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"My worship is of a very strange kind.

In this Ganga water is not required.

No special utensils are necessary.

Even flowers are redundant.

In this puja all gods have disappeared.

And emptiness has emerged with euphoria."

Lahiri Mahashaya


Despite all tall claims by others, no one is perhaps as authorised as Shibendu Lahiri (born 1939), the great grand son of famous house holder Yogi Lahiri Mahasaya (1828-1895), to spread the authentic teachings and techniques of Kriya Yoga in the world today.

Yet he says in utter humility that wise wields no authority and those in authority are not wise! Organisations assert authority, but authenticity may be lacking. Mobilisation may create a mafia, but the most sacred may remain untouched. Cultism has no place in matters deeply spiritual.

Lahiri Mahasaya (Full Name: Shyama Charan Lahiri) became known to the truth seekers all over the world through Paramahamsa Yogananda's famous book "Autobiography of a Yogi", which has been translated in many languages.

Shibendu has the distinction of receiving the original Kriya process in the age old Rishi-tradition of India, that is, from father to son - generation after generation. Thus the process here passed, through knowledge and genes, from Shyama Charan to Tinkorito Satya Charan to Shibendu who was initiated in 1960 by his father Late Satya Charan Lahiri at the family shrine "Satyalok" D 22/3, Chousatti Ghat, Varanasi - 221 001 (India).

Kriya Yoga: Kriya means action and Yoga means integration. Kriya Yoga emphasises integration of separative consciousness (generated by unceasing movement of thought) with an awakenedness (that is, a non-elective holistic attention free from mental fragmentations) through actions of perception and not through the activities of conceptualisation.

Kriya deconditions and sets the seeker free from the past karma. It transforms fundamentally the gross ego-centre of the seeker into a subtle individual uniqueness which also includes universality. It brings harmony with the wholeness of life by piercing through the ignorance of the ways of self. It is a unique combination of Hatha-Raja-Laya Yoga. It settles the seeker in his natural state in which his body receives instructions only from glands and Chakras. Thought does not interfere as interloper to create psychosomatic problems and pursuits. Kriya Yoga does not tell stories, does not indulge in miracle mongering to keep the seekers amused in poor and paralyzing consolations. Organisations promoting surmises and fictions are stragglers from the path of truth. Kriya Yoga encourages seekers to investigate if experiencer and the experienced can become one unitary movement without any dichotomy whatsoever.

Like his ancestors, Shibendu Lahiri is also a house-holder and has passed through all aspects being a human so that spiritual journey does not appear too steep for the seekers. He received high university education and supported his family well, through remunerative jobs. His two daughters and their husbands are specialised medical doctors and his only son, also married, is an erudite engineer.

Since 14 January 1988, Shibendu spends his time sharing the teachings and the kriyas all around the world. Year in and year out, he travels at the invitation of devotees and disciples. Countries he has covered so far are: USA (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico), Canada, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Mauritius, Chile (South America), Norway, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Nepal, Sweden, Netherland, England, New Zealand, Brazil, Greece and of course, various places in India. Many other nationals also came to him during his kriya-Yoga programmes in many places. 
Shibendu Lahiri has no organisation, institution, sect or cult. He has no ambition to influence anybody. He only invites seekers to share the insight which flowered, generation after generation, through Kriya process. His yearning is to see that human beings live in peace and amity without ache, agony and animosity, without this monstrous culture of killing and being killed in the name of some fragmented flag or phoney fanatic idea in the name of religion.


"The messages are verbal expressions of non-verbal phenomenons which happen in the living organism (body) whose direct sensory perceptions are not made dull through the movements of sensuality (mind) occuring as a result of classifications of the perceptions into pleasant and profitable as against unpleasant and unworthy.

Contemplation on these messages without appreciation or condemnation i.e. through denial of mental mischiefs, may make one's impersonal self (not personality-self) available to a joyful existence beyond all measure, calculation and speculation of a petty mind engaged in accumulations of pleasuresome experiences."

{In the Hindi word „Sandesha”, „N” is nosal M, and SHA is soft „za” or „ŒA”, „sia”}


Satyalok, Varanasi, August 15, 1995

Without laying the foundation of a righteous life, Kriya becomes an escape and, therefore, has no value whatsoever. A righteous life is not merely the following of social morality it is indeed the freedom from envy, greed and the search for power. Without knowing the activities of the self, Kriya becomes a sensuous excitement and therefore of very little significance. Mind in Kriya is limitless, not only in its capacity to think and to act efficiently, but also in its sense of living in a vast space where one is a part of every thing.

In the "Parabastha of Kriya", a peculiar thing takes place which no drug or self-hypnosis can bring about. The mind enters into itself penetrating even more deeply and then depth & height lose their meaning. Every form of measurement utterly ceases. In this state there is complete peace, not merely contentment which comes about through gratification. Kriya is a movement from innocence to innocence. In the explosion of Kriya, the eyes are made innocent and love is then a benediction. Kriya opens the door to the incalculable, to the measureless. Kriya brings about the religious mind — the deep religion that is untouched by the Church, the temple and the mosque. Kriya is not an escape from the world but rather the comprehension of the world and its ways. Kriya de-conditions and thus frees you from your past Karma.

Assisi, Italy, May 15th 1996

It is necessary to understand at the outset that self-realization is not self-promotion, self-discovery is not self-obsession and self-growth is not the growth of selfishness. Then Kriya Yoga blasts the separative consciousness (which separates us from the living quality of life) generated by the ego - center. Then " I " remains only as a reference point without the accumulative and the acquisitive urges, without the pursuit of power, profit and pleasure; without the conditioning, conceits and confusion.

War is the final exaggeration of the ego. Kriya cures the neurological defect of the human species — the ego-trips in various forms. Hence Kriya can save this planet Earth from nuclear disaster. Due to the divisive structure of the human consciousness, we have this culture of killing and being killed in the name of flag, religion, race, sect, cult, belief systems, idiotic ideals & isms, vested interests and vanities. Kriya Yoga is the life of sanity and sanctity.

God and enlightenment have become the ultimate pleasure and un-interrupted gratification as a consequence of the enormous machination and maneuvers of the thought. Kriya Yoga brings an end to this machination and then there is the un-namable, the immeasurable.

OM Shanti

Verona, Italy, August 1st 1997

Kriya is the collaboration with the divine design. Routine religions provide us only with crutches but Kriya makes our legs strong. Kriya enables us to have the Truth , the Divine through a direct perception by and for ourselves, whereas the routine religions impose God on us as a mere belief and that is why for most of us God has become the ultimate pleasure and stupid gratification of the mind. Communism is yet another religion which is the cultivated-opposite of routine relig ions. All opposites contain the elements of their own opposites and thought thrives in the corridor of opposites. Their propagation of disbelief in God is in the same dimension as the propagation of belief in God by routine religions. Minds, deeply religious, have no beliefs or disbelieves whatsoever.

Phoney baloneys of the religious Johnny's, their half-truths, their holy concepts, their high-sounding phrases have made religion the last luxury of the rich and the last longing of the poor. This is the tragedy of our incarceration into the self-protecting mechanism of thought.

The revolution of the Communism is no revolution — it is only a revaluation of the status-quo. It is the modified continuity of the old system. Communism talks of taking away the possessions. Kriya takes away the instinct of possessiveness, liberating us from our accumulative and acquisitive urges. Possessiveness is not only to land, money and properties but also extended to a guru, to an ideal, to an "ism", to a human being etc. We have reached the brink of the separative-consciousness created by the mischief and the machinations of thought. Mind has done his job, it has excelled in technical field giving us control upon the vicissitudes and vagaries of nature and has enabled us to have a comfortable living.

Thought has done wonderfully well in the technical area, but is has also created the neurological defect — the ego-centre — with all its arrogance and aggression, animosity and antagonism. All wars are the final exaggeration of the ego and the planet is now under the threat of a nuclear holocaust. Despite all advancement, the basic psyche is still in its cave mentality — the caves are now being called "nations". And the ancient weapon, the jawbone of an ass, has now become the modern jet-bomb of an atom.

Mischief of the mind is driving us towards total annihilation. Time has, therefore, come to ascend from mind to "No-mind", the super-mind, the beyond-mind. Only then the life on this planet can be saved. This glimpse of the "Other" is possible through Kriya and that is why Kriya is so sacred and essential, as it enables us to collaborate with the Divine-Design of transition from mind to "No-mind".


Bessay, France, May 7th 1998

Sat guru (Realised Teacher) emerges in answer to tears and, therefore, he belongs to whole humanity. He may have a lineage, education, accomplishments and so on. But all these are unimportant in describing him, for he is jivan mukta (liberated despite all bondages of conditionin). His is a different consciousness — an awakened-ness, an intelligent awareness, a presence (not a personality) — and when he says something, one should reflect on it (not reject it), should dwell upon it (not discard it). Swadhyay (Self-Knowing) in company with a Satguru is the beginning of Kriya-Yoga. 
A disciplined mind is a dull mind. It is coerced and compelled. It does not understand. It is in conflict, confusion and conning. The word "discipline" comes from the word "disciple". A disciple is one who learns. And for learning; there must be a lot of un-learning, de-conditioning. Learning comes from swift perceptions and not from slow thinking. Thinking emanates from dead concepts. Thought is death and "no-thought" is dance. Thought is idiotic, "no thought" is intelligence. Thought is analysis, "no-thought" is awareness. Thought is logic, "no-thought" is love. Thought is the measure, "no-thought" is the meaning. Thought is reason, "no-thought" is righteousness. Thought is introspection, "no-thought" is insight. Thought is knowledge, "no-thought" is wisdom. Thought is cloud, "no-thought" is clear sky. Thought is depression, "no-thought" is delight. Thought is reaction, "no-thought" is realisation. Thought is only validity, "no-thought" is veracity. Thought is devil, "no-thought" is divine. Thought is sensuality, "no-thought" is sensory perceptions. Thought is dream and "no-thought" is the drum of Shiva (Damaru). Kriya-Yoga liberates us from the activities of thought and opens the door to Eternity. Kriya-Yoga, a spiritual journey and not a stale judgement, needs deep understanding, tremendous courage and himalayan patience.



Wijchen, Netherlands, March 22th 1999

GITA ESSENCE (Ch. II : 55-72)

as perceived by Shibendu Lahiri during deep meditative process while watching the gradual passing away of his wife Bithika in her final stage of cancer.

The most significant and revealing sentence in these 18 verses is: "Indriyani - indriyarthebhas tasya prajna pratisthita".

Due to its extraordinary importance, this sentence has appeared twice in this essence-set of 18 verses — as the second line in verse nr. 58 and again as the second line in the verse nr. 68.

This is a devastating message; because if it hits your "you-ness", then the separative consciousness will get blasted.
Thought will then be in its natural state i.e. in discontinuity and there will be a re-orientation, a mutation, an insight and your life will be free from ache, anguish, agitation, arrogance, antagonism, stress and strain, tension and turmoil, surmises and suppositions, inhibitions and idiosyncracies, paradoxes and perplexities, pervertions and paranoia. Thought will then loosen its stranglehold on you giving rise to an activated state of awareness which is not separative but unitive in nature i.e. wherein stimulus and response become one unitary movement.

A person initiated in "Kriya" is called "Kriyanwita" or "Kriyaban" which means — activated.
That is, one who is activated in awareness so that he does not deceive himself in illusions ( and thus does not start deceiving others). He is actively aware of the ways of self, ego, I-ness and self-protective mechanism of the mind.

This most important line, appearing twice in the Gita-essence, states that the sensory perceptions should function naturally for the purpose for which these are meant. Thought (conditioning and culture) superimposes something on the senses which converts direct sensations into sensuality.

Thought classifies sensations into pleasant and un-pleasant and that is the beginning of the sensuality. Thought, thereafter, generates cravings for the repetition of the pleasant and for the riddance from the un-pleasant and that is the real sensuality and the commencement of horror and havoc in the living quality of life.

This significant sentence implies that sensory perceptions are allright, but sensuality is the root cause of our sorrow and suffering. So, when sensations are not contaminated by sensuality, one remains established in the state of wisdom.
 Thus when the five senses function in their natural state without interference from thought, then there is no problem of any kind whatsoever.

When sensuality is totally wiped out as thought has utterly stopped interceding in sensory functions, dichotomy between subject and object in the consciousness vanishes i.e. a fusion between "me" and and the performer on "me" takes place allowing emergence of "no-me", "no-self" or "no-mind". This is absolute equanimity, evenminded-ness.

. In such a state of equanimity, you come out of the corridor of opposites. Then pleasure is not yours, pain is not yours; attachment is not yours, aversion is not yours; fear is not yours, fearlessness is not yours; cowardice is not yours, courage is not yours; anger is not yours, amicability is not yours; victory is not yours, defeat is not yours.

In evenminded state the good is not yours, the evil is not yours; the flattery is not yours, the hurt is not yours; the honour is not yours, the insult is not yours.

In non-elective awareness, senses function exactly in the way for which they are meant. Otherwise all these five senses remain winded up (yet alert) like the limbs of a tortoise and thus sensuality is avoided.

When sensuality is thus starved, the core perceptions of the senses reveal the Param (the Otherness) by neutralising the observer, the "me".

Even a person of steady discernment is overwhelmed by the mind's sensuality (madness of the senses) inspite of his comittment to equanimity.

. When all conditionings stand regulated and all disorders are utterly ceased one gets integrated and established in "no-mind" (Krishna). When senses are in order i.e. functioning holistically without any sensual contamination, then the wisdom/awareness is steady.

From contact arises fascination/ imagery/ desire for an object and then the craving is generated.
And then inevitably one gets into frustration and resentment.

From resentment comes the cover of illusion and therefrom arises disturbance in perception. And then one gets de-linked from intelligence and thereafter happens the inevitable fall from Grace.

Self in energy i.e. subtle individual uniqueness in total order (not divisive gross ego-centre which is in disorder) implies self in natural state — the state of freedom and not of conditioning. In such a situation one slips into a state of benediction. And this is possible only when senses function in absolute equanimity during their contact with objects. In evenmindedness only, senses function in natural state and their conversion into sensuality and the consequent craving (which is the root cause of sorrow) can be avoided.

In the benedictory state of pure sensory perceptions, all dukkha (sorrow) gets wiped out. And one surely gets established in wholeness; in tune with the happy and merry state of intelligence.

66. Peace cannot be with one who is de-linked from intelligence and awareness. And lack of peace implies lack of happiness i.e. disharmony with wholeness of life.

The mind that is in the grip of sensuality gets lost to intelligence/"no-mind"/wisdom and thus goes into turmoil like a boat in gale wind.

. A person in whom senses are functioning naturally for the purpose for which they are meant, he finds himself in an allround detachment (freedom) and thus his wisdom gets settled.

One in whom all conditionings are in a regulated state, he remains wakeful in activated awareness; whereas others are found in the darkness of conditoned reflexes. And when others seem to enjoy their sensual pursuits, the wise perceives this state as darkness.

. One who wants sensual pleasures can not know peace. But one, in whom wishes and desires naturally arise and vanish (in a state of let-go), knows peace and remains undisturbed — just as the ocean is not affected by the rivers flowing and vanishing into it.

One who lives in a state of detachment and I-less-ness , he inevitably enters into the kingdom of peace and tranquility.

. Mankind remains bewildered because this Brahmi-Stithi (state of unitive awakendness) remains unachieved. But even at the end of one's life, if one emerges into this state; one does pass on to irreversible supreme liberation.


Nimis, Italy, April 17th 1999

Patanjali Essence (Sutra 1, 2, 3 and last one)

1st Sutra

Now the discipline of Yoga begins.
 The word “discipline” comes from the word “disciple”. A disciples learns and for learning in matters spiritual, a lot of un-learning or de-conditioning is necessary. Thus, this sutra is an invitation for the process of deconditioning.

2nd Sutra

Ending of the habits and compulsions of the mind is Yoga (Integration).
 Integration of mind (separative consciousness) with another dimension which is not of the mind (unitive awareness) is possible only when the machinations, myths, mischiefs, maladies and mania of the mind utterly cease. There is no other way out.

3rd Sutra

An exposure to the other dimension establishes one in one’s natural state.
 Following the integration, emerges a re-orientation in living wherein manifests the natural state in which the body receives instructions only from glands and chakras. Mind or thought does not interfere as an interloper giving rise to psycho-somatic problems, pursuits and paradoxes.

Last Sutra

Zeroing of the personality sets up a process in which one finds himself in a virtuous circle, the climax whereof is the eternal establishment of the natural state wherein one exists in harmony with the Intelligent Energy. Fullpoint.
 Personality (Ego), the noun, must end for the holy process, the verb, to begin. And it ultimately explodes in the eternal emergence of the natural state which is in link with an energy that understands. No further movement of the mind.

Berlin, Germany, May 14th 1999

Mind is the garbage of beliefs and disbeliefs. ‘No-mind’ is the God of perception and Understanding. Mind can not understand. It only makes concepts and conjectures. Emotional excitement can never find enlightened energy. Former belongs to mind and the latter belongs to “no-mind”. There is no such thing as free will. There is either freedom (no-mind) or will (mind) which is bondage. Surrender is a process of ‘no-mind’, of being , of understanding. It is pure action. Surrender shines. Subservience is the profane activity of the mind, of becoming, of blind following. Subservience stinks. Mind functions through fantasies. You usher into ‘no-mind’, when you deny fantasies to mind. Mind is healthy when it functions in technical area. In the area of fantasies, it is full of disease and maladies. Spirituality is not flight into fantasies. A life of meditation (Kriya) is a life in which the self-centred activities of the mind are not. One can live such a life every moment, every day, in spite of the morbid narrowness, cunning exploitation, subtle brutalities and stupid fantasies of the human mind.
The state of experiencing (even-minded mindfulness) is the most important state - not what is being experienced.

Lohmar, Germany, May 18th 1999

Upanishad - essence

Unless there happens the glimpse of the otherness, there is no way one can come out of the cycle of birth and death. There is no other way, no other way, no other way.

There is a strange benevolent energy with a tremendous brightness of understanding which encompasses every minute thing in the universe. Unless there is an awakening to this fact , one can not come out of the cycle of birth and death. There is no other way, no other way, no other way.

The unknown can never be known within the dimension of the apparatus (mind) one has got. Unless this fact hits one like a jolt of lightening , one can not stop one’s ego-trips and can not come out of the cycle of birth and death. There is no other way, no other way, no other way.

Berlin, Germany, May 23th 1999

Whit Sunday-Message

We don’t face the fact. We always tend to escape from the fact by creating an idea of non fact. That is the root cause of our paradoxes and pollution of the mind. For example, if I have fear; I don’t want to face the fact of fear. I instantly create an idea of nonfear according to Bible, Gita or Koran, and then I get involved in this idea according to my conditioning as Hindu, Christian or Moslem. This entanglement with the idea is a trick and mischief played by the mind. This is the basic self - protective mechanism of mind. The separative consciousness (mind) is sustained by getting involved with an idea and thus escaping from the fact. That is why we are never liberated, but we get into more and more bondage; because mind is bondage. But if we can directly attend to the fear, if we can face the fact; then a miracle happens by the natural law. We find that the fear has vanished and a tremendous courage has touched us and this courage will never be allowed to be touched by any temple, mosque or church; because it is not convenient to priests, they want us to be in fear. That keeps them in business. But a mind crippled by fear is not a religious mind. The cultivated courage as the opposite of fear is more morbid fear. This opposite is the breeding ground of terrorism. Freedom from fear is the freedom from mind and the emergence of “no-mind”. This is the real miracle - and not the propagated miracles (Pious lies) of the religious books. The miracle is to have the freedom from the known , in spite of the existence of the known.

Berlin, Germany, May 24th 1999

Whit - Monday - Message

Sexuality in itself is not something negative that must be condemned or overcome. It is only one aspect of life and must, therefore, not dominate one’s life. Sexuality need not be degenerated into an outlet for lust, let it be an expression for love and divine intelligence. Let there be a middle path - between aimless lust and tormenting asceticism.

Sexuality is a tender flower. It has to be nurtured and cherished. If it is let loose, it is stupid dissipation of energy and to suppress it brutally is to destroy something delicate and beautiful. Let it discover itself and unfold - neither denying it, nor succumbing to it. To love is the greatest thing of all, for in it there is the complete abandonment of oneself. To love is to be aware of eternity. Love is the excellence of intelligence. To love is to be in “no-mind”.

Berlin, Germany, May 26th 1999

At the residence of Magdalena who lives amidst dying processes.

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a wonder to be lived through. Mind makes problems out of the flow of life to maintain itself. Mind preserves itself through problems. It attempts to convert every situation into a problem for its perpetuation.

Mind vanishes into “no-mind” when it is starved of problems. Live through all mysteries of life with an art of wonder and a joy of innocence.

Frankfurt, Germany, June 6th 1999

Can there be a desire/discontentment without any object/reason? Then there is no subject /the I-ness either. That is a breakthrough. And only then, there is the possibility to have an exposure to the dimension which is not of the mind - the sacred insight!

Reality is existence and not an experience. Experiences are valid and of value, only in technical/worldly matters. In matters spiritual, experiences/visions will make you mentally invalid/diseased. 
Perception of existence is not elation of experience. Experience is cognition and all cognitions are contaminations from conditioned reflexes.

Examine and look into your beliefs and experiences. See the unabated tendency of thought to give itself continuity. Experience is not reality. It is ephemeral. Reality is eternal. Reality is energy in space which also understands! That space is right within you. Decontaminate that space from the things of the thought before the body drops dead. Look without spectatorship. Freedom from mind/time is the greatest enlightenment.

Shakti - Chiti - Iti

Radhe - Govind – Jai

London, June 17th 1999

Experience is the death of the perception of that incommunicable mystery which is referred to as ‘love’, ‘reality’, ‘existence’, ‘eternal’, ‘divine’, ‘bliss’, ‘sacredness’, ‘the unnamable’ and so on.
Perhaps you may come upon that mystery if you understand and practice what was made known to you through the human body called Lahiri Mahasaya and which is still being told by his blood cells and bone marrow throughout the world, year in and year out. You must discover it by and for yourself. Nobody can reveal this mystery to you, and nothing can destroy it.

Sofia, Bulgaria, June 30th 1999

Satsang implies getting together to have a dialogue by virtue of which the truth about the movements of mind is gradually revealed, although the word "Satsang" generally means a collection of mediocrities for entertainment through prayers , bhajans and kirtans or for excitement through pursuits of theories, postulates and beliefs. The full meaning of mediocrity is a dull heavy brain drugged by knowledge. But Satsang demands the highest quality in thinking and the highest capacity of a free brain held in wisdom. 

The dialogue in a Satsang is a form of communication in which question and answer continue till an intelligent question remains without an answer. That is the beginning of an explosion into enlightenment. 

Your questions unfortunately arise only from the field of answers already known to you through your heavy conditioning. You ask questions only to consolidate your "answers." This is making you further conditioned and neurotic. But when a profound question remains suspended, then a real miracle (not heavenly voice, divine vision, perfuming saint etc.) happens, because the question is left totally untouched by thought - just as a bud is left untouched for blossoming. Then the question has its own answer, because the questioner and the answerer as personalities have disappeared. An immeasurable and un-nameable process has thus begun. 
Try this "no-method" of problem-solving and blast into the bliss and benediction of "no-mind."

Jai Rishi Lineage of Lahiri Mahashay

Wijchen, Netherlands, July 16th 1999



Tapah-swadhyaya-isvarapranidhanani kriya yogah. (Patanjali)

Kriya-Yoga is a movement from swadhyaya (study of the ways of self) to isvarapranidhan (perception of the wholeness) through tapas (kriya-practice). A Kriya Yogi is established in natural state and is thus released from the stranglehold of the myths, mischiefs and maladies of the mind. It is also the Astanga Yoga in the effortless form.

Astanga Yoga

Astanga means eight aspects. Yoga means integration. Astanga Yoga indicates eight aspects of integrated living wherein all conflicting compulsions of mind (separative conscoiusness) have come to an end.

I. Yama: root meaning = regulations (Five Yamas):
Two of the mouth: 1. No speaking lies 2. No addiction.

Two of the hands: 1. No stealing 2. No violence.

One of that place: 1. No sexual misconduct.

II. Niyama: root meaning = rules (Five Niyamas):
1. Soucha (cleanliness).

2. Santosha (contentment).

3. Dama (simplicity/austerity).

4. Daana (charity/doing something for nothing).
5. Daya (compassion).

III. Asana: root meaning = seat. Sit in stillness/seclusion.

IV. Pranayama: regulation of breath/mind.
Consequence of Pranayama (ending of ideas i.e. emergence of insight):

V. Pratyahara: (12 x 1) Ending of habits and hang-ups, i.e. emergence of holistic and healthy living.

VI. Dharana: (12 x 12= 144) Beginning of the process of occasional pauses of separative/divisive movements in consciousness.

VII. Dhyana: (12 x 12 x 12 = 1728) Contemplative awakendness i.e. meditation without meditator.

VIII. Samadhi: (12 x 12 x 12 x 12= 20736) Root meaning is Evenminded mindfulness: Sabikalpa (occasional), Nirbikalpa (perpetual). Deeper implication is delving deep into that dimension of existence (not experience) when stimulus and response become one unitary movement.

Enlightenment into the mystery of existence is an instancy and thus is not of time, although it happens in course of time as the climax of the Kriya process of clarity in thinking, charity in feeling and chastity in behaviour.
The explosion into enlightenment is not because of the Yoga process, but in spite of it! Yoga is perhaps most conducive to the explosion which is acausal i.e. not to be trapped into the petty chain of cause and effect. IT IS THE GRACE SUPREME.


Amsterdam, Holland, July 19th 1999

Listen to the loaded phrases being expressed through the lineage which communicate much more than the spoken words. Contemplate on phrases like “separative consciousness”, “unitive awareness”, “perception”,“conceptualization”, “existence”, “experience”, “ideas”, “insight” , “knowledge”, “wisdom”, “mind”, “no-mind”, “I-ness”, “you-ness”, “mindlessness”, “discontinuity in thought”, “choicelessness”, “guest-like attitude”, “ witness-like attitude”, “attitude of ending and not cultivating opposites”, “learning and not just borrowing beliefs”, “intellect”, “intelligence”, “centripetal process”, “centrifugal process”, “meditation without meditator”, “deconditioning”, “concentration”, “ focussing yet being aware of the whole”, “aloneness”, “loneliness”, “etic truth”, “emic truth” and so on.

You hear all this and more during pre-initiation gatherings, initiation-ceremonies, review meetings in various contexts and situations, but you soon forget. Please don’t forget. Hold on to these phrases in every activity and relationship. Carry them like jewels. There is something very special about this holding, which is not obsession or inhibition. It is not settling down to convenient concepts/ideas. These are not dead things of a mediocre brain. It is a very live-process. Absorb these phrases in your blood and touch the most sacred through Kriya practice.

Washington DC, August 26th 1999

Kriya Yoga: the science of inner being and experience requires no beliefs
To be available to seductive forces of the spiritual and religious market and to assume that you are very special and religious, is to live as a chaos, a crowd. Kriya Yoga invites you to be a harmony, an integration, i.e., to be released from the stranglehold of the centrifugal activities of the mind. A crystallization is needed, a centripetalling is essential. And unless the centripetal movement begins, all that you do is utterly useless. It is wasting your life and time. Only a person in centripetal journey can be blissful.

Why do you need stories, beliefs, fantasies, illusions, lies for your living? Why are your so-called truths nothing but beautiful lies, high-sounding phrases, holy concepts of the petty mind?

Kriya Yoga is experimental and existential. No belief is needed. What is needed is the courage to experience that which is not projected and promoted by belief! What is needed is the mutation which is not manipulated by mind!

Kriya Yoga is the science of inner being. This science has to be understood and practiced. Only then, there can be freedom from ache, agony, and agitation. It is not necessary to confer imaginary titles (Paramahansa, Avatar, this Ananda and that Ananda, this Giri or that Giri) on yogies and expect fulfilment of your selfish cravings through them. A yogi is the scientist of the energy of pure understanding, of 'no-mind'. Will you call Max Planck as Paramahansa Max Planck or Einstein as Avatar Einstein? Let Lahiri Mahashay remain just Lahiri Mahashay as he was perhaps the greatest scientist of centripetal action of perception.


Albuquerque New Mexico, September 9th 1999

The destination of Kriya Yoga is deep religiousness emerging from “Laya” (vanishing) of the mind i.e. embracing the religion of the “no-mind” or the new mind wherein the negativities of the mind have been negated. However, before embarking upon this profound religion (Sat-Chit-Ananda) which is mentioned briefly at the bottom of the First Kriya paper as Laya Yoga Teachings, it may be worthwhile to reflect upon the four kinds of religion of the mind as we should start from where we are.

First is the product of ignorance
Ego does not accept its ignorance. Hence it asserts aggressively that whatever it knows, is the final and the highest. This breeds fanaticism, fundamentalism and all the blood-shed in the name of religion. Perhaps more blood has been shed in the name of religion than in any other name. This “religion” says that even war can be religious —the holy war, crusade, Jihad! If war is holy, then what is unholy? This perverted religion of the mind has destroyed man’s integrity by turning him against the wholeness of life, by provoking him to destroy life. Belief-systems of this religion of the mind are mere strategies to deceive mankind and to keep man perpetually miserable.

Second is the product of fear

All kinds of fear and guilt are introduced through myths, stories and surmises. Man is here only to be punished, to repent for “Original Sin”. The idea of hell is the final fear!

Third is the product of greed

All kinds of fancy, fantasy, expectation, hope, ambition, cravings, and greed are generated to promote this kind of religion of the mind to keep man always in agitation and disturbance. The concept of heaven is the ultimate greed.

Fourth is the product of theology

All the thesis, anti-thesis, synthesis, all controversies and contradictions, all assertions and denials, all holy concepts and high-sounding phrases, all productions and postulates of the mind are nothing but pigs’ droppings.

There is no truth in all the above stated four kinds of religion of the mind.

Now let us try to understand the religion of “no-mind” in its three dimensions. This religiousness is only one, having three integral aspects. This deep religiousness removes all dark emotions and sentiments in the name of religion which are sick, ugly and nauseating. Mind corrupts you, “no-mind” (not mindlessness) corrects you. You can misuse mind, but not “no-mind”. This religion of “no-mind” is the science of deprogramming your mind. It needs no prophets, saviors, popes, avatars, paramhansas, mahamandaleshwars,etc. Energy of understanding and intelligence is enough. Mind provides information, “no-mind” provokes transformation.

First dimension for the religiousness of “no-mind”

Sat—pure living—Atithi Bhava. that is to live with an attitude of a guest. We are all guests. No body is a permanent resident of this world. A guest lives without attachment, but with all sense of proportion. He does not cause any disorder in the living quality of life.

Second dimension for the religiousness of “no-mind”

Chit—pure consciousness—Sakshi Bhava. That is to exist as an witness, without choice, without converting the consciousness into a battleground of competing thoughts. An awareness in which equanimity is never compromised.

Third dimension for the religiousness of “no-mind”

Anand—pure joy (not pleasure)—Samapti Bhava. That is to have the emphasis on ending and not get caught into the trap of the cultivation of opposites. The cultivated opposite of evil is not goodness. It is cunning calculation of the mind. Goodness flowers when the evil is utterly ceased. When sorrow due to selfish cravings and wantings comes to an end as a consequence of the “no-mind” phenomenon, the bliss of anand is.

Meditate on the above basic teachings of Laya Yoga which are shared during the proceedings of the Kriya Yoga Initiation for the first stage and try to understand the simple and straight forward message from the supreme house-holder yogi and do not get confused by the phoney baloneys of the spiritual market which are peddled as sayings of Lahiri Mahashay. Lahiri Mahashay did not visit this planet to keep you amused in poor and paralyzing consolations but to break the mental prison. Understand and practice Kriya Yoga, you are bound to find that what Lao Tzu and Lahiri Mahashay had found in Laya (no-mind).

New Orleans, U.S.A., September 28th 1999

Seeing, not with experience but out of emptiness, is the awareness wherein no agitation is possible as there is the absence of choice or classification into pleasant and unpleasant. This is meditation.

Then there is the silent advent of the Sacredness with an immeasurable benediction. It is miraculously new each time although it is perhaps the same every time! It is immensely strong and powerful despite its tremendous vulnerability. It is the strange strength of a blade of grass which can smilingly withstand a casual death. It comes with fullness and goes in a flash, but then that moment is beyond all time and death.

The petty mind shattering against its own nothingness is the explosion of Omkar in Yoni-Mudra, which is the commencement of true meditation and divine intoxication.

Meditation is the destruction of thought and not indulgence in thought caught in its own intricacies & inhibitions, its visions, & vanities, its pursuits & paradoxes.

A simple example of awareness without experience:

When one is indeed mature enough to understand that flattery and insult are movements of human mind’s vanity and selfishness, no flattery or insult can have any effect on him or her. He or she will not experience any flattery or insult, although one would be aware of such movements happening around.

Maturity belongs to an area which is not of the mind. Mind is always immature. Mind can never experience the most sacred, because all experiences are profane. The very fact of experiencing is enough proof that it is not real. It is just a milestone to be crossed over.

The journey must be continued. Never settle down to a stale and stagnant judgment. Blessed are those unique human beings (not ego-personalities), who get exposed to supreme bliss of the divine.

Jai Kriya-Yoga

Melbourne, Australia, October 30th 1999

Resurrection is arising in life from the death and destruction caused by thought and its notorious network. Then there is the tremendous living organism (the body), with a profound intelligence of its own. Then there is the thrilling throb, the beat and the pulse of life with a benediction, beauty and bliss beyond all your bogus beliefs and bigotry; beyond all your petty stories, surmises, suppositions, speculations and superstitions. This Resurrection is indeed the Lahiri Mahashay melody of Kriya Yoga. Please understand this and stop shopping around in the spiritual market. Exist like a flower — a living expression of the Immeasurable, Un-nameable, and Un-knowable.

Be in quest and not with useless questions. Do not sink into the mire of theological questions and answers generated by spiritual charlatans and religious mafias. To be in quest is to be in Intelligence and Awareness outside separative consciousness and to be with questions is to be in the mischiefs and mania of the mind. Quest is action, questioning is activity, i.e., reaction. All your experiences, religious or otherwise, are the basic cause of your dukkha (sorrow). Real looking destroys the continuity of thought and you are relieved for a while from all your experiences and "you-ness". That is the "after-state poise" of Lahiri Kriya and that is the freedom from the sham of the organised mental pollution of marketed yoga.

For God's sake, please come out of the paralysing consolations and gratifications that you derive from the mental concepts of God and other illusions.

Kriya Yoga is not so much a doing — it is more a way of Undoing! Kriya is gathering of energy to explode into "what is" and not to escape into "what should be".

Long live Lahiri-Lore

QUANTAS flight on board from Adelaide (Australia)
to Singapore, November 13, 1999

Mudras are natural expressions - not for conforming and becoming, 
nor for boasting and bragging.

Let living and perception be life-oriented, ‘what is’-oriented; not book-oriented, nor quotation-oriented. Not even logic-oriented as logic may be derived from a particular point of view arising from vanity and vested interest whereas veracity has no fixed abode, it is intensely dynamic.

‘Khechari’ implies an awakenedness emerging out of a total evacuation of the inputs and investments of the mind leading to the highest intelligence of no-mind. No-mind is not the mindlessness of an imbecile. ‘Khe’ means ‘Akash’ i.e. sky or void and ‘Chari’ means moving. That is why a bird is called ‘Khechar’ in Sanskrit.

Mudra happens by virtue of body-intelligence when thought unleashes its stranglehold on the body. Then the mind with its myths and mania utterly ceases. And the ‘Most Sacred’ gestures through various mudras. Mudra is not to be imitated or exhibited for ego-gratification and glorification. To boast about ‘spiritual’ knowledge and to flaunt ‘spiritual’ status by adopting labels and titles, is the ultimate vulgarity of a petty mind.

Different expressions (mudras) naturally happened when Buddha, Ramkrishna, Sant Tukaram, Raman Maharshi and others exploded into bliss. By imitating those mudras, no one would get a glimpse of the state of awareness in which these stalwarts existed. When someone is afraid, he or she runs. So running can be called an expression i.e. mudra for fear. That does not imply that all those who run, do so because of fear.

Frogs hibernate under water by erecting their tongue like Khechari Mudra. Therefore, be aware of the promoters of frog-consciousness of the spiritual market. Be in unitive awareness when stimulus and response become one unitary movement, totally preventing conversion of sensory perceptions into mundane sensuality. Remain awake to prevent degeneration of the bliss of existence into a burden of experience.

Jai Shyamacharan-Tinkori-Satyacharan

Durban, South Africa, December 15, 1999

The main purpose of Kriya Yoga is to be in natural state ("Sahajavastha" of Vedanta, "Swarupe Avasthanam" of Patanjali, "Swadharma" of Gita and "Parabastha" of Lahiri Mahashay). Yoga means integration between mind and life, between mundane and the most sacred, between the divine imminent and the divine transcendent, between the holy and the humdrum, between the separative consciousness generated by the constant churning of thought and an unitive awareness in which stimulus and response become one unitary movement.

In the natural state this living organism, this body is instructed by glands and chakras. Thought does not interfere as an interloper and create all kinds of psychosomatic problems and pursuits, all kinds of paradoxes, perplexities and predicaments. The body is then released from the stranglehold of the imaginations of the mind. The mind with its protective mechanism has a tremendous grip on the body which destroys the living quality of life. That is why the mind is called separative-consciousness, a consciousness in which you get separated and de-linked from the harmony with the wholeness of existence.

To loosen the stranglehold of thought is the beginning of enlightenment. Thought, in the natural state of the body, is discontinuous. It comes into being only when there is a stimulus or necessity. It then generates an adequate response with excellence and perfection. Ego does not sabotage the response through vanity and vested interests. Veracity comes to the forefront, not the vulgarity of self-centered activities of the mind. This is KRIYA YOGA - not the cravings for grandisement, glorification and gratification in the name of Kriya Yoga.

Knowing, not believing, is the discipline of Kriya Yoga and love is its fulfilment. Kriya Yoga is the courage to surrender oneself, the courage to annihilate the pride, the courage to become a void. He who is willing to disappear attains fulfilment....he who is willing to die achieves life.

Jai Eternal Wisdom of India.


Monday, February 7, 2000

New Millenium Message from son Ujjwal Lahiri's residence at Indore (India).

Root cause of ache and agony is:

1) Beliefs have made inroads in the area of the unknown and un-namable.
2) Burden of experience has become more important than the bliss of emptiness. 

3) Images interfere in relationships 

4) Subjective entity's (ego's) insistence to be predominant over the state of existence.

Ten Basic Disciplines:

1) Don't believe in anything easily. Examine your beliefs and experiences critically through insight into the real nature of the beliefs and experiences and not through interpretations from the garbage of scriptures, authorities and published materials. Please understand that
a) belief is a disturbance, understanding is divine.
b) Belief generates cravings, understanding bring calmness.
c) belief is agitation, understanding is awareness.
d) belief is bigotry and battle, understanding is bliss and benediction.

2) Don't propagate your faith asserting that it is the best and the last word. Find out if your faith can reduce conflict in yourself, in your family, in your society, in your country and also among nations. Don't convert your faith into a fetter, make it an instrument of freedom.

3) Don't escape from the actuality of the myths, mischiefs and maladies of the mind through centrifugal activities, but face mind through centripetal perception and pondering, and thus generate transformation to end violence of the mind in every form.

4) Don't convert sensory perceptions into sensuality through choices, classifications, cravings and opposites. Remain in even-minded mindfullness.

5) Use information and knowledge for practical purposes only. Don't have any psychological investment in any information. Don't get involved, don't indulge, don't be influenced or inhibited by information. Freedom from information inspite of the existence of the information is the redeeming feature of the human brain, which is not possible in a computer. Information without transformation is gossip.

6) Don't ask meaning out of life. The wholeness of life exists so beautifully, just because it has no meaning whatsoever. If you ask for a meaning, you will ask for suicides and murders. Mind, in the vane and vulgar pursuit of meaning of life, provokes itself into the culture of killing and being killed for the hokum fantasies of religious beliefs and other phony ideals. Mind, which is ephemeral, tries to be permanent through invention and imagination of meaning; whereas life exists in procreation, survival and dissolution symbolised by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

7) Dig deep only at one place in your field. Only then you will strike water. If you go on digging at several places without depth, you will merely spoil your field and can never reach the water level.

8) Don't use Guru only for mental gratification, then guru is only a teacher. Ask him to touch your life, then guru is love. Allow yourself to total compatibility; then guru is the ground, the sacred soil of existence. And that is God.

9) Remember the rot of recycling and repetition of birth and death. Drop out of the wheel of samsar inspite of your confinement in it. This is real sanyas, not merely the costume.

10) Be meditative. Meditate on anything that appeals to you. Meditate on your distractions also. Meditative existence is not the movement of experience. Practice without perception is profane.

Much love to all Kriyabans

Shibendu Lahiri

February 16, 2000

Message from the famous Sri Krishna Temple

(in a place called Guruvayur) of Kerala, South India.

Silence may be yet another thought, merely an opposite of agitation. When both agitation and silence are rejected, one comes upon the real silence, which is beyond the reach of the so-called ‘Spiritual Seekers’, who keep collecting systems and techniques for ‘enlightenment’.

Both unhappiness and happiness as experience must disappear for the real happiness which is not available to the crowd of ‘seekers’ loitering in the spiritual market.

The door through which stress and strain, tension and turmoil enter in yourself due to your living style, due to your ambition and fear - is also the door of exit. Please see this at the outset without loosing the energy of understanding through various systems. There is no doing or non-doing which can lead to the divine. Doer must die for the divinity to be. Ego-trips, however subtle, are trips in the wrong direction. No-mind is the essence.

Without the understanding of the ways of the self, the vain search and indulgence in ‘techniques’ will ultimately lead you to the cigarette smoking mental polluter who has unleashed paranoid centrifugal forces with unabated propaganda activities in the name of Lahiri Mahashay to hook, book and cook simple hearted, sentimental and credulous people. He claims that father asking the son to continue the lineage is not true and he is the only ‘authorised’. This shallow mind has deified Lahiri Mahashay and has thus confined a sacred spiritual process into a petty personality. Lahiri family remains dismayed and disgusted by his activities.

Be aware of those operators of the spiritual market whose fibre of understanding has been damaged by the fragmentation caused by their vanity and vulgarity of self promoting activities.


Ghaziabad, December 16, 2006

A message from a disciple in the energy of Understanding.

The Shishya Process - Surrender

“Shishya” is the Sanskrit word for disciple. The shishya process is the process of surrender – of let-go.

Surrender is not a result of any intellectual activity. Surrender is emptying without an emptier; the emptying of mental pollutions for the filling of the Universal Intelligence. Like a vacuum chamber being flooded with air when opened, the no-mind state of Surrender is an immediate invitation to the Universal Intelligence to flood it, which it does by its Grace.

There is no question of “thinking” or “trying” to understand this as all thought is an activity of the mind and the result of some form of ego trip or other. Intellectual ‘understanding’ of matters spiritual is the biggest of all ego trips because this is not a hunt for money or wealth or power. This is a hunt for God!

That is why our Guru calls the Energy of Understanding a “BLAST”. Like a bomb blast it happens unexpectedly catching both the body and mind unawares. Like a blast, this true Understanding destroys the “you” ness in you - instantly vaporizing it.

And after the blast the intellect converts the understanding into thoughts and words. It looks at this new understanding and is filled with wonder at what has happened! It is like a fresh cool breeze that soothes a hot body in Indian summer heat. The mind is therefore thrilled!
But the nature of the mind, the pollutant, is to perpetuate itself and it cannot enjoy this new freedom for long. So it now says “Ah! What a wonderful thought I have thought”. It has already forgotten the freshness and freedom of the blast and is busy converting the holy knowing into a most un-holy knowledge. The mind is, like a thief, trying to claim ownership of a holy knowing that can never be its own and can only be givenby the Universal Intelligence through its Grace.
Stupid, Pathetic mind! And how can mind be intelligent, because intelligence is wakefulness and the mind is asleep. The “I” ness is so caught up in itself and its efforts to maintain continuity that it is completely unaware of what is and is always forming concepts of what should be – and the what should be is always something that will gratify this “I” in one way or other and will function as protective mechanism of the ''I'. The stupid “I” is even unaware of its own machinations.

The height and depth of the stupidity of the mind can be seen in the working that took place in the mind of this disciple when the Guru told him to write Message 21. The Guru was addressing the shishya process, the surrender in the body of the disciple. But what happened immediately was that the stupid mind of the disciple hijacked the order of the Guru and took it upon itself to fulfill it, with concurrent thoughts such as “Ah! Now even the Guru thinks “I” am in Surrender!!” Can this stupidity be SEEN (without any See–er)? This mind, this ego, is the enemy.

And the most amazing thing is that this enemy is actually non-existent. It is a fictitious outcome of the obscurity and darkness of duality in the network of the contents of human consciousness. There is nothing to be done about it because any action will only further strengthen this myth.

But if there is complete awareness without division (watching without watcher) of this fact then freedom happens. Mere awareness of this ‘mischief’, as the Guru calls it, is enough to get rid of it.

Thus, when blasts of Understanding that happened in the Guru’s body are shared through verbal expressions such as the Messages of the Guru, it is not for any intellectual attempt to understand! Messages can be “read” a thousand times and nothing will happen if there is conceptualization, comparison, conclusions etc. going on concurrently.

In the dimension wherein duality is fiction, trying is travesty. When this comprehension fills the consciousness completely without any corruption whatsoever, then there is the supreme surrender without any surreptitious sabotage by the ''I''. With trying nothing will ever happen. Because the activity of ‘trying’ is also the trier and the trier (the “I” ness) has no intention of ending and is merely maneuvering itself into a new position of comfort to give itself continuity.

The “I” will never surrender. “I” can never be a Shishya.

A Shishya is the “No-‘I’” Process.

It is the process of Surrender that also happens. When there is listening without any listener (No conversion of words into concepts or thoughts – just Listening); and then perhaps the blast happens - just like that - in the body reading the Message. Such a Listening is the Guru.
Listening is also the Shishya – Surrender. Then the duality between Guru and Shishya is demolished for ''Chidananda Rupa Shivoham Shivoham'' to be.

If Surrender does not happen, if listening does not happen, if the filth filling the ego-center prevents penetration of the Universal Intelligence, then the Guru says keep doing the Kriyas with Swadhyay. Do pranayam in non-doership. This may perhaps still the rat-like mind and perhaps the process of the Shishya may happen.

There is nothing to be done – just be.
There is no other way, there is no other way.
Nanyaha Pantha Vidyate Ayanaya

Nanyaha Pantha Vidyate Ayanaya

Jai Surrender, Jai Intelligence

Jai Hanuman, Jai Shri Ram

Jai Shishya, Jai Guru

Schweibenalp, Switzerland, 23 May 2000

Experiences are just milestones toward the emptiness, the existence, the energy, the supreme intelligence. One may write down such passing phases towards one’s emancipation into eternity, in private diaries to release oneself from the burden of memory i.e. mind. To publish such experiences in order to project Lahiri Mahashay as enlightened or God-like is the mistake and mischief committed due to lack of understanding on the part of someone who is more interested in self-promotion and not in self-realization. All experiences are conditioned reflexes derived from cultural and traditional inputs. An enlightened person is essentially an empty person with a tremendous energy of understanding, but without the excess baggage of a particular belief system which is the source of all cultism and confusion, all sectarian activities and seductive forces. That is why Lahiri Mahashay chanted:

Aamaar Puja Sristi Chaaraa

Ete neiko Ganga Jauler chaura

Ete neiko aachhe Kosha Kushi

Neiko phuler Rashi Rashi

Saub Debota Gyalo Choli

Sunyer Saathe Kola Kuli.

My worship is of a very strange kind.

In this Ganga water is not required.

No special utensils are necessary.

Even flowers are redundant.

In this puja all gods have disappeared.

And emptiness has emerged with euphoria.

But this was not emphasized by the power-seeker who flaunts Lahiri experiences to project Kriya Yoga as ultimate pleasure and uninterrupted gratification. Through the description and interpretation of these experiences, Godhood has been imposed on Lahiri Mahashay so that petty, greedy and timid minds can derive quick solace and comfort for security and success. Kriya Yoga is the knowledge for liberation and not the knowledge for power, success and gratification. Freedom from the stranglehold of mind and its experiences is the greatest enlightenment. Mind and experiences are valid only in matters mundane and technical. When Buddha was asked – what happens after enlightenment? He replied – nothing! But his followers felt that this truth cannot be organised. So they said – a beautiful ecstatic state and this and that. And thus they exploited the basic greed of human mind to propagate “Buddhism”. Buddha was not Buddhist; but his followers, of course, are!

Even a wrong step towards the divine is not wasted, provided it is in the right direction i.e. the direction of no-egotrip in any form. Kriya Yoga is something that you do, but meditation is something that you are. Doing meditation is denying the spontaneous meditative process. Kriya is done to be available to meditation as Kriya sets you free from the protective mechanism of the mind. True Kriyas, which blast your mind, can be learnt from him who has experienced that blast without an experiencer. The best example of this process is deep sleep. When you wake up; you are refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated. You feel you were perhaps very happy, but there was no experiencer of that happiness.

Lahiri Mahashay’s message was not he, nor his miracles, nor his experiences. These are of no consequences so far as your pain and suffering is concerned. His message was you. Look at yourself, at the ingredients and investments of your “youness”, your ambitions and frustrations. Start a centripetal journey into insight through pondering, practice and perception of the wholeness. (Swadhyaya, Tapas and Ishvarapranidhan).

Help in dispelling the dark forces trying to dilute and destroy the energy which is essential in understanding the Lahiri process. Be life-oriented – not book-oriented, not quotation-oriented nor campaign-oriented.

Jai Satguru Lahiri Mahashay

Schweibenalp (Switzerland), 24 May 2000

Nirvana Satakam - Spirit of Nirvana Satakam
That is, six verses for nirvana or liberation.

Mano buddha hankara chittani naaham

Nacha shrotra jivhe nacha ghrana netre.

Nacha byoma bhumi natejo navayu

Chidananda rupa shivoham shivoham. (1)

I have no name

I am as fresh breeze of the mountains.

I have no shelter,

I am as the wandering waters.

I have no sanctuary,

Like the dark gods.

Nor am I in the shadow of deep temples.

I have no sacred books,

Nor am I well seasoned in tradition.

Nacha pranasangyo Naboi panchavayur

Naba saptadhatur Naba Panchakoshah.

Nabaak panipadam Nacho pasthapayu

Chidananda rupa shivoham shivoham. (2)

I am not in the incense mounting on high altars,

Nor in the pomp of ceremonies.

I am neither in the graven image

Nor in the rich chant of a melodious voice.

I am not bound by theories

Nor corrupted by beliefs.

I am not held in the bondage of religions.

Nor in the pious agony of their priests.

Naumey dwesha ragou naumey lobhamohau

Mado naibo menaibo matsaryabhava.

Nadharmo nachartho nakamo namokshas

Chidananda rupa shivoham shivoham. (3)

I am not entrapped by philosophies

Nor held in the power of their sects.

I am neither low nor high,

I am not the worshipper nor the worshipped.

I am free.

My song is the song of the river

Calling for the open seas,
Wandering, wandering.

I am life.

Napunyam Napaapam Nasoukhyam Nadukkham

Namantro Natirtham Naveda Nayagnyah.

Aham bhojanam naibo bhojyam nabhokta

Chidananda rupa shivoham shivoham. (4)

Life has no philosophy

No cunning system of thought.

Life has no religion

No adorations in deep sanctuaries.

Life has no god

Nor the burden of fearsome mystery.

Namrityur nashanka naumey Jatibhedah

Pitanaibo menaibo matano Janma.

Nabandhur namitram Gururnaibo shisyas

Chidananda rupa shivoham shivoham. (5)

Life has no abode,
Nor the aching sorrow of ultimate decay.

Life has no pleasure, no pain,

Nor the corruption of pursuing love.

Life is neither good or evil,

Nor the dark punishment of careless sin.

Ahamnirbikalpo nirakararupo

Bibhutachya sarvatra sarvendriyanam.

Nachaasangatam naibo muktir nameya

Chidananda rupa shivoham shivoham. (6)

Life gives no comfort

Nor does it rest on the shrine of oblivion.

Life is neither spirit nor matter,

Nor is there the cruel division of action and inaction.

Life has no death,

Nor has it the void of loneliness in the shadow of time.

Free is the man who lives in the eternal.

For life is.

Extraordinary concentration of total energy takes place when mind is freed from pursuits and paradoxes. Realise Kriya Yoga without mental pollutions.

Jai Kriya Yoga

London, June 15, 2000

You are not your consciousness. You are nothing. You are the blank TV screen that does not get affected by the images coming upon it. Does the screen get burnt when fire is seen upon it? Does the screen get wet when ocean or rain appears on it? Do the bullets and bombs of the war scenes destroy the screen?

You are the emptiness, the holistic existence, the energy, the intelligence. You cannot experience the emptiness, even though it is your real self, real space. Reality is existence not an experience. “You” must cease for this to be. Our intellect must open up for the penetration of intelligence. We share the same intelligence, just as we share the same atmosphere for breathing. Intelligence is meditation.

Your consciousness is constituted by its contents – fear, anxiety, guilt, gullibility, greed, hope, pursuits, paradoxes, images, influences, indulgences, inhibitions, investments, beliefs, bigotry, conditioning, confusions and the rest of such ingredients of the mind. But you are not your mind. Mind is myth. It is not real, but it is valid. It is functionally useful in your daily practical living. You are not what you think. You are exactly that which you cannot think of. You are nothing. The courage to face and understand this void, is the beginning of a fundamental transformation in the human body and mind. The living sense organs of the body generate the mind. Mind, the myth, vanishes as soon as the body dies.

A theatre company puts up a tent in a village fair and sets up a stage and also a green room for rest between performances. The players enact the drama in all sincerity and receive much appreciation from the audience. But they don’t get psychologically attached to their roles. They cease to be king, queen, Army general or villain and are nothing when they return to the green room from time to time for rest and recreation, to be able to play once again with vigour. And when the village fair is over, the company winds up the tent and vanishes from the spot.

Emptiness is the green room, the mind is the play – stage, death of the body is the winding up of the tent to put it up again in another village fair, until the futility of the play is realized (jivan – mukta).

Green room is the Brahma

Stage and play are the Vishnu
Vacant spot is the Shiva

Live life in the stage-play (Vishnu lila), but be available to the Green room (Brahma) from time to time and have the wisdom to wind up and vacate the spot (Shiva) when the fair is over.

This is

Sat – Chit - Ananda

of Kriya Yoga, the unique combination of

Hatha – Raja - Laya Yoga.

Enschede, Holland, 29 June, 2000, 00-30 AM

Understand what is

within your living body…

The thumb-like space

within your heart is as much

whole as that space outside…

Within it lie energy and intelligence,

fire and wind,

heaven and earth,

sun and moon,

thunder and lightning,

and all the stars…


Why this simple fact does not hit you that complicated concentration techniques by the ego and all the agitation of the mind arising there from, will only strengthen the stranglehold of the mind on body, i.e. life, and thus further postpone the advent of the abiding peace and piousness.

There is the Sacredness that can not be projected or formulated by mind despite all its fantasies and fictions. It can not be utilized by thought, nor can it be bought or sold in the spiritual market. It can not be possessed or dished out by ego under any disguise.

And indeed there is the divinity, totally untouched by any symbol or word. It is not communicable. But IT IS A FACT.

You can not worship this profound Sanctity. You can not meditate upon it. It has no opposite. Can you cease, for it to manifest?

Kriya Yoga is not meant for achieving anything in future. The blast is here and now. All seeking with intellect must come to an end and a radical freedom must emerge thereby. And then the perception of Anand (Reality) is inevitable.

That Presence is here filling the room, spilling over the parks and roads of this border town, beyond the waters of the river dividing Holland and Germany, covering the whole earth and universe.

Jai Shiva Shankara
Bom Bom Hara Hara

Hara Hara Hara Hara

Bom Bom Hara Hara

Varanasi, India, August 07, 2000

Psychological individuality (ego) is encouraged and entertained by society and religion. But psychologically we are not individuals, physically we are. Content of human consciousness is same everywhere. Universe has only one centre, we are concentric circles. That is why it is called "universe" and not "multi-verse"! And the verse is that of a vast poetry, a vibrant mystery, a rhythm, a dance of the void --- the Shiva.

Separative consciousness is due to displacement of ego-centre from the centre of wholeness. Ego is a fiction --- useful in matters mundane, but useless in matters deeply spiritual. The fiction is maintained through various props and pursuits. And thus the protective mechanism of the mind, the myth is perpetuated.

Choiceless passivity is an essential part of existence in Kriya Yoga.The period of fallowness is as essential as tilling the land. As the fields are allowed to remain fallow, open to heavens to revitalize, so the mind be silent, in choicelessness to renew itself.

This passive alertness is setting the mind free from its reactions and thereby bringing about a state of inward quietness without deliberate will. It is attention without frontier. It is a movement that lies beyond all thought and feeling.

OM Namo Shivaya

Truth Simplicity Love

Chennai, India, August 17,2000

In prayer there is a demand arising out of mind. It is the ache of loneliness, agony of self-centred personality wherein God is "present", only as absence! This God is the product of debates emanating from the logic of theologians.

In meditation there is a detachment, a state of "no-mind". It is an aloneness, a self-emptying process wherein the un-nameable is a tremendous presence. This has nothing to do with the conspiracy of the 'faithfuls' engaging mankind in all kinds of beliefs, bigotry and battles in the name of God. The dialogue in this aloneness emerges from the love of truth.

Prayer arises from the separative consciousness. Meditation springs from innocent and contentless consciousness. In prayer, there is begging and begetting. In meditation, there is bliss and benediction.

Kriya Yoga is performed to exist in even-minded mindfulness. And that is meditation, which is not concentrating and being available to conditioned reflexes as experiences. Meditation is a movement in Tathya (Reality), whereas prayer is a stagnation in Tatwa (Theory). Where there is prarthi (subjective entity), there is no prarthana (prayer). That is why only predicaments, paradoxes and pursuits are promoted and perpetuated by prayer.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Truth Trance Transformation Transcendence

Indore, India, August 24, 2000

First Birthday of son Ujjwal Lahiri’s first daughter called Nandini.

Buddhist mentality means that I believe in Buddha as my redeemer who will bring redemption from my pain and sorrow, ache and agony.

Christian mentality implies that I believe in Jesus who will come and save me and install me in permanent happiness in heaven in spite of all my sins and crimes against humanity.

Muslim mentality ensures that I believe in almighty Allah sitting majestically in a heavenly throne and dishing out reward and punishment according to holy Quran and Hadis, as interpreted by the notorious Mullahs and ‘scholars’ and that I am ready to kill and be killed at their dictates in the name of Allah.

Hindu mentality indicates that I am available to all kinds of seductive forces masquerading as gurus and giris, swamys and sadhus, Mohants and mahamandaleshwars, Maharshis and Bhagwans, Upashaks and bhaktas of innumerable gods and goddesses, masters and maharaj-jis, paramacharyas and paramahamsas, avataras of god and incarnations of past popular religious figures, yogis, tantriks, healers, fortune-tellers, myth and miracle mongers, priests and hawan performers, babas and matas and so on. My search for solace and security, power and profit makes me available to the pious lies, holy concepts and high sounding phrases of these charlatans of the spiritual market.

Generally religious mentality means that I am God-fearing and that God would give whatever his fearful and obedient servant is greedy about.

All such mentalities enable me to remain in my mental prison without feeling the need to break it open. And freedom is the essence of Kriya Yoga. Due to this incarceration, I have no initiative to come upon an insight into the ways of ‘I-ness’ and I am unable to be a light to my self-centered activities perpetuated by the protective mechanism of the mind. An extraordinary gathering of energy of understanding takes place when I come out of the mental prison constructed by the forces of organised religion, sects and cults, esoteric and occult groups, fellowships and followships, missions and institutions, books and campaigns. These fragmentary forces thrive by exploiting my emotional investments and antagonisms, my pleasure and pain, my greed and fear.

The purpose of Kriya Yoga is ending all these mentalities and to be in total sanity and serenity of my natural state. Kriya practice is of no significance to a stupid mind, which stubbornly refuses to melt into a ‘no-mind’, that is, the highest intelligence of innocence and emptiness.


(Glory to the energy of intelligence)

September 11, 2000

Energy of Understanding is the hard, honest and holy Reality of Your Existence. Entanglement into beliefs is the hypo critic, humbug and hoaxful religion of your 'experiences.' Reality is beyond the Sea of the mind. Religion is within the Waves of the mind. Religion demands uniformity of symbols and practices produced by the mechanism of the mind. Reality demands Universal Understanding transcending the myths and maladies of the mind. Throw the skin of religion and eat the banana which is the Reality - This is the Kriya-Yoga of Lahiri Mahashay.


the symbol of Surrender and Silence

Dallas, Texas, USA, Sseptember 12, 2000

Kriya-techniques are the container, truth is the Content.
 Transcend techniques to hit upon the truth. Truth begins with awareness, in total passivity, of the ways of yourself which is the subjective entity.
 Awareness in choiceless passivity, i.e. in absolute equanimity, leads to emptiness.
 Emptiness is wholeness, the holiness. 
Emptiness is the freedom from the contents of the separative consciousness i.e. the mind. Chief contents of mind are fear and greed.
 Fear, in more sophisticated terms, is called apprehension, aggression, anxiety, antagonism, insecurity, inhibition, stress, tension and so on.
 And greed, in acceptable phrase, is known as ambition, anticipation, expectation, hope, and aspiration.
 All religions, sects, cults thrive by promoting and perpetuating your fear and greed even under the pretext of spirituality.
 There is no hope. But that is not a hopeless situation. It is an awakened ness.
 An extraordinary gathering of energy and euphoria emerges when fear and greed start disappearing. Kriya initiation is not merely a training in techniques. Only dogs are trained.
 Human beings are educated and allowed to mature in understanding.
 Education does not mean accumulation of information and acquisition of borrowed knowledge, nor flaunting dotted letters after your name. And ‘spiritual people’, who do not possess such letters from accredited institutions, acquire fake titles from dubious sources and print these after their names in bold letters to camouflage their ignorance and inferiority complex.
 When education is mere accumulation through intellect without awakening intelligence, then an uneducated stupid becomes an educated stupid – the stupidity remains!

Don’t lose wisdom in knowledge, knowledge in information and information in information pollution!
 Don’t convert Sat guru, a holy process, into petty personality for the sake of your quick solace. 
The process can happen in your being, if you get rid of the notoriety of your notions, nastiness, cunningness and calculations. 
Sat guru stands for conversion! Not from one religion to another. Not from one cult to another. But from bondage to benediction, from misery to most Sacred, from cruelty to compassion.
 Unlearn to learn. Be in the discipline of discipleship. Then one and one (preceptor and participant) add up to none!

Namo Narayana

(Surrender to intelligence)

Johannesburg, South Africa, December 5, 2000

Christmas message 2000
Christ consciousness is the unitive awareness of the existence wherein stimulus and response become one unitary movement. Then the dichotomy vanishes. Experiencer and the experience are one. Reality is existence, not experience.

Jesus then says – I and Father are one.

Vedanta says – Aham Brahmasmi.

Ali Mansur says – Anal Huq.

Buddha says – Sunya Purna.
Lahiri Mahasay says – Sunyer Sathe Kola – Kuli.

In this state, a subtle uniqueness exists in equanimity in a dissolving state of Shivoham of bliss and benediction.
Ego consciousness is separative which separates movement of mind from movement of life, thus creating dichotomy between experience and existence.

In this situation, ego re-inforces itself through choices and entanglements proliferating sorrow and suffering.
 Christ consciousness is not an idea nor a propaganda. It is an insight and perception. It is not a jejune jargon of the priest craft leading to dogma and destruction. It is the yoga (integration) of imminent and transcendent, of ephemeral and eternal, of mastery and surrender leading to delight and divine. Surrender is also spiritual sovereignty. Faith is then the language of nature, not of the mind. And then faith becomes freedom, not a fetter. And meditation becomes a play of pure awareness – full of vitality and vigour, not the tiresome and boring machination of the mind.

The tremendous spiritual energy which hit this planet two thousand years ago in the form of Jesus Christ cannot be understood through belief systems produced by beautiful and pious lies. Direct perception of Christ consciousness is possible through the Yoga process of pondering on the ways of the ego (Swadhyay), practicing a few vibrations (Tapas) and perceiving the veracity outside the frame of vanity and vested interests (Ishwara Pranidhan).
Cross is holy because it symbolizes the wiping out of I-ness and resembles the Yoga Symbol:
Heaven and hell are within ourselves. ‘No-mind’, not mindlessness, is heaven. Mind, not memory, is hell. Mind is the psychological investments in and excessive involvement with the things of the memory. Articulation of memory develops science and technology. Affliction of mind creates horrors of war and misery through science and technology.
 In Christ consciousness, void is the center of awareness and ego is at the periphery.


Lonavala, India, Sunday 24 December 2000

In the Kriya-Yoga retreat at this wonderful site of natural beauty, let us watch our: -

W - words, wishes, will.
A - anticipations, apprehensions, agitations, activities, anger, antagonism, arrogance, aggression.
T - thoughts, tendencies, tensions, tragedies and travails, trials and turmoils, tricks and traps, tradition and truth.
C - conjectures, conclusions, conditioned reflexes, cunningness, connings, confusions, callousness and cruelty.
H - habits and hang-ups, hypothesis and half-truths, hopes and hypocrisies, heart-beats.

Truth is unique understanding. Belief is a mass phenomenon, a social event -- giving rise to groups, gurus, sect, cult, bigotry and battles. Belief is the death of truth. Truth is living trust. Truth has no labels. Beliefs have labels galore -- Hindu beliefs, Muslim and Christian beliefs and so on.

Love has no labels. Like and dislikes have. Attachments and aversions have. Love is not attachment. Truth is not a matter of beliefs and disbeliefs. It is a matter of direct comprehension, no second hand conceptualization. Belief is security and struggle. Truth is sanctity and sacredness. Beliefs give you a community and restrictions. Truth gives you compassion and religion in the real sense of the term. Beliefs confine you in separative consciousness. Truth liberates you to super consciousness. When you understand that you are merely born into a belief-system, only then real religiousness will be born into you. A truly religious awakendness has no belief whatsoever. True religion is something you travel with, enabling you to transcend the traps of traditional beliefs, dogmas and superstitions.

Tradition tries to give itself continuity. Truth is neither continuous nor discontinuous. Truth is dynamic as well as static. It is static in its dynamism and dynamic in its static state of eternity. Truth is not a fixed abode. It has to be understood from moment to moment by seeing false as the false. And truth brings discontinuity when thought tends to be continuous.
Truth is neither eternal, nor ephimeral, neither imminent nor transcendent, neither action nor inaction, neither conclusion nor controversy, neither judgement nor misjudgment, neither the mundane nor the most sacred, neither fragmentation nor fulfillment, neither assertions nor denials. Truth defies all classifications, choices, opposites, obsession with one thing or the other. It is the highest form of integration. And this is Kriya Yoga -- the only yoga wherein all pretexts to pursue the personality (ego) utterly cease for a mysterious process to begin in existence.

Reality is existence. Experience is only virtual reality. The very fact that you are experiencing something is enough proof that what you are experiencing is not real.

For thousands of years, thousands of human beings in this strange country called India have blasted and exploded into the ultimate, the unnamable; into the enlightenment of existence. Their vibration is still alive, their impact is perceivable in this land. It is in the very air.

India vibrates with certain energy fields which no other country can claim. It is a poetry, not merely a geography or history. It is something much more, something invisible but very tangible. You just need the perceptivity generated by Kriya Yoga of Understanding (Swadhyay), Undertaking (Tapas) and Ultimate explosion (Ishwar Pranidhan) to be with that immeasurable encompassing this strange land called India.




Shibendu Lahiri Mahasaya

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