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Laya Marga  Seven-levelled path (Marga) of spiritual growth, that dissolves in immeasurable MERCY of the ocean of love of the Highest God, by the succession of transmission line’s masters. Laya process is about dissolving corporal nature (virat) in great space of the spirit, in the emptiness of cosmic boundlessness (mahâkasha). Great Holy God’s Spirit is incessant pursuit of all aspirants of laya path – called also chela – what means a student. We can also call laya yoga a path of absorption in the consciousness of Great Spirit (Brahman, Paramatman, Paramshiva). Seven following studies levels are connected with seven centers of spiritual energy – chakras. The process of internal transformation on each level suits to the rhythm of living of each adept of the path. They determine another vehicle leading to the purpose, with greater speed though.

Laya Yoga is well-known from it’s deeply esoteric studies about chakras, center of subtle energy and power of the soul (ego). Laya yoga – as entirety is a vehicle of spiritual growth, coming from spiritual tradition line of succession called Parvata. It’s a Sages gift from the mountains and it contains the wisdom of the Great Mountain’s Spirit. Great Rishi (Sages) cultivate the path of absorption in the Mercy of Guru. Master SHIVA, called the Master of Yogis, and his wife – Pârvati, goodies called as Guard of Tantra, take the lead of whole succession line of Patvata tradition. Laya Yoga practice contains huge wealth of contemplation the nature’s beauty and many mysteries that refers to angels – the spirits of nature. The very first God’s angel, that guards harmony of life in nature and development of each for of life, is Rudradeva. We can remember that majority of healings happen because of opening the heart for healing powers of the soul living as nature. All what God has created is good for us though, and He had not created anything what would be bad. Therefore yoga trainings of harmony with powers of nature bring us good, are good for us and usually are only one God’s medicine.

All elements of study and practice of yoga can be find on the Laya path in the Himalaya tradition. The path contains also “Secret Four-Levelled Laya Yoga”. It’s a secret practice of Svami Order aspirants, that have already finished the work with 7 Vehicles leading to Great Spirit. You can try to comprehend Laya Yoga path by 4 Pillars of Practice – Laya Vajra. These are the basic pillars of this yoga:

1. Vayrâgya – it’s freedom and non-attachment;
2. Abhyâsa – constant, regular practice, the self of heart;
3. Shraddha – faith, loyalty and trust;
4. Virya – this is the power and strength, energy and vigour!

As it is easy to see the spiritual freedom is a fundament of whole esoteric spiritual training from the very basis of whole Laya Yoga. The Highest Class of Yoga, Kaivalya Pada is also a path of freedom. Yoga liberates from any ties, especially from coercion raised in dark sectarian pseudo-religious movements, hat easily become mass and social. Redemption, liberation, so the spiritual freedom is alpha and omega of Laya Yoga. However the training discipline is only a way that serves to perfecting the mind, body, emotions transformation, purification of sub-consciousness magazine, and finally spiritual liberation.

Seven following steps determine the Path. Seven following initiations show the spiritual work in Himalaya tradition, or if you prefer Vaidika Laya Yoga.

1. Sâdhana also called as Mansa Yoga uses exercises of healing breathing, the work with sound (mantra) and visualisation of light or contemplation of nature’s beauty as a basis of internal transformation. This level can be described as Perturbed, because it shows state of a person who searches in yoga exercises for help and solution of his problems. Mansa Yoga is in other words Integral Healing of Human Mind. Laya Sâdhanas are exercises for harmony in life. Is a training of mind perfecting and transformation of emotions. First exercises serve to solving emotional problems and developing mental powers that are hidden in our minds and should be woken up by Divine Luminosity and Love that streams from the depth of soul and the Real Self. Spiritual awakening in daily life, healing your life and removing the root of the fear of mental existence for building the strength of faith – this is the essence of the first level of practice in the Mystery Order (Laya Sangha), which is secular community of laya students

2. Abhyâsa – this is the second level of practice also described with the word "The Looking Around". Confirming in the Self of heart. Shelters, oaths, offerings – it all describes the level, where the main motive of practice is searching for The God and spiritual development. Constancy and regularity is very important during practice, the same as total subordinating to teacher’s instructions.

3. Prajña-Sâdhana – it is searching for wisdom described with the word The Rattling – from knocking to the door of wisdom and spiritual knowledge inside human self. Jñana Yoga of sages called Rishi (Sufi). During this lesson appear the ideal of spiritual devotion and admiration as a key to the door of wisdom chamber.

4. Prajña-Abhyâsa – this is a central yoga that links path of 7 Levels according to Chakras with the path of 12 Levels according to heart. This vehicle works by the center of heart and develops the Wisdom of Soul (Purusha) realisation. Word "The Listening" describes this vehicle of rising. The harmony with rules of the Universe.

5. Kriyâ-Sâdhana – here the guiding note is withdrawing the consciousness from external word to inside and listening to the vibration of spirit sound. The word "Reminding" describes the fundamental work of this vehicle’s adept. The Spirit remind about everything in appropriate time. Practice of this First Kriyâ Yoga includes mainly exercises called as sthula kriyâ.

6. Kriyâ-Abhyâsa – Here the adept works with the practice called Kriyâshaktipat, which is a mercy of Guru of the transmission line, the God's omni-mercy. We can say and understand a lot by the key-word – Reproducing. And that is the work of transforming the seeds of the past. We call this practice a Second Kriyâ Yoga and it contains above all exercises called sukshma kriyâ – subtle kriyas.

7. Samnyasa – described as a Knight, means a vehicle of the most intensive transformation set on practice of self-denial and retreat. Incessant Dhyana – contemplation of Great Spirit flow is a practice of aspirants dissolving in a Rainbow - like Light. It’s burning whole past karman. The basic work here is intensive Mahâsâdhana, Great Practice of Self-Offering.

Samâdhi Mahâlaya – The purpose of all spiritual practice systems is one, although the methods are sometimes pretty different. The way of achieving Samâdhi – the purpose of all yoga is in Himalaya tradition called Mahâlaya, what means Great Absorption, dissolving into a Rainbow-like Body, unification with The God. Bhavana (Nirvana), Dharmamegha, and finally Mahasandhi are three following levels of final dissolving in boundlessness of Great Spirit. The end of the path is getting to Heavens like Shiva, Henoh, Eliyah, Jesus, Padmasambhava and others great, God’s Yogis. By achieving the boundlessness we practice the third Kriya Yoga, precisely called as Laya Kriya. It’s an issue of Secret Laya Yoga practice called also Kandha Yoga. Following the Teacher (âchârya) enables controlling deeper and more intensive vehicles of initiation practices. It all comes by following Himalaya Guru with full love and will of internal development.

When cultivating Laya Yoga it’s worth to remember about rules of liberating acting, which is in it’s basis about working with happiness and devotion to the Almighty God. Work with happiness and joy is basic condition for welfare growth. When you devote to work for God with happiness, He in his omni-grace gives you everything that you need for living. This wisdom seems like a whole guiding note of tantric course of spiritual prosperity and is often a basis for personal and spiritual happiness and fulfilment in life. However many exercises serves with help how to impersonate this simple rule into life. Offer your acts to only Good that exists, and He will give you the Mercy.

Himalaya Swâmi

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