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My dear fellow Children of Light, be aware that a person's sufferings touch him or her mostly through his or her imaginative faculty. A person who imagines things that are untrue will certainly suffer. S/he will think that other people hate him/her when don't; s/he may, due to low self-esteem, deny his/her competence, and imagine that his/her life is subject to the whims of those around him or her. When a personís delusions are deeply entrenched, it is difficult for him to root them out. They are so much a part of his reality, that he doesnít question them. S/he just allows them to poison his life, never realizing that his or her suffering is due to a handful of delusions.

Surely you, as a human being want to begin a happy, fresh life; to taste sweetness in your days; to Illuminate your years with the Light of Clarity. So leave behind your delusions; stop focusing on other people and their negativities. Instead, fill yourself with a deep faith in Ćhiva (Ćhiva): The Lord God, the Divine! Be aware, that there is no existence independent of Him/Her; that everything is, in its essence, complete divinity; and that you, and the entire world, are entirely in His/Her hands. When you realize this, you will see how ludicrous it is to be obsessed with other people actions. You will see that everything is up to Ćiva, the Lord God! This is simply kind of very helpful spiritual and mental practise; just a kind of outlook on life things!

Your deep faith in Ćhiva, The God of Heaven and Earth will liberate you from your compulsive delusions. Your outlook and situation will change for the better. A person who is filled with delusions is ill; s/he needs to get well; and the cure is close at hand. Trust and faith in God is the first step to dispense and solve all problems and to have Divine help. The Divine shower of grace and love helps people by faith very easy and the name Ćiva (Ćhiva) is the most known and very easy to invoke for any kind of help and support.


Every one has Imagination, but the question is, how does one use it? First of all, we have to clarify what Imagination really is. Imagination is the most basic, primitive mode of thought the brain possesses; and the human brain itself is a vehicle for the essence of a person Ė which is his/her Soul or Higher Self. When a person purifies himself or herself and turns to The Lord God, to the Ćiva, his or her Imagination is also purified. Then his/her Imagination is in close communication with his or her Soul called Higher Self too. And his or her Soul, in turn, is in close communication with Ćiva, The God and with all heavenly beings called Angels, Saints and Prophets! The Imagination of the Prophet or Saint is so pure that God Ćiva can fill it with divine insights, thoughts and views! Even the Lord Ćiva said: ďI will be imagined by the prophetsĒ.

But when a person is still crippled inside, his imagination isnít in communication with his or her Soul, Jivātma(n). It is diseased Ė and it can hurt him or her, destroys him or her, and stunts his or her life. If his or her thoughts and Imagination were pure, he or she would think only of God Ćiva and heavenly beings like Angels, Saints and Prophets! Everything would turn his or her consciousness to divinity; and his face would be suffused with an awareness of the Creator, Sustainer and Destructor of the Universe! But since s/he is far from that, he only uses his or her Imagination for fantasies about how other people are trying to hurt  him or her, and how his/her life is filled with bitterness. If sufficiently extreme, this perversion of the imaginative faculties can flood him or her with such resentment against himself or herself, against God Parambrahman, and against others, that s/he is incapacitated.

Surely you wish to live a good and happy life, and it is called Sukha & Ānanda. Surely you want to cleanse yourself to reach purify of your Soul. The Royal Road to accomplish this is that of thinking good and healthy thoughts about Light, Love and Power of God, Ćiva, The Grace. Let everything remind you of God; search after Him/Her constantly and remember that God is the Creator and the Creatorine. Be aware, that there is no existence independent of God, and in its essence, everything is complete divinity. This is good practice for mind and helpful point of view. Think only of Godly, Divine matters, and do your best to envelop yourself in His/Her being. Eventually, you will really reach this level of consciousness, ∆ittam deeply! A person who always turns to God, Ćiva, is a happy human being; his or her satisfaction is enduring; surely, the Lord Ćiva is source of Bliss and Grace!


Stop indulging in delusions, because they are destroying your health and wrecking your nerves. Instead, begin to live with your reality, here and now, as it is! Work to correct your immediate problems and troubles. Leave tomorrow alone, because it is beyond your grasp. As for people whom you image may do you harm, if they arenít bothering you at present, donít embitter yourself with obsessive thoughts about them. Limit yourself to dealing only with the present time, the present place, and the people you are now involved with, because it is helpful with dealing problems.

Donít upset yourself worrying about yesterday, about tomorrow, or about anything else. Donít worry and donít afraid about material things and affairs. When a delusion enters your mind, recognize it as such and dismiss it. In this way, you will begin to live with reality in your daily life. And once you do that, it will be easy for you to deal with all types of challenges which you previously couldnít manage in your life. You will feel in charge, powerful, and calm and you will have achieved personal freedom.

Meditation is being recommended as a way to prevent, slow, or at least control the pain of chronic problems like heart conditions, aids and cancer. Imaginative meditation is also being used to restore balance in the face of such psychiatric disturbances as depression, obsessive thoughts, hyperactivity, mental disorders or attention deficit disorder. Particularly meditations on God and Divine have told us that it works beautifully as an antidote to stress of any kind! Proper Imagination or meditation, simply sitting on a cushion in compared with surgery is really cheap medicine and healing. Even scientific studies are beginning to show, that proper, good thinking and imagination does work! The brain undergoes many subtle changes during deep meditation. People start be better and better and life changes for better. All Sages of the world belief that by sitting in silence for half of Muhurta (24 min.) or one Muhurta (48 min.) a day and actively concentrating on a breath or a word or an image, you can train yourself to focus on the present, over the past and the future, transcending reality by fully accepting it. Practice with special holy word, a secret phrase or syllable is generally accepted in the history of most religions and proved by scientists of modern world.

Meditation is always very mystical and mysterious, very helpful and healing as many of the holy Angels, Saints and Prophets declared. To start proper spiritual practice, very good Guide, called Guru is necessary to avoid mistakes and problems, although process of simple meditations is very easy and Godís name like Ćiva or Yahuvah is very easy to concentrate upon it.


If you are suffering, whether spiritually or materially, it is because you have not formulated the proper attitude to deal with your problems. You are hampered by ineffective, unrealistic thinking and yours prayers or wishes arenít fulfilling by it. Perhaps you invest your energies in reliving the past, imagining how you should have acted; perhaps you are focused on imagining how people around you are trying to harm you; or perhaps Ė due to not having realistically analyzed your problems Ė you tell yourself that your situation is hopeless or something like this. All these styles of thought are delusions, and they are destroying you and your life. You can free yourself of their toxic influence by focusing your mind on the essential truth of this Universe, that there is a God, Lord Ćiva, that there is no existence independent of Him/Her, and that everything is, in its essence, complete Divinity; and that nothing in this world Ė no matter how large, and no matter how small Ė occurs beyond Godís supervision. This is special attitude and kind of practice for very help to all humanity on the Earth, a green planet.

When your mind is filled with these concepts, you will have freed yourself of your poisonous delusions, illusions and bad thoughts. You will be free of your obsessive worries about what other people can do to you, or what may happen to you in your life. Everything, you will see in the world, you meet personally, comes solely from God, from the Lord called Ćiva or Yahuvah! Nothing and no one will intimidate you, and no one can upset you. You will realize, that all in all your circumstances of your life is supervised by the Lord God, by Ćiva, and that whatever happens is in accordance with His or Her will, because the Lord God is Creator and Creatorin too! The most noble name of Go, like Ćiva or Yahuvah is easy way to overwhelming through Divinity and to concentrating upon God. Most people of this world know this truth by their religious systems, but only very high evolved and advanced Soul of humanity really do it in deep and regular way. Meditating people are the avant-garde of all human beings, but each one can try and advanced himself or herself. Meditation is now offered for carrying in schools, hospitals, law firms, government buildings, corporate offices and prisons throughout the entire world. The most recommended method is to meditate twice a day, but even daily once practice, but deep is very helpful for people. Ćiva means Grace each one may receive any kind of help in his or her life. Children in schools should be teached meditation to develop their intelligence and memory in this entire small green planet people live!


A person can suffer so much from his or her state of mind, from the actions of people around him or her, or from arguments with others. Be aware, my dear fellow human being, that the root of most of this suffering is delusion. A person can make mental cat-oí-nine-tails with which to whip himself or herself. S/he may imagine that someone else is acting against him or her maliciously; s/he may weave entire tapestries of fantasy. Then, on the basis of these thoughts which s/he created and which s/he now believes to describe reality, s/he gets into fights with others or torments himself or herself. But it is all for nothing; it all stems from delusions. Only focusing on Godís reality and existence may cure most of human suffering and nothing else, because ungodly mistakes produced all problems and illnesses.

Surely you wish to lead a good life, a pleasant and a sweet life. Surely you wish to have good relations with the people around you, with all your kin and friends. So recognize your fantasies as the inaccurate portrayals of reality that they are and throw them away. Look only to Elohim, God, because He and She Ė as Divine Highest Pair or Couple Ė is the true reality, and there is no reality independent of Him and Her. S/he is the Creator and the Creatorin, and Sustainer(in) of the entire Universe, and everything is under His or Her control and dominion. Elohim, God or Divinity is in reality Jahuvah and Shekinah, or Ćiva and Ćakti (Ćhakti) as all true religious system always teach in proper way. The Lord Godís overwhelming is deep and best medicine against all problems of human life and all suffering disappear when person is deeply concentrate upon holy name of God like Ćiva.

∆akram (eng. ∆hakram) is a circle or wheel and particularly a circle of people who are meditating upon God in love and brotherhood spirit. ∆akram is a place in the body where mediatator may easy and helpfully concentrate upon Divinity, with help of special word, symbol or simply and easy on own breathing and thinking on God. Heart ∆akra in the chest is mostly accepted through all religions of this world to feel, image or think of the Lord God, particular in any personification or symbolical imagining. To feel own real, physical heart in the middle of the chest is probably the best and easy way to start meditations or breathing deepens and regulations for health and better life. Because avoiding meditations there is so many hearts problem through the entire world, so people should return to godly way of meditation and focus.


A personís delusions or misleading thoughts destroy his or her life, both physically and spiritually. This is especially true when a person images that other people are acting against him or her; then his or her thoughts destroy his or her health and eradicate his or her peace of mind, stillness and balance. A person suffering from unrealistic modes of perception imagines that other people are acting against him or her when it is untrue in reality. S/he repeats these thoughts over and over until s/he is convinced id. Then s/he is possessed by his or her fantasy; his or her nerves are frazzled, he or she cannot relax, and s/he eats himself or herself alive. S/he doesnít have the peace of mind to disciple his or her thoughts and maintain a healthy, spiritual regimen of learning the Holy Scriptures like Veda, Bible, Torah, Zend Avesta, Adi Grandh or Quran, praying to the Lord God and Goddess, and carrying out Godís Commandments joyfully. May each human being remember that Godís Commandments are given only for peopleís happy life and for their health and realization! Instead, s/he is railed by fear and rendered incapable by tension. S/he is moody and angry, and s/he indulges in bitter fantasies of how s/he will revenge himself or herself.

Oh, but this is all delusion! The people s/he is so worked up about may not have intention to hurt him or her; they may hardly be aware of him or her. And all the negative thoughts, the nerves, and the fantasies are baseless. Come to terms with what your situation really is. Do not drown in your own delusions and do not make your own illusions. Instead, think of God, think name Ćiva or Ćakti; cling to Him or Her. Speak to Divinity simply and without ceremony, just as you would speak to your best friend; this is first step toward God. Trust that God, Ćhiva-Ćhakti wonít abandon you, spiritually and physically. The Holy Scriptures like Torah or Veda or Bible says that a person who trusts in God, Elohim, is surrounded with Divine Love and Mercy. When you act this way, you will succeed both physically and spiritually.

God created the Light and divided the Light from the Darkness, and because of this, to focus upon the Light, from the beginning of creation, is one of the most suitable meditations and very helpful as remedy against depression, stress, suffering, heart problems or cancer even. The Light of Creation is in the entire Universe and it is the Memory of all Godís activity, so called Ākāúha, Universal Memory. And God blessed the Seventh Day, the Sabbath, Saturday (the day of Saturn), blessed and sanctified it for people to rest, relax and pray or meditate, so remember about this old rule!


The imaginative faculties Ė imagining, visualising, daydreaming, and the like Ė are the most primitive and basic function of thought. And your thought is connected with your Soul, Higher Self, which is, in turn, connected with God, with Ćiva, the Ruler of Universe and the Lord of all souls called Mahādeva Ė the Superior of all the angels and beings and of all the angels and beings and of all creatures. If you clarify and purify your imaginative and dreaming faculties, you can open yourself up to your Soul, Ātman Ė which is in communication with the Lord God, even to such a degree, that you can achieve first a saintly state and next a prophetic state. God says that S/HE may be imagined by the prophets as it was place in ancient times. In order to achieve this, you must constantly imagine the truth of Godís existence independent of Him or Her, and that everything which occurs is under Godís supervision. This subtle process is called an attachment to Divinity or Pure Submission.

Accustom yourself to think such thoughts, called Dhikr through the SūfÓs or Ŗshis Ė the Holy Sages at the West and of the East. Dhikr (or Zikr, Smŗti) is one of the most powerful kind of spiritual practice for all human beings as does exist in this world. The most ancient name of such practice is Sumiran and it is done through the most secret and holy school of Ŗshis in the East as Laya Yoga of the Himalayan Masters is. In reality, the name Himalaya means ĎThe Light of Layaí, and Laya is one of the most secret and exclusive Path toward the Lord God and Enlightenment of the Soul. To work with such thoughts, at first, it will not be a real comprehension, but just your Imagination. But if you persist, you will be ultimately experience heavenly sights. You will cling to God, the Ćhiva and Ćhakti, Who is the Source of Life, Light, Wisdom and Love; you will bring about mystic unions which will Unite the spiritual universes; you will draw down to yourself the Revelation of Godís Being and Reality; you will comprehend things beyond the grasp of others.

If instead you channel your imaginative faculties into the pursuit of delusions; if you invest your imagination in images of how other people are trying to hurt you and exploit you; or worse, if you focus your imaginative faculties on arguments against God and Commandments, against Godís existence, or on sexual fantasies without Love, than you will fall deeper and deeper into the pit which you yourself dug, and you will crash on the bottom like a shattered bottle. Control your mind and keep your thoughts in right order, think in good, helpful and healthy way if you wish to have truly human life.

Extricate yourself from all delusions and leave them behind you reaching calmness and stillness of your mind. Donít concentrate on things of this world Ė whether they are thoughts of sex without love, thoughts very materialistic, or bad and illusory thoughts about other people. Instead, practice thinking about God, the Highest, Who rules of the entire Universe, who created all beings and even any essence or seed of Life! Then you will have channelled your Imagination into the service of holiness as Seva, Godís Servant. Always think and imagine to yourself that there is no existences independent of God, Ćiva-Ćakti; that everything is in its essence complete Divinity, Daivaǽ. Image, that the world is bathed in Godís Light and Love, and that you yourself are bathed in that Love and Mercy. The more you channel your thoughts and imaginative faculties into this direction, the more you will Purify yourself. At a certain stage, you will be surrounded by Godís Light and Love that unclean and unhelpful imaginings Ė of non-belief, of other people, of stealing, of improper and egoistic covets, or of sexuality without love Ė all this will disintegrate. Himalaya it is just Light of Disintegration of all evil thoughts, forces or energies, the core of Laya really means.

Even though these imaginings may have been placed deep within your psyche in your childhood days, they will dissolve away and you will be freed of them. You will then rise to high, exalted levels, but you must be very strong in spirit and very courage. Donít let your past experience and defeats discourage you. Even if you have stumbled and sullied yourself before, when you now channel our imaginative faculties in the Service, Seva of Holiness, those powerful faculties will liberate you from all bounds and devils. Fortunate is the person, who channels his or her imaginative faculties into Holiness, Daiwam, Kadosh, and images that everything is, in its essence, complete Divinity.

Each man or woman may be a friend of God and may go into deep communication with heavenly beings but Sabbath day on Saturday or looking for very good Guru, experienced in advanced and higher kinds of practice is very necessary and always actual. Surely, when people looks for God, the Highest Presence send him or her right and wonderful Guru to Guide and Lead such mature human being on the higher spiritual Path, because Gurus are sent only to very evolved, elder Souls of humanity. Straight sitting position, relaxation deepens of the breath, and focusing upon the God and Goddess are very important points of any kind meditation or contemplation manner. Straight, cross legging position called as Lotus is very beneficial and gives deeper and faster effects for each people and in reality is very easy to learn from the Guru!


Became aware that the source of most of your suffering is your own delusory thinking, but the first step to happiness is right and proper thinking, seeing things in the only Reality Light of God is. Perhaps you are certain that others are plotting against you; yet really, you are convinced by fantasy you have yourself concocted. In a vicious circle, your fantasies pain you and your pain drives you to take refuge in yet more fantasies and illusions. This can destroy your mental and emotional well-being and prosperity. Such destructive fantasizing is a disease, an illness of your mind and heart. And sometimes these delusions can cause more sufferings then an acute physical illness. A personís fantasies can completely incapacitate him or her. His or her whole life becomes subservient to his or her anxiety-provoking, sickness-making, paranoid fantasies. The more he or she falls under the sway of these delusions, the more bewildered and helpless does he or she become, and the more does he or she harm both: himself or herself and all those around him or her Ė own family, friends and kin. He or she weaves the people in his or her life into the nightmarish tapestry of his or her self-hating and other-hating delusions, and then he or she strikes out at them without any cause in reality. And the source of all this pain in between humanity is substanceless fantasy.

Instead believe in God, Elohim, Brahman, believe in the name of God, like Ćhiva-Ćhakti or Yahuvah-Shekinah! Give yourself over to Him & Her, over to Divinity, Daivam! Be aware that there is no existence independent of Him or Her, and that everything is, in its essence, complete Divinity in world you see. Then you will not victimize yourself with fantasies or illusions. Instead, you will cling to God and delight in the sweet Light and Love of His/Her divine Presence. Jews Zuph (Suf) and Muslims Sūfī, western mystics say such phrase like ďLa illaha illa ĎLlahuĒ as a daily prayer to confirm this ideal that nothing exist apart the Lord God, Allāh, Elohim. Hebrew name Elohim means God, as a couple, Divine Couple in Aramaic or Arabic sounds Allāh(a) and this only different pronunciation. Name Ćiva (Ćhiva) is known in all Asia and Europe as the most ancient and noble Divine name of the Highest Being and found in the Harrapa and Mohanjo-daro, very old great cities and cultures. Each religious system recommends the holy names of God to regular deep concentration upon it and special visualisations to imagine the Highest God, Saints, Angels and Prophets around the Holy Throne. Jewish scriptures like Henochian Books give knowledge about Cherubim, Seraphim and Ophanim surrounding the Holy One, God above Heaven and Earth pervading and overwhelming all living creatures. May all human beings start to be conscious God and Divinity.


Delusional thinking can destroy a person and may fail personís life. Most of a personís suffering, whether in physical or mental areas, is due to wrong, unreliable perceptions. S/he imagines that other people hate him or her and are trying to harm him or her, or other such reality-distorting thoughts. Ultimately, this can wreck personís life completely. Do not be a victim of delusory thinking; donít even think about other people. Instead, cling to God, cling to the Holy Name, Jahvah and Shekinah. Realize that no one but God, divine Father and Mother, really understands you; and realize as well that without Godís permission, no one can do anything to you. Do not dream up unwarranted descriptions of the world which have no connection with reality and which only cause you suffering. Instead, cling to God and accustom yourself to speak with Creators. This will free you of patterns of delusory thinking, and bring you to reality. You will see that there is no existence independent of God; that S/he supervises every detail of existence; and that no one can do anything to you without the Highest permission, and that Godís Angels surround you and help you.

Do not worry about life things, about material things, but think about God and Angels, Saints and Prophets and you will have all you need. God always blesses you and Godís hand is with you, if you totally merge in Godís divine Light and Love, if you trust and if you are patient enough! What God wishes and expects from the devotees is that they increase their faith, strengthen and expand divine organization and spread spirituality throughout the entire world, do social service and follow their spiritual holy Path as God shows. God wants you to be happy and to follow His/Her spiritual advice given through His/Her Avatāras Ė means Prophets sending on Earth and through Holy and Divine people living on this green planet. God knows the truth and knows people hearts, so do not done anything wrong against Divine advices called Commandments or Godís Will, because all Godís Commandments, Godís Will is given in each religion of this world and generally all people know basic fundaments of Divine Will. God said: let there be Light, and there was Light in beginning of creation; and God divided the Light from the Darkness. And God created Heaven with Angels and Earth with animals and plants and at the end of creation, God created all human being in his own image, in the image of God, Elohim, Brahman created He/She all people as male and female created them! So keep the Light and keep an image of God in your thought and in your heart and keep all Commandments which are Divine Will to protect you and to safe you against suffering.


Be aware that there is no reality independent of God, Ćhiva and that everything is, in its essence, complete Divinity. This is great spiritual practice to all people who would like advance in religious or spiritual life, particularly in ∆akras studying. Practice this ideal daily, twice a day so long as thoughts about Godís reality will protect you and Ćiva-Jahvah appear before you to safe you. Extricate yourself from delusory thinking and begin to live with reality. Throughout your day maintain an awareness of God in so doing you will connect the occurrences in your life to God, to Ćhiva-Ćhakti. By clinging to God, Elohim in your thoughts and imagination, you will draw to yourself the spirit and life of His/Her Divinity.

Everyone in this world has problems, troubles, worries and sufferings. The only way to escape problems is to run to God, to Brahman. Accustom yourself to speak to God in the same way you would speak to your best friend or to loving Parent. In this way, you will extricate yourself from delusory thinking, and square yourself with reality. You will realize that everything in your life is under Godís supervision and that whatever you are going through is in accordance with Godís Will, Command, for His/Her own hidden reasons. The only way you can escape your problems is by praying constantly Ė day after day and year after year though all your life. Nothing can achieve as much as prayer can, proper prayer of course.

When you pray, breath in deeply and breath out slowly and such deepening of your breath gives your prayers power and force. Saints of all religious schools deepen their breathing, practicing 50 times or 100 times deep breath, to focus energy for prayer and to contact with own Soul, Higher Self which only have contact with God, Elohim, Brahman. Sing your prayers or cry your prayers aloud and next meditate, image your prayers as heard by God and fulfilled! Be realistic in your prayers and imagination on beginning and year by year you will fulfil any kind of prayer, because God answers to devotees voice! Pray all you need and be sure, that God answer and help you to deal with life affairs. Be of pure heart not breaking Godís Commandments, because they are basics of Godís Will for all humanity. Stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking, stop drugging, stop stealing or killing in your words, thoughts, acts and be completely pure before the Highest Power and Mind of Universe. Think about Angels above all Earth, above nations, above cities and towns and above villages. Think about Angels about mountains, oceans, seas, lakes or rivers on all the Nature created by Godís Hand in the beginning!


Sometimes a person may certain atheistic thoughts; other times s/he may think that God, Ćiva-Ćakti, being so great, wants to have nothing to do with Him/Her. Be aware, my dear follower, that such thoughts indicate that this person has committed many wrong acts which have damaged his or her psyche, and which he or she has not yet dealt with adequately. When a person does a wrong act, he creates a destructive impression in his or her mind Ė a delusion. Then this delusion tears him or her apart and therefore, a person who has acted wrongly must be especially strong because s/he must turn to God wholeheartedly. Then, all of the delusional impressions left by his or her wrong acts will dissolve. S/he will no longer be subject to feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness, or beliefs that God, Brahman doesnít want him or her, or that s/he will never get out of the mess s/heís in! Never think that God does not exist but always be aware, that only the Lord God existence is a reality forever!

This Earth exist about 22 billion years but only last 7 thousand years of its history is people know. There are great cycles of evolution like Manvantāra lasting 4 millions 320 thousand years and such time periods are pointing Godís awareness and point of view; and shows greatness of God, Elohim. Since the time history was recorded, in this time cycle, whenever great Saints, Sages, or Avatāras, Prophets lived, there was also some people and evil forces, trying to stop their missions and giving troubles to them, and this is may be only exceptional reason when one experience attacks outside and have no reason in own mind or emotions, like Prophet Hiob (Job) or ĆrÓ Rāma.

God supports all who work to help another and to bear progress for humanity; and on the beginning the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech and to restore it is true progress of all humankind. Interlanguage like Esperanto is the most suitable for all European and Asian nations to speak one language which is simple and very easy to learn for all. Of course 3-7 thousand years age in all Eurasian communities the most popular was old Vedic language, Sanskŗti or Senzarian, the root language of Slavic, Greek, German or English but not only India languages! Be aware of God and be not atheistic. Think that you are attached to the Heavens, to Angels, Saints and Prophets and to the highest source of all existence, God! Think that you are in God hands and Ćhiva-Ćhakti is your ruler and governor and no one else! Build an altar unto Jahuvah and Shekinah, unto God, Elohim and call upon the name of God, Ćhiva and Ćhakti. People must keep right and proper image of God because each human being is created as image of God!


Be aware that God is o Compassionate Father and Mother who wants to help all people. Usually, when a person drifts away from God, Brahman, Elohim, it is because s/he is influenced by delusions such as that God is angry at him or her, or that s/he will never be able to return to God, or that God does not exist. These fantasies are caused by oneís bad actions, words and thoughts. Drag yourself out of the swamp of illusion and begin to live a life consonant with reality. That is, realize that Godís glory fills the world; that S/He maintains all reality; and that everything Ė be it mineral, plant, animal or human Ė is, in its essence, complete Godliness. Such thinking and imagination help you personally, and because thoughts are creative, helps to all people, helps to all humanity at all.

Godís essence is hidden in all the things of this world. They are in the manner of speaking, Godís garments. This Ďgarmentsí serve to hold back His/Her Light and Love so that it descends to people in measured amount which we are able to receive safely. The fact that Godís Light and Love is hidden from people to such an extent allows for the existence of free will and tribulations, and allows to test people if they want God or not, but the highest trials are known as Hiob (Job) or ĆrÓ Rāma test in this world. All of these Ďgarmentsí constitute the world as we perceive it. The world of green planet is a reality in which God is hiding Himself or Herself, hidden because of sins and transgressions of all people. When a person sins s/he falls under the sway of the physical plane, and then s/he believes that this world constitutes reality in itself, independent of God. Such person has fallen victim to illusion and s/he may now go from one delusion to the next until, ultimately, s/he may imagine that s/he has lost all hope; that s/he will never be able to escape the conditions his or her wrong acts have brought him or her to; and that his or her life is purposeless and useless, which lead to suicide or mental disease. These are all delusions, illusions and wrong fantasies to which his or her untrained spirit has carried to him or her.

Really, God is humans compassionate Father and Mother, and S/He wants to treat all people well, on proper and right Path. S/He loves human beings, His/Her creatures, and S/He waits throughout people lives for each person to return to Him/Her. The moment a person relates to God and confirms in God, God, the Highest receives him or her. Pull yourself up from the mire of fantasy and draw yourself to Godís essence and life-force, praŮa or mana, which is concealed in all the things of this Universe. Then you will apprehend reality and the reality is that there is more such humankinds in the Galaxy, and in all this Universe as people may see. Even, in reality there is much more such Universes like this one with the planet Earth and ancient knowledge said about thousand or about 81,600 Universes like all the Cosmos people must seen. Really, great is God and great is all of His/Her creation and many are created civilizations and humanities under Godís Commandments. The Unity of humankind is great recommended.


The cause of most diseases is psychological or mental. A personís thoughts can affect his or her body and cause him or her pain, suffering and sickness. Unrighteous emotions or thoughts in mind are greatest source of all human troubles, sickness and accidents, that is always true. So, extricate yourself from delusions and ill fantasies, and acknowledge reality. Then your life, both physical and spiritual will make a 180 degree turn for the better. An acknowledgement of reality it is the realization that God maintains the Universe; and that, therefore, we are in His/Her hands and only S/He can help us. These thoughts will transform your consciousness and emotions, thoughts, opinions, all points of view. Most of a personís delusions are a result of fear, anxiety Ė the fear of what other people can do to him or her. These fears can cause him or her to suffer depression, anxiety, and lack of self-esteem, and can also wreck his or her physical well-being, happiness and prosperity.

Instead, become aware of Godís essence, Sain or Dhat, Zat, and life-force called PraŮa or Mana! Realize, that God maintains all of reality, and that S/He supervises every detail in this Universe when the Milky Way and green Earth does exist. Then you wonít be afraid of anyone, no material nor psychical entities or woes. You will have attained a liberated Consciousness, and everything you encounter will be transformed to goodness, exactly or after short time. When you do not concentrate on evil, then all evils canít overcome you or posses. Each responsible psychotherapist or counsellor not only Guru give you this same lesson for your well-being and spiritual progress, but the Guru representing the Himalaya Brotherhood/Sisterhood of the Holy Saints, Sages, Masters and Prophets give you the best Guidance. In Asia, in Himalayas is everlasting source of all meditation and prayer schools, and basic source centre of all revealed religious, and meditation or prayer is a sort of natural tool anyone may use to still his or her emotions and thoughts and to reach deepen secrets of his or her being as Soul, Higher Self in reality.

Vipassana starts as focusing on your own breath and deepening breath to reach life-forces source; and Upasana starts to think about God as the only reality and on focusing upon Godís being. Vipassana supported Upasana in natural way and after sitting and standing meditations people must start walking and sleeping position meditations too. Basic of all Yoga is Mantra Yoga in which practitioner is repeating a Sanskrit syllable or phrase on singing spiritual songs and dancing, murmurings or playing is kind or form of very ancient Mantra Yoga. Just several minutes of deep concentration upon Godís name which is Mantra, may relax and overcome any problems!


Free yourself of delusions, fantasies and bad thoughts. Stop believing that your situation is hopeless, that you will never succeed, and so forth and so on. You are in Godís hands, and do not under the control of people or devil forces. God, Ćakti-Ćiva can help you totally transform yourself and change your life for better and happy, and prosperous. The best technique for beginners to achieve such results is to speak to Him/Her in your own words, in your own prayer. This will clear away your unrealistic modes of thought like nothing else can. A personís negative thoughts are a consequence of his or her wrong actions, words and thoughts. They cling to him or her and convince him or her that his or her situation is hopeless and will ever change. But when you speak to God, Ćhiva-Ćhakti, draws down a great spiritual Light, Love, and Mercy, and Peace. The Light of God is the most important because just the Light dispels and disintegrates all dark thoughts, dark emotions and bad impressions. Ancient Saints and Sages called this Light as Pralaya or Layajyoti! Really, fortunate is the person who doesnít let the matters of this world turn him or her aside from speaking and focusing toward God. Then s/he will shed his or her delusions or fantasies forever.

Remember that your meditation of God shall be sweet and be glad in the Holy Name like Yahuvah (JHVH), Ćhiva or Allāh(a). You shall sing unto the Lord God, Ćhiva Yahuvah as long as you live and you shall sing praise to your God while you have your being. Give thanks unto God Yahvah and Shekinah; call upon Godís name and make known Godís deeds among the people, particularly His/Her Will like revealed Commandments. Sing unto God, sing hymns and psalms unto Him/Her and talk ye of all Godís wondrous works. Seek the Lord God and Goddess, and seek Godís strength. Seek Godís face evermore and remember that first you find Godís face in one or more of His/Her Saints, Sages, Masters and Prophets whom S/He send to this world to safe and protect people. Guruís eyes are Godís eyes looking upon you!

Prayer is first step toward God, meditation is the second one, but to keep Godís Commandments in reason way is a sign of spiritual maturity of advanced Souls! Those, who are eating swineís flesh and abomination, and the mouse, shall be consumed together by fire and by sword; and because this prophetic word people never eat swineís flesh or mouseís and similar abomination when they are really in close communion with the Higher Self, Soul and the Highest God. And the Lord God says that from one new moon to another, and from one Sabbath (Saturday) to another, shall all body being come to worship before the holy Presence! So, all human beings may use all of this kind of advice to help himself and herself!


Free yourself of delusion (Viparyaya) and fantasies (Vikalpa). In every occurrence, look only at the hidden element of Divine Spirituality that gives it existence. Then by such practicing, your Consciousness will be transformed, and the quality of your life unutterably altered. Then you will always succeed if you trust only to God and Heavenly Beings. This is because the cause of a personís failure is his or her subjugation to his or her delusions, fantasies and negative thoughts, which eat away at him or her relentlessly. S/he always imagines that people are taking away what belongs to him or her or are trying to gain the upper hand over him or her. This can cripple a person with panic and anxiety. But fear of other people is no more than delusion. Really, God, Brahman is the only Reality, and everything is, in its essence, complete Divinity. No one can take away from you anything which God means for you to have. There is no reason to live in fear. Instead, trust in God, Ćhiva.

Train yourself to perceive the Spiritual Divinity in everything you see. Your consciousness will completely change, and you will begin to lead a good and confident life. His or her life changes for the better when a person frees himself or herself of all delusions and fantasies. S/he isnít afraid of anyone because s/he knows that everything in her or his life is in Godís power and control. O, how fortunate is the person who turns his or her thoughts to God, to Ćakti-Ćiva, who knows clearly that there is no reality independent of Him/Her; who liberates himself or herself from all delusions and upsetting thoughts; and who is filled with faith and love in God. His or her lot in both, this world and in the future, eternal world, is enviable!

Meditation it is learning to have a more positive experience of yourself. You appreciate people, things, your own good fortune. Itís like cleaning your personal windscreen; you get to see things more clearly. Meditation can reprogram minds with an antisocial bent, cons also used fewer drugs, drank less and experienced less depression, and helps people regard negative thoughts simply as events in the mind, and free themselves from the effects. Meditation based on yoga and vegetarian dieting, reversed the build-up of plaque in coronary arteries, meditation may slow prostate cancer, meditation helps against heart attack and help people to live longer with contentment and inner peace or love. Upasana, prayers and meditations on God is very healing power for each one of all people. The better your meditation and prayer, the healthier your immune system and your pain, both physical or emotional is less and less, and you will better manage yourself by learning to focus on deeper feelings and connection with God. Vedic tradition is the main and the most ancient source of all good meditation techniques and prayers. Leave your problems and stresses and meditation puts you in a blissful place, brings harmony and increases focus!


Always try to bring yourself close to God, speak and hear about Godís affairs and about service for Divinity! Fill your life with trust in God, Ćhakti-Ćhiva, be aware that God supervises every detail of your affairs. The more you achieve this consciousness, the more will you escape the power of delusions and false fantasies. Delusions and false inspirations can destroy a person, so avoid any kind of Viparyaya or Vikalpa! People thoughts may become so taint with fantasies that his or her life is bitterer than death. Person grows afraid of everyone, fulfil with emotional pain. Such person thinks that everyone wants to hurt him or her and cheat all. These self-destructive beliefs are a result of a lack of faith in God, Ćhiva and Ćhakti. A person must attain a lucid faith and pure love toward God. Otherwise, s/he is steeped in pernicious fantasies, and is a victim of his or her own fears and suspicions, which rob his or her life of happiness and meaning.

Train yourself to attain a simple faith, hope and love in God, Elohim or Allāh(a), Brahman. This is the first step to disintegrate all your problems, conflicts or diseases. Bear in mind that Elohim, God, maintains and gives life to the entire Universe, to all Universes. Nothing Ė no matter how large and no matter how small Ė occurs outside Godís supervision and control. When you internalize these concepts, you will perceive the world around you freshly like new creation. You will no longer be a victim of delusions and dark thoughts. Instead, you will live a life in tune with the only Reality and you reach the state of Godís Vision. Then your life on this green Earth will be a good one. More than that, your eternal life, immortality in the world-to-come will also be good. As a result of your faith in God, you will achieve the level of clinging to God, Ćhiva and Ćhakti forever.

Ancient Scriptures named God as Yahvah and Yahvih or as Ćiva and Ćakti and explains that male God is like Fire and female God is like Light; and in such way Divine Couple is related and there is no the One without the Second, no Ćiva without Ćakti and no Yahuvah (JHVH) without Shekinah! God is the Father and the Mother of all creation but the Light is pervading all the Universe just the Flame has its Abode. God is the Most Holy Person and the Spirit, Divine Wisdom and the Light. ,ale and female like ancient Tao (Dao) To understand God as a Couple, Holy Couple is very important for proper practicing any prayer or meditation. Human beings should think about God and Nature as many times as possible to restore all world and change this world into better place for their children, not only for themselves.

My Father-Mother God In Heavens, have pity on me and my kin! I hope to think at all about You, about my divine purpose in this world, and about what will happen to me after I leave this world as a Soul and I have to give an account of myself to You! So I am wholeheartedly turning to You now, o God, my Father-Mother, the God of all our great and holy leaders on this green planet Earth like ĆrÓ Rāma, ĆrÓ Krishna, ĆrÓ Dattatreya, ĆrÓ Zaratusthra, ĆrÓ PataŮjali, ĆrÓ Moses, ĆrÓ Buddha, ĆrÓ Tirthankara, ĆrÓ Jesus and ĆrÓ Mohammad, and all known and unknown holy Prophets, Saints and Masters of all the time and culture. Have compassion on me and my kin. Help me begin to see reality Ė to know that You are the only reality, and that everything in this world is just a garment in which You hide Yourself. Help me purify my imagination until Your infinite Light will shine on me, so that I am no longer afraid of anyone. Give me strength, courage and empower me to spread message to all people on this world. Help me fill my life with goodness, vitality and joy. Help me really be a free person, free from all delusions and illusionary thoughts. Help me be calm and clear in all my actions and words or thoughts. Help me to confirm in You and in Your Light, Love and Peace. And fulfil all secret need of my true Higher Self, my own Soul which I in reality am, and wish to be forever! Bless me and support and protect and lead me on Your pure Path!

Deepen your breath in and have longer breath out and practice it 50 or 100 times to have more spiritual life energy to fulfil your good and right prayers like this one example for your use and trial. Try practice every day, even twice a day, each mornings and each evenings and your life be better and better. Find for yourself good and wonderful Guru, who gives you Initiation, Holy Initiation into Laya process of practicing toward God Realization and for such advanced practicing of Yogis like the Sumiran which is more deep and esoteric for common people. Try meet Guru regularly and try to visit many holy beings of this world to receive blessings, because there is 144 thousand Godís Saints and Sages, Masters and Prophets all the time in this world called as green planet, Gāya, the Earth. And when you develop little by little your heart ∆akra to have contact with God and to be in commune with own heart for it, step by step you receive from the Holy Guru all advanced teachings and practices with 5 ∆akras, with 7 ∆akras and with 12 central placed ∆akras and next with more when you little by little recognize and unveil your own Soul and deepen contact with the Holy One.

 Himalaya Swami

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