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We have the pleasure of inviting you with great joy to meetings and introductory workshops that will initiate you into mystery teachings and practices of ancient laya yoga belonging to the Himalaya Tirtha tradition. The workshops as well as other programmes are conducted by the Spiritual Leader - Himalaya Swami. He was born in February 1962 under the water tiger and air aquarius zodiac signs simultaneously. He has been involved in a vast range of activities associated with spiritual development, including esoterics, aikido, yoga and sufi, since the year 1978. In February 1983 He received his initiation into Laya Yoga from the hands of Swami Baba Shyam Charan Shivananda from Darjeeling, through direct transmission (Dikshan - Darshan), which took place in the Holy Presence of His Guru. He was granted the right to spread the ancient teachings and practices in 1986, when he started conducting courses on chakras. Since 1989 he has also been imparting initiatory transmissions concerning the ancient path of Laya Yoga, as he is one of innumerous teachers in the West who have the full powers of transmission, covering the entire Himalaya Tirtha path of Laya Yoga.

The Himalaya Tirtha Sangha is a mysterious and esoteric shivaic order which continues the spiritual teachings of the ancient Laya Yoga or, as some would call it, the mysterious knowledge and practices with chakras. Spiritual knowledge and Symbolic Mysticism constitute the basic introduction to the path of fiery centres of energy, and in the contemporary world there are plenty of confused and inauthentic teachings devoted to these topics. Only a Spiritual Master (Karana Guru) may genuinely initiate one into this knowledge and practices concerning chakras. Himalaya Swami is the only Polish Leader and Spiritual Teacher, who received an authentic transmission of this ancient Vedic knowledge and practice from his Guru, Swami Baba Shivananda from Darjeeling, who is Mahadguru (the Great Master) or Parama Guru (The Highest Teacher) of the Franternity of Layas, which constitutes the elite of yogis. Shyam Charan Swami Baba Shivananda G.P. comes from Kashmir, from the Leh region, and he settled down in in a Himalayan hermitage north of Darjeeling. The Appearance of a Teacher who is the successor of knowledge and practice coming from the Divine Celebrity Shri Shivananda G.P. marked the beginning of an infinite ocean of blessings which poured on the Master.

Amongst other significant spiritual mentors of Himalaya Swami is the Sufi Spiritual Master Pir Akbar Suachani al-Hadjij, as well as teachers and spiritual masters such as Diana Holland, Murshid Atum O’Kane or Pir Vilayat. Another spiritual mentor of Himalaya Swami is also a great Tamil Mahasiddha and Avatar, Gurudeva Swami Premananda Maharaj. Needless to mention the late Japanese Master Yichihara Imoto, who made it possible for Him to delve into the mysteries of ki energy, aikido, O’motokyo, kiatsu, mudra, reiki, as well as other secrets of eastern arts. The priority of a Spiritual Master of Laya Yoga is to eliminate the sufferings and burden of Samsara which rests on His disciples and followers by resorting to the spiritual practice process. Karana Guru introduces his initiated students into the power of Mahavakya (Words of Potency), as well as into the awareness of Tattvamasi (I Am This). Everyone who relies on the grace of his Guru attains health and liberation.

”I will guide everyone who thinks of me in favourable terms and is devoted to me. I am with You no matter where you are. Remember me with a feeling of devotion and I will send you the Divine Energy, which will ensure you peace of mind and joy in your heart. The sufferings of your heart will be gradually dissolved. It is true that good God has endowed me with the power of healing the heart and the soul, and if somebody wishes to accept this gift with humility and devotion, he will experience what divine Healing is”

Himalaya Swami

Everyone who is interested in spiritual development, chakras, mudras of power, spiritual healing, ancient rituals, teachings on angels and spirits of nature, kriya techniques, the teachings of Morya, yoga and sufis, is cordially welcome to attend the meeting with the Spiritual Master of Laya Yoga.

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