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Life and activities of Prophet Jesus (in Hebrew: Jehoshua), the founder of Christian religion, is full of mysteries. Those mysteries are, however, perfectly described in a number of manuscripts and they are revealed more and more often, still canonical Gospel only suggests that his life was much richer and much more interesting. Templar Order, which was earlier known as the Order of the Joanits had a number of interesting stories, which, at the time of creating the religion of peace (VII ad.), which Islam is were taken and adapted by the Arabian (Ismail) and Muslim culture and a number of books and manuscripts concerning Messiah Jesus can be found in India, Tibet, Burma, Iran or Afghanistan. There are a lot of historical data, often hidden, from the two times when Jesus stayed in Egypt; firstly, when as a child he hid from the evil king, Herod, with his parents, and, secondly, when he was about 27 and was travelling across different Eastern countries, Persia, India, Tibet, Mesopotamia, Greece and Egypt, and there are pieces of information mentioned about his stays, for example in Indian Puranas.

In Egypt Prophet – Messiah was staying in Zoan among the philosophers from there, the learned, mystics, in the house of Salome and Elihu, and among the priests of the sun from the temple of Heliopolis, where he studied ancient manuscripts and old books of mystery Akhenatena (Ichnaton) and Nefertiti (Nefretete) connected with Logos, the Sun, which is the cult of Aten (Aton). Both Elihu as well as Salome from Zoan were wonderful advisors and teachers, they helped Jesus develop the gift of Divine Wisdom and the initiations performed by the priests from the Temple of Heliopolis were very deep and they had a big influence on the consciousness and inner development of Jesus as a Prophet and Sheppard, the Teacher of Humankind. Salome and Elihu from Zoan were friends of Jesus’ parents, connected spiritually with the Brotherhood of Nazarethans or Essenes, as this group of mystics from Palestine and its neighborhood were described in different ways. The most interesting fact is that the knowledge is known to the clergy from protestant and catholic and Orthodox Church but the three huge fractions of Christianity keep this information hidden from the society, despite the fact that the truth should be always announced first. People should know that the divinity of Jesus and his heavenly name, Immanuel, as it was pronounced, was confirmed by the universal monotheist priests of Heliopolis, the experts in many religious and esoteric traditions, who encouraged at the same time to use this spiritual, monastic name. Who knows Jesus, who loves Jesus he certainly can feel his spiritual Name and calls him, Prophet-Founder of Christianity by his name Immanuel, which means angelic priest of God, divine priest.

According to the spiritual tradition from Heliopolis number Seven was considered mysterious, initiating and the knowledge about the seven initiations of the Path of Studenthood or about Seven Archangels has been preserved in the catholic Bible, especially in the Apocalypse, and also in the knowledge about the Seven Godly Gifts. The symbol of the Circle, the Face of the Sun was considered a symbol of perfection, which is reflected in symbolic decorations of altars in many Christian churches, especially the older ones. The circle is a symbol of a morally perfect, spiritual man, and number seven is a number of a heavenly man, idealized man, a man that is following the example of Angels of Heaven. The traces of this knowledge are visible in the Revelation of Saint John, the last book of the Bible, in the form of levels of initiation described as seven churches. Still, people should have clear information as to from where this knowledge comes and what are the sources of these symbols, because Prophet Jesus was in fact a well-taught and experienced Master of Wisdom, an expert in seven-staged Path of Studenthood, which he promoted, and which was practiced by the first Christians as seven-year-lasting katehumenat, based on putting hands by the Bishops – the Elderly of the Universal Brotherhood (Church).

The Seven Steps of the Path of Studenthood, which Jesus went through, very quickly, because he learned fast and was experienced, in Heliopolis started from the step called HONESTY (Frankness), at which he was tested on hypocrisy, duplicity. A person travelling along the path of spiritual development must be honest and frank with his/her teachers and community and cannot have any inclinations towards duplicity and hypocrisy and cunningness. All disloyal and treacherous behaviors towards teachers and community are unacceptable because they inevitably lead to fall, and Honesty is in other words loyalty and faithfulness, without any shade of treachery and hypocrisy. Great teachings on different levels of mystery in Heliopolis were revealed by priests and hierophants of the temple of the Sun in connection with well-done and well-arranged trials, tests on every level; since the people who have not passed a practical exam should not be taught further, because they are worth nothing. A man must pass all the tests that his masters, the teacher of the path, life or the temple submit him to and who does not pass the tests he will fall into the hellish darkness of ignorance, because even though he reads a lot he cannot use the knowledge in practice. Hypocrisy, having double-face is the worst obstacle, and it is revealed in every disloyal, dishonest, an unfaithful activity towards the teachers of the spiritual path of development. You, people, could learn a lot from the real stories from the life of Jesus (Jehoshua) Immanuel (Divine Priest) of Christian mysteries which were cultivated at the beginning.

Other teachings of Prophet Jesus are the teachings about divine Justice, Faith, Philanthropy, Heroism, and the Love for God (Agape), which together make the six Basic Steps of the Path of Studenthood. These concepts are known from gospel and also from widely-known Jesus behaviors! The common tradition of brotherly hugs and kisses introduced into the first Christian communities come from the cultivation of brotherly love among the ones that are initiated into the real Christianity of Jesus, and the six basic tests and classes reflect the six rays of the Star of David, which are built from two triangles with equal length of their sides put one on another, creating together a symbol of connection between the lower ego (subconsciousness) and the higher ego (higher consciousness), which was the secret of Heliopolis and also of the spiritual teachers such as Salome and Elihu, an ideal marriage of spiritual people, given by Jesus as an example to be followed by his Christian students. 

The seventh, the last level, as if the centre of the six-point Star of David, which symbolizes the Heart, and for the priests of Heliopolis also Venera, the planet of art, love and wisdom, the planet of all the liberated sacral arts, and the sweet influence of Pleiades, mentioned even in the Bible, is the level of Messiah, Christ, Messenger who, in the name of God, gathers and teaches people the right path preparing them to the spiritual mystery, to initiation and passing the tests inside the holy spiritual brotherhood, the universal common church where the spiritual knowledge and wisdom is studied. Going through the seventh level is practically about learning and experiencing the phenomenon of death and life after death, including the test of scarifying life and the conscious dying. Of course, we signal here, in a few words, deep and developing subjects, advising the people to start from the beginning, and a faithful and honest membership of a spiritual community or group includes following the teacher honestly, without disloyalty and betrayal. Every master of the light of truth knows well the lives of his predecessors, despite their religious origins, and in every epoch there are just a few honest and frank people ready to go along the Path of Christ without revealing unfaithfulness and Judas-like treachery. Today we massively encourage people to train honesty and frankness, faithfulness and loyalty, because in mysterious, deep spirituality it is a fundamental issue and all the candidates who want to make progress must prove faithful and loyal without a doubt of hesitation, this filthy hypocrisy, which makes any spiritual progress impossible. Hubris-hypocrisy is the worst mistake at the very beginning, a mistake of false that obstructs the inner development!

The Seventh level, the last Initiation, which Prophet Jesus achieved being a personal student of the highest Priest of Heliopolis, finally prepared him to the effort of messiah vocation, to becoming a Prophet, Christ of his era and showing to the others by his own example how to become an initiated Christ, Prophet, Messiah. The students of the seventh level of initiation in many traditions and religions of the East are deeply educated in the field of showing the Path of God by their own examples, all their lives, and every step of the Path is about receiving and developing one of the Seven Godly Gifts, Charismas of Divinity! People going through the level of “Chamber of Death”, they are called Samnyasin, should accompany and help the dying people, which is an easy and good exercise for this level of Christ initiation, the initiation that makes a man-student change into a Messiah, a Living Christ, following the example of Master Jesus, as he himself showed it in his life and deep teachings. The last initiation of Jesus in the temple of Heliopolis took place in the purple room, and Jesus himself was dressed in purple long robe of a Samnyasin, the Master of Mind and there the Holy Spirit came down onto his head in the form of a Dove, when the priest touched his forehead with a crystal diamond!

Himalaya Master

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