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Sutras: HRIDAYA (Apocrypha)
Spiritual Lessons of Himalaya Masters for searchers of truth and pilgrims of Mystic Path of Yoga.
Udânas: MHM
The Message of Himalaya Master. Pearls of Spiritual Knowledge. Answers to bothering questions, advice and directions referring to Spiritual Development, Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Religion, Mystics, Ayurveda.
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2006-10-01: Art of Meditating
New Message of Himalaya Master: Art of Meditating! – "[...] Many people in contemporary world wonder what exactly is MEDITATION and what processes stand behind Art of Meditation, praised and promoted by Sages and Saints of all ages. Some people are afraid of meditation exercises and practice but after all even Jesus or Lord Buddha were know from long and intensive Meditations alternated between Holy Prayers, Psalms and Hymns. The word “Meditation” comes from Latin and adequate Old Polish word is “Consideration”, “Contemplation” or “Reflection”, immersing called thought, picture or feeling. If you think about something intensively, than it’s Meditation on this subject..." Click and read

New Hridaya Sutra: "The Great Initiation" on our website. "[...] Today we are going to deal with the First Great Initiation. Preparation for this initiation is contained in the series of practices belonging to the First Class of Yoga. Brief Mystical Clues on this work are included in the first chapter of Patanjali's textbook known under the title Yogasutra. Consequently, it describes what we usually do, i.e. SAMADHI-PADAH...."  Click and read

New Hridaya Sutra: "The Great White Brotherhood" on our website. "Let all Those who are searching for Purpose in Life, the Sense of Existence, God, Sublimity, Truth, assemble, so as to form One Family. Those of You who are seeking Spiritual Knowledge, the Path of Self-Exploration, Liberation, let all of you come and drink from This Source, I pray for you so that You may become One Family, the Community of Brotherhood. Come, those who are thirsty for Love of God and persevere in forming mutual bonds and friendship. (Rishi Djiwhal Khul Khan)..."  Click and read

New Message of Himalaya Master: About becoming unity with Higher Self! - "Love, Peace, Beauty, Harmony or Abundance are natural tendencies, proneness and desires of Life, and each of them can be fulfilled in human existence on Earth. The feeling of Yourself, and your existence, I AM, flows from the depth of human Heart, because it’s innate for a soul, and every man can and should manifest the essence of what he really is. Indeed, the old Vedic phrase, affirmation Aham Brahmasmi, is worth recommending..." Click and read

New Hridaya Sutra: "On Four Aspects of Practising Yoga" on our website. "[...]The entire abundance of the meanings of yoga is contained in very simple and essential words. The tradition conveys four systems or aspects of practising yoga as a whole. They are hidden in four words: HATHA, BHAKTI, DJNANA and RAJA. I hope that these words do ring a bell. They are worth perceiveing as the aspects of one and only YOGA..."  Click and read

New Message of Himalaya Master: "About Happiness, Heath, Power and Development!" on our website. "You come to us, and turn to us in the hour of your nuisance, weakness and life breakdown, for straightening twisting paths of your human life. And what we do is help with quite Simple, Pure Path of Development! We help you, people, if only you think about us, say our name, if only you turn to us sincerely and simply. You people, must be Open with whole your Hearts, so we could help you and alleviate your difficulties. Otherwise our letter comes back, always if you are not enough receiving. If you ask a Master or Angle about something, than accept and receive all, what we send to you, because it is a life and happiness for you..." Click and read

New Message of Himalaya Master: "Ecological Signs of Spirituals Development" on our website. "Renewing and reforming is phenomenon continuously appearing among human societies similarly as obliteration or a fight of dark forces with the forces of progress. The friction of duality the forces of resistance and protest are very characteristic for civilisation living at the edge, between the worlds of good and evil, but still a human creature by his effort can sometimes rise between the Gods of heaven, in higher, spiritual dimensions of being..." Click and read

New Hridaya Sutra: "On Consiousness-Related Phenomena and Their Restraining" on our website. "Now let us proceed with the study of the first anga, i. e. class in the studies of yoga. It is going to be a path containing verses or aphorisms from the fifth to the eleventh, inclusive of the last one. We will get to know the basic concepts of literature relating to yoga and we will try to probe into them and experience what messages they convey..."  Click and read

New HRIDAYA Sutra: "Dikshan. How One Starts Practising Yoga?" on our website! "If you carefully study the whole textbook of Patanjali, entitled "Yogasutra", you will notice that the classical collection of teachings on pursuing the path is divided into four parts or series of teachings. It turns out that all traditions and spiritual schools, starting with Egypt and ending with India, divided the entirety of their teachings and practices into four series. When you realise that the beginning is at the beginning and the end is at the end, the classification of stages appearing on the path will reveal itself to you..." Click & read!

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LAYA KRIYA – the archetype of Rebirthing, Holotropy, and Regressing
Laya Kriya is introduced in the classical Yoga by Ryszi Patańdźali in an instruction verse from chapter I.31 which covers a breath joining breathing in and out in one smooth cycle, as well as three kinds of cleansing side effects which may occur due to heavy kinds of karma, confounding, and addictions of human beings....

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe
The Mystery of Piercing the Six Chakras (by Rishi Singh Gherwal, 1930). This little self-published work could be most charitably described as an anthology of material on Kundalini Yoga...

Shree Guru Charitra
Guru Charitra (Caritra) is in the nature of a sriptural text devoutly followed by spiritural aspirants, mostly in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Most of the spiritual centres referred therin are loacted in these states. It is in conversational form between the master and the disciple clarifying all doubts of the disciple. Mainly, it deals with biographies of Lord Dattatreya and his subsequent incarnations as Sripada Srivallabha and Sri Narasimha Saraswati...

TANTRA: Shiva and Linga Puja (Pooja)
Shiva Puja is the name of the action in Hinduism by which one worships Lord Siva through traditional and ancient rites with the use of mantra, tantra, kriyas, mudras, and abhishekam...

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