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Laya Kriya is a technique relying on attaining the state of Pratyahara – an overview of life and events, which allows reaching hidden levels of the subconscious, also referred to as the lower self (anava). In the initial phase, it relies on deep relaxation and energizing the body through conscious, circular breathing known in yoga as Śvasa-Praśvasa. Then, by working with mind, it facilitates reaching to direct causes of problems originating from the past. Laya Kriya is introduced in the classical Yoga by Ryszi Patańdźali in an instruction verse from chapter I.31 which covers a breath joining breathing in and out in one smooth cycle, as well as three kinds of cleansing side effects which may occur due to heavy kinds of karma, confounding, and addictions of human beings. This immemorial system of natural, conscious, and circular breathing is recommended as the first of ten methods of ridding oneself of Vyadhi – illnesses and ailments of a human being (verse I.30). In written versions, Laya Kriya, same as the respiratory Prana Yoga, counts itself several thousand years, however, it’s commonly known that works written on palm leaves or papyrus had to be periodically copied due to little durability of the material used to write on. Specific to Prana Yoga, to Life Rebirthing, the joined breathing rhythm may instantly relieve of pain in one’s body and mind. This happens because during joined breathing, we receive a great amount of healing energy, Pranah. Thus, joined breathing is used as an anesthetic for procedures or relieving the effects of painful experiences. When spiritual energy flows through the body, it helps purify negative energy blocks and restores the energetic body balance. However, the process of freeing oneself may be painful if it’s accompanied by strong internal resistance - then there’s a need for an experienced Spiritual Teacher and several other methods of intensive work on purging such experiences.

During stressful situations in our lives, emotional reactions occur, which cause for decisions and reactions specific for that stressful situation to be stored in our subconscious minds. Past reactions and decisions start to have impact on our behavior even if the current situation resembles the one from the past only superficially. As a result of such a code, we react inadequately to what actually happens. Such reaction strategies are completely ineffective, and sometimes even harmful to our interests. In spite of that, most people tenaciously repeat them, despite declaring they don’t like it and don’t want to do it. One of the other classical Yoga instructions teaches to lead the mind, thinking and emotioning to the state of lucidity, clarity, transparency, and airiness by cultivating clear and affirmative thinking and feeling, referred to as the “Jyotishmati” technique. It’s been known for millennia that the Laya Kriya method allows reaching the moment of encoding the most negative concepts about oneself. It turns out that many of them are introduced to the subconscious in altered states of mind. Remembering why and how it happened may lead to liberation. However, effects of the liberation depend on the intentions and imagination of the person undergoing the process of psycho-spiritual renewal. The code written in mind is the foundation of human fate, the so-called karma.

The history of European psychology counts merely over 100 years. It’s really not much, compared to the psychology tradition of Yoga, Tantra, Buddhism, Huna, and shamanism. Ever since it came into existence, psychology was in the “crosshairs” of Christians, who had waited for the supposed return of Christ, thus negating the need for recognizing the processes occurring in mind and consciousness, or considering them to be satanic tricks worth fighting rather than studying. Thus, certain subjects – starting with the subconscious – had been a “taboo” for psychologists. Many communities have traditionally taken, and still do, a negative stand towards studying consciousness, not to mention memories from past incarnations or psychic abilities, as well as many phenomena occurring in relation to altered or higher states of consciousness. Therefore, the society often receives false information about them. Still unwelcome in the scientific community are empirical studies on modern therapies involving spirituality and their results. The reason for that is the embarrassing level of psychological research methodology. Indeed, instead of repeating mass experiments and research done long ago, knowledge of Life Yoga should be immediately included in the curriculum for psychology, psychotherapy and medical students. Its credibility is confirmed by thousands of years of empirical experience, rather than evanescent creations which may as well become outdated quickly, as it happens with many popular, so-called “scientific”, hypotheses!

We witness the ineffectiveness of various therapeutic methods derived from Prana Yoga, which is a Yoga of Life, Energy, and Breathing, so ineffective that some conclude it’s impossible to change certain behavior, approaches, intentions, or even personal rights, i.e. the most aggravating negative standards, conduct schemes, and notions. We have to ascertain here that the powerlessness and imperfection of some original method doesn’t give the right to pass authoritative statements, which deprive spiritual patients of hope for improvement of their quality of life. Such statements can only be assessments of incomplete methods they derived from, or intentions of instructors who feel too attached to their own negativities. Some leaders of transpersonal, soul- and spirit-touching therapies and trainings are too busy negotiating salary for their questionable quality services, instead of focusing on the good of the patient, whom they refer to as the client, as if they were purchasing something in a shop. The process of Circular Breathing, Śvasa-Praśvasa, allows deliverance from gobs of “stale” energy gathered in muscles during the breathing process. The oxygen gets through, burns energetic concretions and allows muscle relaxation. Thus, the symptom indicating the previously experienced stress disappears, while the mind learns it can live without it. This prompts a liberating reaction in the subconscious, which has so far invested a lot of effort in maintaining the tension.

Any negative model or scheme can be recognized and removed from the subconscious – if you want it to, allow it, feel safe enough to live with positive models and free of negatives, and see its benefits. However, many people – perhaps even the majority in countries wreathed in darkness and superstition – prefer their limitations. It’s due to the fact that living in the world of limitations allows them to move around what’s known to them. Spiritual liberty isn’t widely known yet; therefore it scares and drives many people away. Notwithstanding, there is a way out, as you may always give in to the Divine Care and protection of the Guru, believe in the power of your positive attitude and clear intentions for yourself. Yogis have suggested such an approach for millennia, mostly because it’s effective and is the only one that truly performs in spiritual practice. When you concentrate on the awareness of the divine protection over you and developing qualities of the divine perfection, any negative thought patterns and reactions cease to have purpose. Laya Kriya facilitates realizing this fact, as it leads to triggering a reverse reaction – called abreaction and liberation.

Many ask the question: what is the difference between Laya Kriya exercises and rebirthing, holotropic breathwork, or regressing? As we know, Rebirthing involves working with energy, and by extension, with mind. It’s similar with clones of Rebirthing and Kriya Yoga, such as holotropy, regressing, and the so-called reincarnation therapies. Some people are afraid of getting entangled in nooks of their own mind and emotions. The response to that can be that studying one’s own mind is a fascinating activity. It stores not only burdens and limitations, as mighty force is hidden underneath the limitations, which can be used towards achieving incredible success with unbelievably little work and effort. Discovering the limitations leads to liberation from them, while deliverance from fantasies in limitations allows unshackling in oneself divinely perfect power, wisdom, and love. The true spiritual development, without prior spiritual psychotherapy or autopsychotherapy is unattainable for most Europeans. The reasons for that lie in powerful mechanisms of fear of God and self-destruction, encoded deeply within the subconscious. Here, however, we encounter certain problems related to a discrepancy of aims between psychotherapy and spiritual development. Psychotherapy almost always serves mind manipulation. Regardless of its methods, the most important thing is for it to implement the objectives in line with expectations of their ordering parties. The objective of spiritual development is actually to discover the individual perfection, union with the divinity, the higher self. It seems that there’s nothing in common between spiritual development and psychotherapy, but that’s not entirely true. Many therapies employ practices common for spiritual development, while many spiritual teachers also claim that psychotherapy should predate the spiritual practice, as it happens for example in Laya Kriya.

If you clear your mind and open yourself to the entirety of perfection residing in it, the whole unlimited power of God will be at your disposal. To avoid being surprised by its extent, you have an opportunity to use its fractions thanks to meditation, affirmation, and prayer, using the intuition. Thanks to Laya Kriya, you learn to be safer while facing what you have in your mind, and its extent exceeds everything collected over millennia in books, archives, and even secret laboratories altogether. By slowly discovering your mind’s resources, you learn to use them in everyday life. That’s why it’s so important for your attitude towards people, yourself, and the world, to be positive. For when you still believe in the power of dangers and resistance, life may turn into a personal nightmare for you. Meditation supports relaxation, reducing physical and mental tension, as well as developing openness towards intuition. It’s vital to know, however, that meditation also develops oversensitivity for certain informative and energetic stimuli. Consequently, many people, as a result of meditation, start noticing feelings and emotions in themselves which they can’t like and have to cleanse them in order to integrate. People who have suppressed their ability to feel, begin to feel distressed, or even endangered. It’s because their value system, which they spent much time developing, comes crashing down. To come from neurosis to effective meditation, one has to take a certain preparatory path, which may seem very long or completely unnecessary; however, getting through it is required for those who want to achieve positive results in meditation or on the spiritual path in general. We have to comprehend that what is good in psychologists’, rebirthers’, or regressers’ work, doesn’t necessarily have to be reflected on the true spiritual path, where we deal with, seriously and deeply, discovering our divinity in a qualitatively different way even during initial cleansing, such as spiritual therapy.

A Laya Kriya session progresses with the instructor giving hints to the spiritual patient as to what past emotions and experiences are worth focusing on, they help return to the root of their problems, fears, limitations, but above all this, wade across decisions made with altered state of consciousness. At first, it may seem like a terrible nightmare, although after some time, it becomes ridiculous as the “patient” starts getting more reserved towards their notions. As long as one identifies himself with their evil images and wants to nurture them as the truth about themselves or the world, they’re unable to accept changes for the better, though they may accept partial or temporary changes. A Laya Kriya session usually takes either 2 hours, thus exhausting the running cycle of five elements, or a little longer, 3 hours, i.e. the period of one traditional Yama (Wake). In 1980s, we were able to see, in Poland and other countries, pathetic wars between those who’d matured enough for spiritual development and working with Divine Soul, and those who hadn’t been ready for self-spiritual development and waged battles for some mythical secularity and science of the Rebirthing method, ignoring the fact that they’d been underdeveloped themselves when it comes to complementary and necessary Ten Methods of Cleansing, known as Laya Kriya or Prana Yoga, as they’re based on the Breath of Life Yoga! The subconscious mind is symbolized with the idea of a lotus flower with ten petals, and in the teaching Vedic Yoga practice, it manifests using (depending on circumstances) the Ten Methods of Practice. The Manipura lotus, located in the solar plexus area, above the navel, is the head of the so-called stomach mind, or the subconscious. That’s why both the ten kinds of practice and the ten-petal lotus flower symbolism are related to the lower mind, subconscious, or patterns of lower self, which need to be changed! Fire is the element of that lotus flower, and fire requires a string of air to be able to keep burning, and burn the pollutions. Some metaphysics here shows the integrity and deep relation of breathing with setting fire through candles or incense, or also the need for practice at a bonfire! We constantly come across many “victims” of rebirthing secularity who suffer, as they’re not led further to places where their spiritual needs can be fulfilled.

It’s amazing what happens during collective, group Laya Kriya sessions, when people work in pairs or circles. Then it’s clearly visible how strong a power is the sympathy rule, Maitri, which says that similar is drawn to similar. People having similar problems or attitude towards the world and life, are drawn to each other. A person who doesn’t want to release anything, searches for someone who feels incompetent as a therapeutic helper. Of course, the session fails, while the “patient’s” subconscious feels satisfied in some way. Those who are open towards releasing, provoke their “therapists” into brilliancy, even if it’s their first session and they haven’t had any idea about the wonderful Laya Kriya methods so far. The work goes really smoothly with people who have already meditated and started noticing some limitations in themselves. In this regard, the most precious are people who have managed to bear many sessions of rebirthing, Zen, holotropy, or regressing, and have reached certain consciousness blocks which they couldn’t breathe over and release. They really only need a few hints, while effects of relieving the tension and delusions are sensational. There are, however, regressing or rebirthing seminar graduates, who cause some trouble as they fall into illusive delusions about alleged former incarnations or into haunted ecstatic trances and satisfaction from overfilling themselves with the breath energy, while denying that anything wrong is going on in their mind. And somehow it oddly turns out that their mind is clear – as they assure – and they only fail at life, because they are, for example, “created for higher purposes”. Conversations tend to go similarly with members of various pseudoescoteric groups, who dread cutting off any negativities and, instead of freeing themselves from them, they fight them and each other, and even more so, they fight Satan and, deluding themselves with progress, they suffer loss after loss or create hell on earth for themselves, taking comfort in God rewarding them for it, as they sacrifice so much for Him.

Many choices or wrong reaction and behavior patterns have roots in experiences from past lives. For this kind of spiritual seekers, Laya Kriya has an interesting offer of help. It’s possible using a special, scientific Vedic methodology, which other so-called reincarnation and holotropic therapies lack. In this aspect, Laya Kriya is sometimes attacked by some regressers and rebirthers united, who either try to move about within boundaries of a single life, or accept neither the upright knowledge, nor the actual reincarnation process, repeated embodiment of a Spirit in a new body. The fact is that some people undergo alleged “reminders” of their past lives during breath sessions of regressing, holotropy, or rebirthing, even though the scientific Vedic knowledge and millennia of experience generally deny such a possibility. It’s necessary to warn against creating delusions about supposed past lives based on associations, memories or even visions rising from circular, deepened and lucid breathwork sessions! To a substantial degree, such tendencies to seeking simple sensations from supposed past lives, result from previous drug addiction or general social tendency to living in illusion, fantasies and confusion! Correct methods of revealing past lives begin with initiative passing of the Shaktipat, spiritual power, but also with long and intensive meditations in the presence of a spiritually realized and enlightened Guru person.

It’s worth mentioning an opinion of the rebirthing discoverer, Leonard Orr, who said that “All details from past lives would’ve been available to us, if it hadn’t been for the birth shock”. Most people lost their consciousness when they were born. By experiencing fears, pain and hypnosis, they’ve forgotten the awareness of their past lives. Taking this state of unawareness as a reference point and trying to notice or examine our past life, one typically strives toward learning more about it. The present life seems to be so poor and brutal that we hope our past ones were better. However, in the words of Bobbie Birdsall, “if you had a life which was more significant, you’d still be living it”. The aim and value of knowledge about past lives are obvious. However, not only do you need to experience the birth shocks and the associated negative feeling patterns again, as well as cleanse yourself from them completely, which usually takes lots of practice, but also you can finally reestablish contact with abilities you previously possessed. Studying patterns inherited from parents, ancestors, and past incarnations may help you realize some of your deeply hidden schemes and allow you to make certain observations concerning your unwitting rush towards death. It’ll become obvious that no way of dying your previous incarnations experienced was ultimately successful. You can therefore knowingly avoid repeating these ways in your present life. You may notice that, after you’ve died so many times and in so many different ways, you can finally stop dying and create a spiritual body, which will last forever. Without unraveling the birth shock and the so-called predilection for death syndrome, there’s no point in deluding yourself about past lives, as in general, reading those is impossible due to darkening of the Soul!

You may try to look for reasons for your failures in past lives, in decisions made at the time and nurtured tenaciously. If you want to do it, if you see it benefits you, that’s great. However, first you need to undergo a complex and in-depth therapy of spiritual rebirth, liberate yourself from many everyday delusions and addictions, and learn deep silence and focus to have a chance for an insight into the past lives. The insight process can only be supported by a person with a higher degree of spiritual realization, who’s already undergone all possible processes of cleansing and transforming, knows perfectly all the relevant tools and means, and is free of the need for delusions. The most important thing is that studying the karma from past incarnations is great and fully practical. It delivers from many thought, fantasy, and reaction patterns which make life more difficult and limit ourselves in our actions. Burdens from past lives and other realms of existence people lived in have significant negative influence on approx. 95% of the population, while only the remaining 5% of the European society is relatively free of these. It seems there are only a few people free of negative karmic conditionings. Yet, in Poland alone, it’s over 1.8m people! People, from their past incarnations, transfer habits, addictions, behaviors, ways of thinking, commitments, and even missions or desires, which they try to fulfill with no regard for time, money, and health. Instead of flouncing about in the delusion of realizing unrealistic ideas, they could – in deep Samadhi – refer to the memory of past incarnations, when they’d surely see what they’re heading towards and how it’s going to end for them, as simply without spiritual practice, it’s not possible for old intentions to lead to other effects! Thanks to that insight, they’d save themselves a lot of time, money, pain, and suffering.

Laya Kriya
is the most effective and safest method of resolving problems rooted in past lives. However, you’d be wrong if you said Laya Kriya was only used to study and alter decisions so distant in time. It may also be a great help in resolving problems originating in periods of life we don’t consciously remember. This could be the prenatal period, childhood, accidents, illnesses and states of confusion and lost consciousness. This has a practical aspect, as people often make binding decisions right at the time of stressful events, when they lack full awareness and sanity, or they acquire it telepathically from near and far surroundings, especially from the mother, in her womb, before they’re born. All people inherit from their mothers a dominant vibration – an emotion on which they try to build their life. Because of that, many candidates for success may try to build it on fear, retraction, threat, or dissatisfaction. They seem like the only possible and correct foundations, on which one wants to base their whole life. It’s worth to forget about them, turn them off and change for completely conscious decisions. Getting rid of them, however, will fail unless one founds affirmative consciousness, such as: “I’m building my life on a solid foundation of divine light, love, wisdom, power, and wealth, in perfect harmony with the divine Soul intuition.”

Laya Kriya allows cleansing and getting rid of limiting and ineffective life and functioning patterns, also on the spiritual path, as well as creating, for a price of getting to know them and their effects. At first it may seem like focusing on the negativities, while in reality it turns out to be focusing on being rid of them. Laya Kriya is, at its foundation, an art of breathing, paired with affirmations and meditations, for this is what causes for the mind to concentrate on positive effects of liberation. If you’re a beginner in spiritual development or the art of self-improvement, don’t start intensive practice by yourself, as it may be unpleasant and stressful for you. Try that under the watchful eye of experienced therapists – breathwork teachers raised by a divine Guru. Laya Kriya, in its deeper aspects, also facilitates a controlled, safe insight into past lives, although it’s not a thing for beginners, who’ve just started working on their spiritual development. Memories from past incarnations are often treated suspiciously and irreverently. Behind the suspicion, there’s often fear of disapproval from other people, who have never had such an experience, which makes them feel entitled to mocking them. And only less than 1/6 of the global population, mostly the Christians, cast away the belief in reincarnation! Europeans are those unlucky to live among those for whom it’s normal. A common occurrence is fear of oneself, or the possibility of going insane. Fears for enabling the memory of past incarnations turn out to be the strongest in people who already have it active, only not knowing about it, although this affects only a small percentage of the population. This may, however, manifest with strong phobias, or fear-based psychoses!

These fears come from low self-esteem, lack of trust towards oneself. And, oddly enough, when we look closer, it turns out this was planted in the subconscious many incarnations ago. Their causes vary, but the main one is mismatching to predominant intellectual or religious trends from the past. After all, until recently, memories from past lives were considered mental illnesses, subject to treatment! Formerly, witches and all kinds of heretics were being wiped out, for they dared to mention anything about reincarnation. Even today, certain Christian “authorities” are convinced that only satanic temptation or demon possession can trigger visions from past lives. For someone, who at least subconsciously shares this belief, confronting the memories of past incarnations may come as a shock. Nevertheless, such confrontations occur spontaneously, as memories from past lives manifest during deeper religious rites, which in Christianity is for example reciting prayers, while in Buddhism and Yoga – meditation or mantras. A certain priest testified that while officiating a wedding for his friend, he’d had a vision where he’d offered him to Satan as a sacrifice, which almost landed him in a house for insane priests.

What to do, if while performing deep spiritual rites, memories from past incarnations or life in the astral world between two lives manifest? First of all, it’s vital not to panic, but try to accept this fact and seek a Guru as soon as possible. What if such a fact is incompatible with the religious views? Then, one has to consider whether those views are the work of God, or merely underdeveloped people, who more often than not, support their rationale with diplomas from renowned universities. An academic diploma isn’t a work of God either, thus the knowledge possessed by such a qualified specialist in a given field, doesn’t have to have anything to do with God’s plan or wisdom in such subtle matters like the life of a soul between death and further births, or the process of soul embodiment, while travelling along the incarnation chain. Memories of past lives sometimes manifest spontaneously and naturally, and then they need to be accepted, however, they’re never solely a result of intellectual research, consideration, or reading a couple of books. The pathological way of manifesting the memories is an aggressive attitude towards people from alleged past incarnations for some past offenses. Such things occur in psychotic people, with tendencies towards mental illness, as well as people who have been, by some lunatic, implanted the past incarnations through suggestion during supposed regressive or reincarnation therapy, implanted based on his own ideas and delusions, as he doesn’t have any insight into someone’s past incarnations himself, and neither does he have knowledge about interpreting signs of incarnation!

Memories from last lives may be a very destructive thing for people, who blindly trust the Christian or materialistic-scientific authorities. Such people should put more trust in a Guru and the Divine Guidance, as well as the Divine Care and Protection over them. Their memories most commonly derive from the fact that in distant past, they lost that faith and trust, and tried to live in discord with God’s plan. And living without harmony with divinity and, in a way, “against God”, often enough has solid religious justification. Memories from past lives often reveal a conflict between religious views and God’s Plan, and display the consequences of performing wrong religious rites, or rather pseudoreligious, such as the Dionysian drunkenness, wine-drinking. This is the truth feared by all those, who negate the value of karmic memories. Many unconventional medicine or psychotherapy specialists warn against applying techniques allowing insight into past life memories. Their justifications vary, the fact is that many of them may be true in case of people who have neither any knowledge about soul embodiment, nor about how to treat the produced observations and insights, and interpret the experiences of the practicing.

The fact is that a man, who wants to look deep into his past, has to be mentally prepared, cleansed and spiritually reborn. Other than that, he should have facilities to work on changing his disadvantageous thoughts and fantasies to positive ones. In other words, use affirmation and meditation in practice. Most commonly however, all “experts” have entirely different objections. They’re, most of all, based on fear and lack of any personal experience when it comes to these techniques. Almost all critics of spiritual therapy methods have either never taken part in it, or never even read about it. They’re guided with their own concept about effects of this therapy, or testimonials of people, who know people who supposedly experienced it. If you ask such critics whether they’ve ever taken part in Laya Kriya activities, they may even say yes. Some so-called visionaries known to us, albeit only on a hearsay basis, even convince habitual doubters that they’ve cooperated with a Guru, but they backed off after they realized how harmful this is. We’d appreciate it if they could specify what they mean by cooperation, and in which life it took place? Most often however, those know-it-all beings claim they don’t need to read about it, or attend classes, in order to provide solid information. After all, they know everything, and much better than professionals dealing with such Yogic therapies for thousands of years. It’s stunning how many dupes blindly trust them! For example, we know of a certain pseudoastrologist from Southern Poland, who for years had persuaded many people that anything coming from India is evil, that Laya Kriya is evil, that a Guru is evil, until he finally went for a long trip to India to learn more and cure that diabolically ill head of his!

One may notice that many of those who warn about the Laya Kriya therapy are afraid they may be recognized by their victims. Most often, they suspect subconsciously, feeling guilty, that they won’t get away with the rotten acts committed in the past incarnations. But the worst thing they could encounter, is understanding their victims, and that their intentions, nowadays dressed up in sanctity and charisma, haven’t changed at all for many incarnations – they still commit to the same objectives and still don’t have any idea as to what the Supreme Good is. That’s because they define good as something that gives benefits immediately at the time, while evil is something that doesn’t allow receiving these benefits. Therefore, it’s not surprising that such people are afraid of a confrontation with their past and the real them. Their time simply hasn’t come yet. They’re not ready, but they fear that others will get there ahead of them. They do everything they can to prevent this. Many of them are not really sure what they do, trying to maintain an aura making them unequalled in development, or special skills of ideals, fortune-tellers, astrologists, esoterics, therapists, magicians, or clairvoyants. That’s how they hide their low self-esteem and lack of competences to be spiritual teachers, and the most visible indicator is massive combatting and negating all Śri Gurus, the really enlightened experts on spiritual development of human beings. However, to people who are lacking in will, passive-dependent, susceptible to suggestion, they may seem very important, or even chosen by God himself. If you cross paths with them at any time, abandon them – it’s the only proper advice. Otherwise, they will only solidify your low self-esteem and feeling of dependence, and feed their pride of the divine Guru negation. Of course, you will never encounter such people, as long as you’re free of intentions of self-harm and fighting spiritual frauds. Memories from past lives we haven’t realized yet may be very unpleasant. It’s because we try to fulfill ourselves is that, in which we didn’t feel fulfilled. Think what could happen if one were to have a strong impulse, or even a compulsion, to do something they don’t understand themselves.

Hidden memories of important events may activate at any time, bringing disorganization and chaos to our lives and decisions. They even cause tragic events. Getting out of the chaos of those hidden karmic memories is possible using reincarnation therapy, such as Laya Kriya, which is can be dangerous for some, as it allows seeing through the intentions of manipulators, vermins, or inquisitors, and help realize the lack of teaching competences in false masters and pseudo-prophets, who call themselves “guru”, allegedly freeing others from some kind of a syndrome, or the need of having someone else for the “guru” than them. But those, who need to be avoided even more, are the lunatics, who discourage hundreds of people from the general idea of Guru and Initiation from Guru, blocking their spiritual development for many incarnations to come. Serious spiritual training starts with finding the divine Guru and developing skills to constantly follow the Guru as your path Companion. Exercises offered as Laya Kriya or even as the so-called Rebirthing and its clones, according to the original, source instructions, assume that the person who attempts them, works under a Śri Guru, Sadguru, with whom they have such a strong, pure bond that they’ll never break or even loosen their dedication!

Spiritual development is the domain of human psyche and spirit. In the psyche, many processes occur, which are often irrational and have nothing to do with the reality. Even a high-level specialist has a hard time determining whether something matches the reality or not. That’s because we define the reality in many different ways. For some it’s what they can see and hear, while for others the world is shown as an illusion, behind which there are the real – spiritual – causative powers. There are also other definitions. Consequently, we have a situation where someone who’s considered an expert, is limited by the religious view. Meanwhile, many psychologists and psychiatrists usurp the right to rate the spiritual experiences of others. They think their education is sufficient to determine what’s “normal” and what’s “abnormal”. We’re not discrediting their competence in terms of detecting evident illnesses and pathologies, however, when it comes to mystical or spiritual experiences, these people most often don’t have anything meaningful to say, they often even mislead as they’ve been brought up in wrong faith.

Let’s remember that spiritual development should serve the purpose of improving the quality of our experiences, as well as expanding the knowledge and experience. People who, thanks to spiritual practices, have developed their talents and intuition are the best evidence confirming this statement. Effective spiritual or psychological help to people with spiritual experience can only be given by someone, who has similar experience. Formal education in psychology or psychotherapy alone isn’t enough. That’s why there’s a need for people with mystical and spiritual experience to be able to officially provide psychological assistance to those who went through something similar, so that they can stop being laughed at and humiliated. Meanwhile, many people with psychic abilities, before they end up with a credible spiritual guide, visit many psychologists or psychiatrists, who persuade them that they’re abnormal or ill, which is anti-scientific absurd coming from pseudo-experts with diplomas.

Most people find it difficult to determine what’s real in the belief realm, or the professed value system. That’s why we apply the rule that all spiritual or religious views deserve respect. This is a matter of freedom of conscience and religion. This rule should advise that if we’re not experts on spiritual development, we shouldn’t evaluate any development paths, or the general sense of spiritual development. We definitely shouldn’t dispraise anybody just because they only seem to follow a different spiritual path. How can we know that their path is worse than ours? With the karmic memories, it’s best to learn from the Guru how to live in peace with them and use them for our own spiritual development. Any prayers said to close these memories are merely manifestations of borderline stupidity and demonic blindness. It also brings the danger of repeating the wrong or even harmful views and behaviors further, as well as distorting and ruining our own soul, while obviously that’s not what spiritual development is about.

In spiritual practice, the major spot is taken by purifying the mind, the subconscious. The emotional, habitual, and subconscious part of the brain is purified. Once it’s pure, we have uninhibited contact with the Superconscious, with Parambrahman, which is the source of all the best ideas and inspirations. There’s no evil or conflicts of interest there. From that part, the supermind, the all-spirit, we receive wonderful inspirations, but also power which helps us perform true miracles, with physical aspects. The road to discovering the Superconscious runs along self-acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, raising self-esteem, internal calm, will power, and that is associated with necessity for positive thinking and a positive attitude towards spiritual development, which are also often connected with many misunderstandings. Some people ignore and neglect them, while there’s no other way to solidify the positive traits and habits we obtain in the development process than through confirmation! But this isn’t the only place where we can make a mistake, as what seems beneficial to us, we tend to call good or positive. We want to be positive, but we don’t always succeed at this. First of all, people who want to be positive avoid all negative feelings and abjure them. By doing that, they don’t purify the subconscious mind and merely pretend that they feel better than they actually do, however, pretending doesn’t allow us to progress in spiritual development one bit, while more often it can be a source of hypocrisy.

It’s a known fact that posthypnotic suggestions are stronger than our will. Hypnosis experts reassure however, that no one can be convinced to something that’s against their value system. If it can’t be done using hypnosis, how can it be done using autosuggestions alone? Here lies the answer for all those who fail at affirmations or visualizations. It’s simply that a creation incompatible with the value system won’t work! However, even in ancient Egypt, not only in India, a rule was known that if you want to successfully suggest something to somebody, you first need to alter their value system. That’s the key to success not only in hypnosis and autosuggestion, but also in spiritual practice. Altering the value system is a process, which is the most controversial in spiritual development, as it causes for a man to be ripped from their foundation, which is painful and terrifying, not only for the adept, but also their surroundings. Moreover, it requires great courage and determination, as well as considerable trust in God’s guidance and the divine Guru. It seems the scariest are the changes in relations with the loved ones, even if they are evidently changes for the better. That’s where most aspirants lose, giving in to temptation to cease the practice, resign, hang up and return to a puddle of mud like a washed pig.

One of the enemies on the path of spiritual development is lack of consequence. It’s even a more serious enemy than sloth, which many people blame themselves for. In the culture of the East, the student needs to prove, for a long time and with lots of patience, that they deserve the Master (Guru) and his teachings. In the west, people often try to develop on their own, without really knowing why and in what direction. Independent development is only possible for very few individuals gifted with differentiation of consciousness (Viveka Jńanam), which is the awareness of information sources and consequences of decisions and deeds; they’re also referred to as Mahavatars, who incarnate consciously into life and work on this Earth. Hence the natural-born avatars, incarnations of Gods and former Masters, are recognized, based on signs, by other living Enlightened! This way, the Spiritual Path is protected from delusional lunatics and various kinds of frauds creating their own sects and original pseudo-development courses! Experienced masters of spiritual development are hard to come by in the west, as what master would like to teach ignorants, full of doubt and confusion?! Besides, the so-called western tradition has problems with acknowledging the supremacy of such an institution as a divine, enlightened Guru, even despite over a century of available methods of preparing for spiritual life, such as selected, early parts of Prana Yoga. This is undoubtedly a dark and ill heritage from the middle ages, which prevents people of the west from achieving correct spiritual development and enlightenment even today!

Recently in esoteric literature a belief has diffused that all religions and spiritual practice lead to the same goal. It’s true, if the goal is to meet God in some way, however, truly common for all religions are the esoteric movement, mysticism, and hermeticism. Esoterics helps to get to know what we call divinity, as this word refers to the field of internal spiritual experiences. Neither channeled contacts with astrals or aliens, nor visions of doped shamans have anything to do with esoterics or spiritual development, even though they are internal experiences, albeit of the pathological kind. The term esoterics fits experiencing the divinity in a conscious way, without doping, drinking, or any other mind-clouding. The essence of all religions is imitating God, and people have immemorially tried doing that. And, as it turns out, with various results, as the result depends on the knowledge one has about God. Our image of God decides what we can achieve by imitating Him. It’s therefore worth considering whether our Image of God is coherent, or contradictive. Trying to implement contradictions we can only end up with mind confusion instead of the planned perfection. The fact is that spiritual development is impossible without God’s awareness, ignoring God, as God himself is the goal of the Path. Many problems of the practicing derive from the fact they don’t realize God deeply enough, or try some form of Satanism, where God is negated and rejected, which is ridiculously sick on its own. Yoga, however, recommends not only to believe, but rather to try experiencing and feeling God more and more in a personal way, and that’s the work on which one needs to focus before dealing with magical tricks or teaching others, or especially some spiritual therapy.

Irrational angst or fear of Enlightenment and its effects is sometimes so strong, that people, who’ve worked for many years on their spiritual development, suddenly turn around and abjure everything. A fear-based psychosis is a realization of a plan like: “I develop spiritually, but I won’t allow for any self-realization or enlightenment”. It may be served by many means of abjuring God, such as: not this master, not this practice, forswearing relations with suitable partners – ‘to avoid being besotted with love’ – forswearing the guru, and finally “a triumphant fallback from the path towards of losing oneself”. Thanks to the latter, some people tend to accurse their masters, which can be observed in the Rajnesh, Sathya Sai Baba, Leonard Orr’s movements, or tell baloneys about yoga, Tantra, reiki, huna, meditation, or affirmations, to protect others from falling into the alleged claws of the “Vicious”. The truth is that it’s the ego of the mentally ill or possessed by demons person defends itself from exorcisms or ordinary cleansing of evil elements it’s bearing, and it defiles itself with cursing the masters and paths until it reaches the bottom of existence! Enlightenment cannot be imagined, however, it’s worth having positive expectations for it. They may, however, slightly cloud the truth, but they’re much better than negative expectations, which discourage and fill with fear and the feeling of senselessness. No one’s ever enlightened themselves with nihilism, nothingness, the feeling of senselessness, as well as with attitude lacking gratefulness and trust for God, the Guru and the Path! Heading towards Enlightenment makes sense, but it loses this when we realize, that the actual Enlightenment, Samadhi, has an ever deeper sense. The path has purpose as long as leads to the goal, but when the goal disappears from our field of vision, the path also becomes senseless. It’s not news that they key to spiritual success is balance between love, wisdom, and power. People try to possess love, wisdom, and above that, power, using various kinds of initiations, sacrifices, invocations or ascetics. They don’t realize that these ways, despite being the only effective ones, have to be based on a couple of simple rules, such as loyalty to the line of the message and the Guru. In spirituality, a person with a negative attitude towards the idea of Guru, Initiation and Spiritual Devotion will not get anything!

The phenomenon of a negative psychic attack is encountered by people almost everywhere. Wherever one thinks he’s stronger than the others, he tries to impose his will or opinion on them. At home, in school, at work, and a dogmatically religious group. Often the attacker also uses manipulation or other “below-the-belt” methods, but his effectiveness is especially high if he succeeds at hitting the weak spots of his victims. In practice, a psychic attack may occur in forms of psychic or energetic manipulation, almost hypnotic influence, or energetic vampirism. It happens that one person employs all of the above forms at the same time, and it happens if they’re trained in the art of manipulation, or possessed by evil astral beings. In case of the latter, the psychic attack tends to be more exhaustive for the victim, and detunes them mentally and energetically for longer. It also occurs that some of them attack people, who feed their astral demons. They’re not necessarily Satanists, although they can also belong to this group, but usually people who we’d never suspect could do something like this. Some of them may even go by as good and kind, while the demons – asuras or rakshas – have been left them as legacy after manipulative or satanic practices from past incarnations, as some are convinced that it’s worth having your own “good” demon, who’ll banish the others – of course the evil ones. In reality, demons, in their own rotten nature, are always evil, even when they show their minor good side. It’s distinctive of them to occasionally strongly provoke their surroundings, as their demons require energy with low vibrations. They attack psychically, trigger fights, malevolence, and aversion, they stir up public aspersions and slanders, most often without realizing that they’re merely pathetic and demented themselves, serving demons feeding on hate, sometimes even hate for the Guru, or the spiritual Groups and the people who practice. To deal with psychic and energetic attacks, the best protection is the sincere Triple Asylum in God, the Guru, and the Path!
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