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Many people ask how to join the mystical, spiritual school of life, how to find a truly esoteric school, which leads human souls through the Eternal Path. The first sign of an authentic and worthy spiritual school is the phenomenon of initiation process that exists there, because something that does not have any processes of initiation, the transmission of the spirit, cannot be a Spiritual, Mystical Path. The second sign of such a school is a well-developed and built-up inner structure of the branches or departments in every school of inner life in such a way that the beginners find it hard to encompass the number of kinds and levels of learning which is performed there. The third sign is a necessity to put a signature on an application to such a spiritual organization and to fulfill a number of easy but important activities such as regular payments (usually symbolical), filling in a number of complex declarations of access, making promises of keeping secret before the official initiations, and every authentic brotherhood has a number of procedures which verify the potential candidates. A real spiritual school is based on teachings of specific masters and spiritual guides and the people who want to join such an organization can be rejected or can be submitted to a trial period such as waiting for the consent to access for a few months or even a few years! Although anybody can come and try to be let into the deep learning and practice with a spiritual master, every spiritual master finally chooses people with the right attitude and level of engagement, rejecting some students the possibility of studenthood, and being in the circle of Students of a Spiritual Master is the best privilege of a human being. People, the Master observes your attempts and efforts, the high angels supporting the work of a spiritual Master are watching you and only the best candidates out of many will be accepted to the inner School of Divine Life, which is every spiritual Brotherhood, Order or Lodge! A Spiritual Path needs a conscious decision, that is why, usually people who are too young or too immature as well as those who have too instable psyche are not accepted, although they can stay in the circle of candidates and sympathizers and they can attend therapeutic classes organized by the messengers of the Master of the Spiritual Path!

A person who feels the need to walk along the Spiritual Path of Life, should quickly inform, in writing, a Brotherhood, Lodge or Order, about the fact that she/he wants to be in the circle of the Initiated and about the way in which she/he developed this need. She/he should also inform if she/he is engaged in studying of the published Sciences. Dakshina, contributions, charities are usually low, sometimes even symbolical. They should be paid by candidates and members since they symbolize the desire to join the Divine Path, and without such desires any relation is obviously impossible! Even ancient Wise men and Masters of Wisdom used to say that those who do not support with their work, effort or charity (contribution) their movement, school or community of the Master, Spiritual Guide, are not the right candidate for a Student, Chela. Respecting such symbols is a test of honesty and ability to support the work of the Teacher of People and without those features one cannot talk about a real interest in spiritual activities. Spiritual Schools, Lodges, Orders or Brotherhoods often need a good opinion about the candidate for the Initiation Access, an opinion from 2 – 3 people with whom the novice can make friends. And in case of a higher initiation even the consent of all the people who belong to the higher circle of teachings and practices or consent of 10 long-practicing people is needed, this can especially take place in spiritual Orders. Deep respect of all these rules means that the spiritual movement is authentic and it comes from the higher, divine dimensions of beings. Many spiritual organizations on Earth, which in fact are a visible, spiritual body of a Master, accept novices after 2 – 5 years of conversion and adaptation to the bases of spiritual, truly godly in a universal way, life. This especially concerns the Schools of Yoga, even very popular Hatha Yoga and Bhakti Yoga! A person who has not received initiation into Yoga and does not stick to his/her Master of Spiritual School is not a Yogi! Preparation to entering the Community, Sangha or Order, Tirtha of spiritual Path is very important; it must be detailed and versatile.

Normally, teaching in a spiritual School of Great Brotherhood lasts the whole life, with the stages of deeper and deeper levels of experience, but a serious learning of a Student lasts also many lives, since advanced adepts are reborn together in cycles in order to develop and help people achieve higher levels of their inner lives! One must have the right approach to spiritual researches, one must be looking for a Master and Spiritual School for ever, or at least for this present incarnation. In fact, looking for a divine Guru, Father and Mother for one’s soul is searching for a Master, Guide for all life and the period of practice, learning, studying the bases of the Path usually takes about 12 – 15 years if it is conducted in the right, intensely engaged way. Achieving the level of Self-realization in a few years is in fact graduating from the First Class of the Path of Studenthood and only then the deep process of spiritual growth begins if a person is strong enough to keep the bases of his/her Realization. The Spiritual Path is a vehicle of life of persistent and patient people and approaching the Divine needs absolute patience, which is described in the East as Sahan or Sabūr (from Persian).

A Spiritual Community describes also sleeping members, the members who tried to Take the God’s Path, but the current of their faith washed them away and they could not stay in the condition of spiritual travel of the Pilgrims of the Temple of Wisdom, however, those who are asleep will be woken up regularly by a karma kick from life, so that they could in this or other life join fully the current of the stream of the Path and not sleep and not break their Pilgrimage. Those who are in touch with some spiritual Master while watching the face of the Master or talking to the Master they have a unique opportunity to join the Body of the Spiritual Guide, and God will remind such a person, through the karma of life, that he/she did not use his/her chance to come back to the world of Spirit in the best possible way, and it must be always remembered. The Love for God is eternal, and those who have Bhakti, the Love for God, they will not give up, or resign from the relationship with the Master! We, the spiritual Teachers and Masters, teach only those who are deeply engaged and devoted and who can be distinguished by their enormous desire to become a member of the Spiritual Community, which is a feature of every person who has Bhakti, Love for God. Very often nobody without the experience of many tests and trials and not being a Well-Tested Student has access to the Great Master of Wisdom of the East, and that is why many wonderful Masters of Divine Power remain completely unknown to the human world! In Tibetan-Himalayan region and in Northern India asking three times for access is characteristic, and one is lucky if a Master will take the letter addressed to him to his hand and will actually read it! Write to your spiritual Master, Guide, write and be happy if you receive any answer! Try very hard to join the Body of Master, which is Sangha (Brotherhood) or Tirtha (Order) because God will not give you quickly another chance for Salvation and Freedom if you turn out to be ignorant!

Mysticism, Spiritual Development, Yoga – this is not an easy Path, and one must be a really persistent and absolutely honest searcher because hesitant people will get nothing from God. The Path leading to Knowledge, Truth and Divine Wisdom has always been steep and difficult for a man, because it is a Comeback Path of a human soul to Heavens, the Path of angelization, spiritual transformation and transfiguration. One must  find deep motivations within himself as well as the tendencies that flow from the very soul, and they are always honest and everlasting, firm and unshaken, and then it becomes easy to follow the Path showed by everlasting Three Valuable Jewels: Sangha, Dharma and Shree Guru! Every Order or Brotherhood or Lodge chooses its members very carefully, and even the candidates, sympathizers and friends, carefully on the bases of the long-lasting and firm loyalty, sympathy, friendship and kindness, which is Maitrî Rule – the basic rule of the Spiritual Brotherhood of Masters from the Middle East. Oh, people, trying to live in harmony and friendship with the people who walk the Path and with the Godly Master you will certainly have a chance to join the Community of a Living Spiritual Body of the Master! 

Himalaya Master

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