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Sutras: HRIDAYA (Apocrypha)
Spiritual Lessons of Himalaya Masters for searchers of truth and pilgrims of Mystic Path of Yoga.
Udânas: MHM
The Message of Himalaya Master. Pearls of Spiritual Knowledge. Answers to bothering questions, advice and directions referring to Spiritual Development, Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Religion, Mystics, Ayurveda.
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1. We are an Ancient Spiritual Community for spreading all secrets of Laya Yoga based on Chakras, and Life Science called Tantra, and for spreading the most famous Ayurveda teachings for health and healing! SANGHA means Brotherhood and Sisterhood or may be much better as KINSHIP! We are all brothers & sisters in the Holy Spirit & we are one spiritual family of all true seekers for Love, Light and Truth! Laya Yoga is based on Chakras (Centers for concentration in the body), the breathing for healing, the light contemplation for solving all problems and sound practices, the most ancient and mysterious system of spirituality in the world which has been hidden from the world till this time! It is not very easy to meet a Laya Yoga teacher and practices because it is normally inner kind of Yoga reserved for Spiritual Masters of Wisdom in the Himalayas. As You see “HIMALAYA” is the source of LAYA spiritual path for personal growth!

2. The word YOGA means UNITY and is used in the sense of uniting the body, psyche and spirit or body, soul and spirit into One organism which is set on the Holy Spirit of God or Divinity! But practically Yoga is a method of changing our bad habits and defficulties in our life. Basically we concentrate on how to help ourselves and others to overcome all problems and diversities in life and how to win in life's struggles! We are concentrated on this life and we are agate for a better future. We creatively make changes in our life for the better and better to make life's process easier and happier. Of course, for the advanced we offer special ascetic training for spiritual immortality or intensive retreats to awaken our souls to enlightenment in the Light of God. This light beeing the substance used by the Lord God, Divinely Creates all the Universe! The first CHAKRA we start to work for our better future is called the Heart Center in the middle of the chest which is the best known centre for concentration, prayer and feeling in all Great Religions of the world like Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrian or Taoism and Islam too! All mysticism of the world in each of these religions and other, true spiritual systems use the Heart Centre in the chest! And even hands are often close to this center for prayer and meditation Chakra called as Twelve Petals Lotus too!

3. All we know this wonderful Heart Symbol is in the red colour because it is a symbol of Love and Compassion and of Mercy! And when we feel breathing deeply in our chest and think the Holy Sound: OM we take the first step on Laya Yoga Path of Life! How to have more Compassion and more Love for our neighbours and even friends in society, is one of the top points of Laya. The Holy Spirit is like Seven Rays on the Rainbow Light and in our practice we use our creative imagination to make changes in our subconscious and have positive effects in our normal daily life! There are very many different practices when we open this very tiny Gate of Himalayan Spirituality from which all great religions are streaming as great rivers through all the world, human world! So, feel deeply Your heart more as a spiritual place of Your soul than a physical organ of the body but in the same place in the middle of the chest! Yoga & Tantra in the Laya line of succession is very much given as the art of life but more spiritual or holy art, of course! As we think about Laya as an art we rather mean Tantra which gathers all very practical and intensive methods to make life better, particularly in our relationships and prosperous side of our life! In a time we work deeper with all Seven Chakras, sites of Seven Rays of the Holy Spirit for our purification in mind body and soul. Concentration is based on many different and wonderful symbols in each one of all Chakra places! The symbol for meditation or better visualisation is called Yantra but all symbols in one Chakram are called Mandala of this Center! Even for beginners all practices are very easy to work with and repeat after having been taught by our teachers!

4. Ayurveda is the most known system of natural medicine from India and from Himalayan Mountains! Ayur means Life, Health but Veda means Science, Knowledge! The word Ayur or Ayus is derived from the healing sounds A, I, U, R but it is a very sacred knowledge of Himalayan Masters of Wisdom and only practice with “A” sound is much better known between buddhist, taoist and hinduist in this human world. Massages, Light Colours, Water Purifications, herbs and crystals, and oil essences – all are from the Ayurveda Ancient healing systems, which have seven levels of study we give through Initiations in old fashion style of teaching! Bhaishajya means healing and healer and it is the core of Ayurveda. And when we like to pray even a little, we may think ‘I ask Bhaishajya’ and it means “I pray to healer for healing” for effective healing, good healer is recommended!

5. Himalayan Sangha, the Spiritual Community of Himalaya is divided into five branches we call “Tirthas” or “Orders” or “Brotherhoods” and have five activities because of this reason! All mystical religious schools know that there are five principles or elements in all Creation and we call them earth, water, fire, air and ether (spirit)! And according to this fivefold concept we have our Five Branches where there is more concentration for spiritual advancements, healing, wisdom teachings or body work like old fashioned Hatha Yoga too! Laya Yoga and Tantra is the first and basic branch of whole Tirthas! There are many people who are very much interested in the religious wisdom and the common core of all religions and it is an ancient Rāja Yoga and our Œhigatse Branch which is concentrated on the ancient wisdom! We need to experience all five branches like one hand with five fingers and each one branch as one finger of God’s Hand! The more advanced teachings are about Heavens and Angels as we all probably know little about hierarchical spheres of the Heaven and about seven or nine angel levels of consciousness and power! Human beings should receive the first heavenly sphere as quickly as possible and it is called the spiritual enlightenment or awakening but Jewish and Christian religions call this the Holy Spirit Guidance. The illumination of the soul and mind is the first step into really deep spiritual dimension and opens the door to the inner world we call Heavenly Kingdom. Inner lights meditation is a very interesting practice to develop for all who are interested in Laya Yoga Tantra and Ayurveda and we call it Transmission Meditation or Light Transmission. Concentration is upon the White Ray of Light descending from the Heaven on our head top and to the Third Eye in the head and is spreading to all human minds in the world who need this spiritual kind of food or healing. Of course, we use a lot of prayer, particularly in the Holy SANSCRIT language DEVANAGARI, the Angels Speech, the Heavenly language from very Ancient times!

6. When we ask what Laya Yoga is we may say that it is Yoga of Transformation of our mind, emotions and physical body into more spiritual forms. This comes through deep concentration on different energies which we use upon ourselves. These energies come from heaven Beings, Angels or so called Devas or Devatas, the Deities of Heaven’s Crown. Even from psychotherapeutic point of view, concentration directed by an experienced teacher or guide but on such “subjects” like Love, Harmony, Unity, Truth, Justice, Beauty, Prosperity, Openness, Wisdom, Intuition or Properness or Rightness gives very deep transformative effects on human psyche and character and changes personality for better and better. Our Community use many different contemplation methods which work very well and in connection with rhythmical breaths or yantras (symbols) give very powerful positive transmutation and make beautiful personality for an adept! Our way is little esoteric or hermetic but not more than high physics or mathematics for those who know nothing about this “secret” subjects! Seven Chakras are very deeply explored and particular for healing in Ayurveda. We like to meet once a week for practical application and training and it may be on any day of a week but we recommend Saturday (Sabbath) as Holy Day for Tibetan, Kashmiri or Jews and Christians who celebrate Saturday as part of their way too!

7. Our Community is connected with energetical center in the Holy Mountain in Tibet called the Mount Kailaœa (Saving Mount) as the Lord Shiva’s (JHVH, Jahvah in Vedic Scripture) seat and place of appearing in very ancient times. There are many Holy places in Himalayas but Kailasa is the Mount of Freedom and Liberty, but more in spiritual, or religious sense of this word. The Ten Commandments is of course very important part of our Yoga Way and they are divided into two parts as Yamah and Niyamah, five in each part! The most known is AHINSA means non-violence or nonkilling and SATYA which means the Truth, making no false statements or declarations. And on Niyamas part the most famous is Ishvarapranidhana which means to be surrendered to the Will of the Lord God, the Highest (Elohim). Iœhvara is God, Perfect Being, Highest Being but Dhana is offering, surrendering, sacrificing! It is like with Abraham and His offered Son, whom he gave up to the Highest Lord of the Heaven. Deeper introduction into Yoga ethical aspects is available from ours authorized Teachers and Guides in the world although it is not so easy to find a real God Yoga Teacher because the most popular forms of Yoga involve some body work rather than real mystical, soul training for advancement and Ascension.

8. Lord Rāma (Raama), in Ancient India a very famous King ascended into the Heaven just like Henoh, Elijah and Jesus and this very highest experience is probably the most interesting and mysterious of all! Heavens are very near and Hells too, but we as human beings and living souls have to choose the way between two: the Way to God or the Way to Devil. It is top point of all spiritual, inner teachings, schools and secret societies but openly active religious ways like Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism too! This is the world “in between” Heavens and Hells and we men and women are given a choice! We must decide in our hearts, reasons and minds or wills. We have choice but remember: don’t loose it, don’t miss the right way to your future happiness! Lord Rāma Ascension was very great because with this Holy Yogi (Master) to the Heaven went about 10 thousand people who were very closed to Him. And firstly His Wife, SITA reached Heavenly City through Ascending! Yogi Rāma was very advanced in practising of Laya Yoga & Tantra and Ayurveda in old fashion very deep and powerful style! He worked with the elements like the Nature Spirit and with the Holy Spirit and the Light of God and the Heavenly Gate opened before Him and He entered with all Disciples. The Yoga Way is the Way of Discipleship and Purification and the Way of Love, Peace and Truth. Probably in the modern world to establish Peace it is the most important point and “hot top” subject because of the many senseless wars! The ancient rule of non-violence and creating Peace is leading directly to the Heaven, to the Liberation of soul from the earthly boundaries!

9. Yoga is the essence of all religions and emphasised mystical experiences such as special meaningful dream visions, angel (devas) contacts, meetings with holy beings and contacts with spirits of the nature. It also stimulates developing very intuitive perception, taking control over life troubles and situations and making it little more magical or charismatic! God has many good gifts for His children and we are God’s friends because spiritual Yoga practices just like Āsanas (poses) for good health or Kriyas which purify our souls from all sins and mental or emotional impurities. Modern specialist says that Yoga particularly Laya Yoga & Tantra is very deep and good psychotherapy! We have very old secret method of insight into human psyche and transpersonal psychotherapy or psychosynthesis which help men and woman in their life troubles! Tantra is the way to subtlety and it is loosing of hard “ego” trips and harming excesses! Tantra is to help all people in loving but troubled relationship between man and woman. God created us in His own image and we are similar to Him in spirit but not in perfection and power in this earthly life. Our souls are God’s images but they must be yet perfected and this way to perfection is very long, and it is growing up in Wisdom, Peace, Love, Truth, and Power near and near to the Creator and Creatorin which make us as living beings, souls. People long for Love and being in Love but it is really a secret of each soul that s/he is longing forward to the God of Heaven, toward his/her Source from which has its roots.

10. Our deeper teachings are renowned as Oriental Wisdom and Akasha records, and about sacred Heavenly Cities which are living places of Angels and Angelins, habitants of Heavens, and we teach how to open the Gates toward them and to Ascend as Henoh, Rāma, Padmasambhava, Œhivaœhankara or Jesus! We know that the knowledge about the life after death of the physical body is very little among human beings but we may through meditations open the world to which the soul is going after bodily death and how is conscious after this life. Yoga Wisdom is called the Golden Age Wisdom and it is in all religious teaching that we dream and pray for better and justified world.  In reality  such is Heaven but we hope for the Earth too for happiness of all people in this world. Vedic culture is very Ancient and it is the source of all religious and mystical schools and orders. We are the one organized as an Order or Confraternity Order for all women and men who look for spiritual aim, for Divinity! Spiritual Yoga as Laya or Chakras Yoga is even very little known in reality and knowledge in books about it is very “small” and needs to be deeper for many years to reach real Wisdom as true spiritual person, a Rishi. So we hope You will engage into the Ancient Spiritual Pathway of Himalaya Tirtha Sangha based on Laya & Tantra & Ayurveda. God bless You in your search!

Himalaya Master

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