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Sutras: HRIDAYA (Apocrypha)
Spiritual Lessons of Himalaya Masters for searchers of truth and pilgrims of Mystic Path of Yoga.
Udânas: MHM
The Message of Himalaya Master. Pearls of Spiritual Knowledge. Answers to bothering questions, advice and directions referring to Spiritual Development, Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Religion, Mystics, Ayurveda.
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Every day we speak to all humanity, but not many people can hear our silent whisper in their Hearts. We call to all the people, but only the Good can hear our voice and come to us. Despite our incessant calls, we gather only very advanced souls, which are able to hear and react to our calling.

There is a very simple and easy way of spiritual practice for the development of harmony and balance of a human Heart, and it is recommended by many spiritual Teachers and organizations. We think about SAU-HAM, the syllable contemplated in the rhythm of breathing, during the breath in you should focus on the SAU sound, and during the breath out about the HAM!

Mantra is a syllable, a separate sound or a composition of a few syllables which are to achieve a special vibration level and influence during common prayers, religious songs or magical therapies. A typical mantra or a word with mantra-like sound ends with a nasal sound, a vibrating vowel which is similar to “M”. Mantras are secret, magical words helpful in connecting with the powers and forces of nature, the higher beings, angels or saint people.

Genius is the source of all progress and evolution of human race, thought and technology, that is why, each epoch should appreciate and respect its geniuses, including their eccentric ideas, which often are the clues for the future. There are many talented, gifted, great people but geniuses have unusual creativity and ability to create, a wider point of view, an ability to great work and risky searches.

The Ancient Internal Path of Life exists in four main, generally well-known and popular branches, in form of four classic types of Yoga which, adequately to the degree of the practice difficulty, are known as Mantra Yoga - the Path of Prayer, Hatha Yoga - the Path of Psychophysical Perfection, Laya Yoga - the Path of Chakras and Raja Yoga - the Royal Path or Art of Living, from which Sufism, Theosophy, Rosy Cross, Gnosis, and many other esoteric Spiritual Schools originate.

The word Shaman comes from the language of old India, from Sanskrit, and it was popularised through Asia and Europe; especially to the North of India, in all the former republics of USSR, especially on Siberia. Letters “Sh” and “S” at the beginning of this word in different languages can alter, especially in Sanskrit, the language of Krishna and Buddha, and Zarathustra or Lao Tse which results in an interesting language phenomenon of double spelling of words, that is why we have a folk version of a word “Shaman” and a more scientific, liturgical version “Saman”, which is more often used in the modern languages of India, like Hindi, which come from Sanskrit.

Chakras (derived from Sanskrit cakram) are well known to all the people that make a journey in their subtle nature to higher, non-physical dimensions of perception of the reality, to the subtle, spiritual and mystic spheres. There are many advanced levels of self-development without working with Chakras, which means without working with 7, 9 or 12 basic Centers of Consciousness in the human body.

Spiritual practice for Enlightenment or Freedom should be free from expectations, Fantasies and emotional demands. Human beings must sit in Asanam, Meditational Position, Zazen, as if it were the last position of their life, in a stable and determined way, but without unnecessary strain! The position of the full Lotus Position, Padmasana, with crossed legs is very much recommended by the Masters and Wisemen who come to lead people towards the Enlightenment and Freedom.

Life and activities of Prophet Jesus (in Hebrew: Jehoshua), the founder of Christian religion, is full of mysteries. Those mysteries are, however, perfectly described in a number of manuscripts and they are revealed more and more often, still canonical Gospel only suggests that his life was much richer and much more interesting.

Many people ask how to join the mystical, spiritual school of life, how to find a truly esoteric school, which leads human souls through the Eternal Path. The first sign of an authentic and worthy spiritual school is the phenomenon of initiation process that exists there, because something that does not have any processes of initiation, the transmission of the spirit, cannot be a Spiritual, Mystical Path.

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LAYA KRIYA – the archetype of Rebirthing, Holotropy, and Regressing
Laya Kriya is introduced in the classical Yoga by Ryszi PatañdŸali in an instruction verse from chapter I.31 which covers a breath joining breathing in and out in one smooth cycle, as well as three kinds of cleansing side effects which may occur due to heavy kinds of karma, confounding, and addictions of human beings....

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe
The Mystery of Piercing the Six Chakras (by Rishi Singh Gherwal, 1930). This little self-published work could be most charitably described as an anthology of material on Kundalini Yoga...

Shree Guru Charitra
Guru Charitra (Caritra) is in the nature of a sriptural text devoutly followed by spiritural aspirants, mostly in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Most of the spiritual centres referred therin are loacted in these states. It is in conversational form between the master and the disciple clarifying all doubts of the disciple. Mainly, it deals with biographies of Lord Dattatreya and his subsequent incarnations as Sripada Srivallabha and Sri Narasimha Saraswati...

TANTRA: Shiva and Linga Puja (Pooja)
Shiva Puja is the name of the action in Hinduism by which one worships Lord Siva through traditional and ancient rites with the use of mantra, tantra, kriyas, mudras, and abhishekam...

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