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Spiritual practice for Enlightenment or Freedom should be free from expectations, Fantasies and emotional demands. Human beings must sit in Asanam, Meditational Position, Zazen, as if it were the last position of their life, in a stable and determined way, but without unnecessary strain! The position of the full Lotus Position, Padmasana, with crossed legs is very much recommended by the Masters and Wisemen who come to lead people towards the Enlightenment and Freedom. Simple, straight and relaxed body posture is a common standard, since the enlightened energies circulate easier and more effectively in a body position which reminds the example of the enlightened lotus creature delving in Samadhi (Satori) state. If a man does not stick to his thoughts too much but lets them flow freely, come and go, then thinking becomes unthinking, it becomes the flow of mental waves on the surface of the ocean of mind (manas), which deeply inside is quiet, peaceful and powerful, full of creative possibilities. When a man tries to stop a thought or catch a thought, emotion, visions then he/she confirms their reality, enlivens them, strengthens and they start to control thinking, create illusions, lead astray. A man becomes an unfree servant of his thoughts and his fate results from them. Thinking habits, emotions, attachments, memories, all these are covered and darkened by a Pure Mind, which loses its clarity and sharpness.

Whenever a problem occurs to the people of this world, however big it is, if you consider it carefully, if you start to check it back, look for the sources of the problem, where it came from – it will always end in the mind, even if it was during the previous lives, incarnations. Always the beginning of a problem is in the mind (manas), a thought is the beginning of everything, a thought, emotion, feeling, it is drowned in illusions and problems. The Purity of Mind and self-restraint naturally leads to solving human problems, which a man must confront in this material world! Purifying the Mind, Manas, the room of thoughts emotions and illusions is the basic element of the spiritual practice, which has been performed for thousands of years by simply sitting in meditational position with the legs crossed.

All the ancient Books described a Simple practice of Meditational Sitting, asanam or Zazen to the benefit of millions of people searching for the Path of Enlightenment and Freedom! Practice makes master, purifies the mind and leads to the enlightened live, awakening to the higher goals. One must practice regularly a lot in order to achieve higher goals, although even a little of everyday practice of Meditational Sitting can cut the spiral of problems and prevent the disturbances of human life.

Everybody can try to practice, and what disturbs, distracts people from practice is a beginning of a bad fate, bad karma condition which must be overcome! A man, a human being must train overcoming the obstacles and difficulties during practice, these outer and inner problems must be removed since it is a part of a purifying practice towards freedom. Human beings are not born as a result of their own choice but they can control their fate up to a certain point, influence their life. Control and power over one’s fate can be achieved through controlling the mind, restraining and leading the thoughts. The Most Important Teaching of The Enlightened Masters, Wise men says that when a man can control his thoughts, emotions and dreams, can keep the mind (manas) constantly pure and clear, he/she can also partially control his/her fate, introduce changes into his/her life, and influence his/her fate. A proper Meditation practice cannot hurt anybody, but it is possible that somebody who practices in the wrong way, expects something too much, desires, is obsessively attached to something, ignores the conditions of a correct practice such as sitting straight, using helpful directions or good and clean place of practice. Generally, if somebody is attached to something, clings to something in an emotional way, desires something, it will always bring some unpleasant consequences, suffering, pain or despair.

Owing to the practice of Meditational Sitting (Asana, Zazen) and repeating mantram, through ritual bows, singing and reciting together and through other helpful means, Karma gets dissolved and a human fate naturally begins to change. Try and try practicing for 10 thousand years, but it does not mean that you should do it only for ten thousand years. Leave counting time, go back to the trying, primal mind (manas), which is free and patiently overcome all the obstacles through the following centuries, the following incarnations. Despite the limitations of karma of this and previous lives, the work of a man is a voluntary effort in order to lessen suffering and to increase happiness. Everything is closely connected and everything influences one another. Common influence of all the creatures and beings is the base of spiritual, Everlasting Teaching of the Wisemen, the base of Dharma. From moment to moment become a bright, clear person both in your speech and in your thoughts and in every other action. Clarity, brightness, simplicity, uncomplexity of situations is the right direction of development, the right direction of practice. Try to understand things in a clear and simple way. Keep Quiet and Clear direction and the real fruit of spiritual practice, Sadhana or Abhyasa, will appear. The real fruit of a spiritual practice is what you can share and enjoy with the other people of the Path with the whole Sangha, the Community of the Path. 

Everyday practice of a thousand bows performed freely means to the practicing person that perhaps the Enlightenment is close and really possible in this life. Use mantrams during full of reverence bows to the Three Jewels. Do not try to perform practices too violently, especially if they are too difficult for an unprepared body and mind, better start with a few bows and gradually try more and more along with longer periods of intense practice. Attachment to the Three Jewels, Sangha (the Community), Dharma (Teaching and Practice) and Guru (Master, Teacher) must be Pure, without any aversion, doubt, without any fear, anger, otherwise the practice will be wrong and will not bear the right fruit.  A pure link is created, without any negative burden for any of the Three Jewels of the Path. Without attachment and confirmation of the Three Jewels Enlightenment and Freedom (Salvation) is not possible and a man without Spiritual Master (Guru, Swami, Sa-Nim) will always get lost and go back to the darkness. The Three Jewels, Master, Dharma and the Community make the Golden Law of the spiritual practice and the Path. The practice frees from all the material and obsessive desires and attachments but the attachment to the Three Jewels must be constantly strengthened and confirmed, otherwise nobody will ever achieve Enlightenment or Freedom.

Mahamantra, Huge Transcendental Mantra which is taught by every Enlightened Spiritual Master is a great leap towards Enlightenment, a great leap towards the enlightened action. Mahamantram removes all suffering and gradually transfers the practicing person to the other side, from suffering to happiness, from the Lack of knowledge towards the Enlightenment. When somebody starts the practice he/she should practice patiently until he reaches the other, enlightened side of the river, because if he breaks the practice he/she will be taken with the current of the stream of karma to the pseudo-spiritual wilderness and sandbanks. Master (Guru, Swami) is a leader, a guide; he should not be left since it results in losing one’s way and going astray. Chilla (Meditational Isolation) is a common group practice of the people of the Path, which lasts 7 days, 21 days, 49 days and sometimes even up to 108 days, which is not easy for the beginners. Reducing speaking and eating, having long morning and evening practices and practicing sessions and conversations with Master during the day, keeping stabile, regular rhythm of practice and working for the benefit of the Center or Sangha are all the elements of this spiritual practice.

Meditational Sitting, Asana, (Zazen) is a base of spirituals practice! Atmasamya is focusing the Ego, the Spirit, Focusing inside oneself on what the essence of being is. Yogi is a person who is strong and practices spiritually for a long time, regularly trains Focused Sitting in a clean and pure and good place, where there are fresh air and other elements of nature. A practicing person should keep head, neck and back straight, in one line, he/she is sitting without moving, with eyes focused straight ahead on the line of the nostrils. Internally quiet, without any fears and worries, a Yogi is pure, he controls his thoughts, he is a fully conscious Guru, focused in Spirit. Focused on his inner flame, he does not hesitate in thoughts; his mind is as if a bright flame in a windless place. Focusing inside, in one’s inner creature reaches deeply inside the soul, finds the true nature, the base of everything. Practicing keeps a strong, stable position which tries to follow the ideal example, which is the Lotus, the position of the Enlightened Masters of Wisdom! Sitting, Meditation needs having a Guide, Master, a Guru living in this world, with whom a practicing man will consult his practice in both oral and written way, and the more advanced he is the more consultations he needs! The People of the Path are the light for each other, and their Guide is the true Light, the true Dharma, a living Master! The right practice starts with the right thinking!

Himalaya Master

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