha Sangha

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