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Love, Peace, Beauty, Harmony or Abundance are natural tendencies, inclinations and desires of Life, and each of the tendencies can be achieved by human existence on Earth. The feeling of Yourself, and your existence, I AM, flows from the depth of human Heart, because it’s innate for a soul, and every man can and should manifest the essence of what he really is. Indeed, the old Vedic phrase, affirmation Aham Brahmasmi, is worth recommending. It says 
I AM DIVINE, because every man, if only there is some Good and Humanism inside him, has the element of Divinity, Divine I AM, AHAM ASMI. In the world of the West, this internal creature felt as I AM, is described as a Higher, Divine Self, or also as a Bright Self, full of Peace or Love. Atman, Divine, Higher Self, the Soul is symbolized by the Flame of the Fire inside the Heart. Besides of AHAM, I AM and ATMAN, the Soul, Self, we also use the Svaha term, which means Great Cosmic Self or Svadha – the Self of Light.

Abundance of all goods, and also the Harmony or Love, are features, characteristics or the energies, powers of the Higher Self, Divine Soul, and they can be used by every man that is not separate from God, Creator-Creation. An ancient phrase for contemplation and considering Aham Brahma – Asmi helps a man to settle deeper in Divinity, in Consciousness of God, the only Divine Self. A man conscious of God, the Omnipresent Divine Self, can more effectively and powerfully draw from inexhaustible Abundance, Welfare and Attraction of beneficial situations and circumstances, because with God everything is possible.

The Harmony of body, mind, soul and the Harmony with the Higher Divine Self, which unites in Divine Light all the Spiritual and Enlightened People and the Initiated Students of All Spirit Masters and the Holy people sent by God like Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Zarathustra, Nanak, Mohammad, Chaitanya, Yogananda, Anandamurti, Karmapa, Maitreya and also the innumerable crowds of blessed people, who, despite the difficulties and obstacles, managed to survive in the course of life. All the Saints, Masters and Prophets are totally united with each other and they live in a harmony, because everyone is connected to the Higher, Bright, Divine Self and like Aham Brahmasmi manifests the Bright Presence and Divine Features, Signs of Perfectionism. Yet, it must be remembered that the human form of existence has many restrictions, from which the hardest to overcome is death. Al least once in the course of our existence on Earth, we manifest the Power of Overcoming Death by demonstrating Resurrection after 3 days spent in a grave and in the Land of Death. A student becomes Harmony inside himself and around himself, and that requires Reconciliation.

Alternative, natural medicine offers numerous herbs and mixtures and also purifying operations that unblock people’s connections with the Higher Self, the Divine Soul, but they are never methods of stupefying, toxic or narcotic character. Alcohol and hallucinogenic drugs kill the energetic connection between a man and God and are a devilish invention, that’s why medicines of natural therapy are based on natural plants and substances, which have a purifying and vitalizing character such as horsetail, wild rose or ginseng, but they never contain any alcohol, nicotine or hallucinogens, which weaken and destroy the mind and body and lead to possession by bad, demonic creatures. Controlling one’s own mind, emotions and impulses is necessary for a man to break all the undesirable psychical, internal creativity, cutting a man off the Source of Life and Light, which is the only Divine Self, Common Mind and the Soul of Enlightened Creatures and Holy Masters, Prophets of Humanity.

The simplest rule says to the students of the Path, to think well about themselves and about others; to speak well about themselves and others. It is mainly to stop negative creations of words, thoughts, and to stir positive activities that are supportive and charitable. And if a student cannot say anything good about someone at all, it’s better for him to keep the mind in peaceful internal and external silence and try not to pay attention to bad people and creatures. But he has to watch out not to make a mistake of negating the existence of evil, because it is not true at the level of Earthy existence. Only Good exists in God, in Heavens and anything good we receive it always has the source in God. A man should thank God for every Good that happens in his life, and then he will attract more Good from the Divine, Bright sphere of Humata, Huhta, Huvareshta, being – as Great Prophet Zarathustra used to say, and that means Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Actions, the basis and essence of any spirituality and religiousness.

When you think about yourself by I AM, and it’s neither positive nor good, then attract the attention of Divinity, Higher Self immediately, thinking and talking about yourself: I Am Good, I Am the Truth, I Am the manifestation of Beauty, Harmony, Love and Unity, or something like this. I Am Bright Presence of Divine Self – such thoughts should accompany student the most frequently. The way of thinking about yourself and about others, strong, clear thinking, is something like the Divine Magic, because of which you’re able to create personal world of events of every man. Finally, all what we think is an influence through which we create or co-create the world of events, the fate of other people. Globally, from these little streams there appears the Fate, Doom, Destiny of civilizations, societies and great individualities. Jesus Christ used to say: “I AM the Path, Truth and the Life” and also “I AM the Redemption and the Life”, and these are thoughts which enliven the connection with Divinity, with Higher Self of Spiritual Creatures, so that everybody could strengthen his connection and reconcile with it.

The attention of people is focused on a few simple issues like Eating, Live, Sex, Fun, Work, so they should often focus on the Light of Self and search for the point, place of connection with Divinity either in abdomen, under the Navel, inside breast in the Heart, in the head, in the Eye of Divine Light or only above them, above the head, as far as you can put your hands. And they should help themselves with an ancient phrase, good thought I Am Divine. Who considers himself a Divine Soul, he thinks in the right way. Students join God, the Spirit, and by joining Him, they unite and become God.

I Am the Love, the one who Loves, and the one who is Loved – this simple phrase is even understandable for children. It can solve many problems in life, and if children from the early age think about it deeply, repeat it always and everywhere, they will attract the energy of the Higher Self and they will be filled with Energy of Love through the internal canal of connection.

Understanding what you think and repeat is very important, that’s why human words must be good and understandable. Everyone must understand that God, Saints, Guru and Angels are the one source of Good, Truth, Beauty and Love, and they all come from the Great, Ancient Light, which was known to Slav forefathers as JESE. Wonderful things happen with a man, when he unites with JESE – Ancient Light and Great-Spirit, which is called as Holy Spirit of Divine Light by Semitic religions. The whole work of Master and Guide is about bringing a student to Understanding, and that means deep Acceptation, Adopting every thought, every Idea which Guru often teaches and repeats, because every word and thought of Guru is like one microelement or vitamin, without which human soul is totally sick, and he becomes a creature of a mistaken mind and wrong feeling.

The Mind of God, Higher Self, Brahman – Atman is full of higher and higher levels of knowledge and understanding, and human Heart can come through at least Seven Rooms of Divine Knowledge, Vishvajnanam. Keeping in the Heart the picture of such a beautiful, subtle flower as Lotus or Rose, which has a spiritual, mystic meaning, is usually the first step to the internal opening to awakening yourself in the Light of Love and Power of Higher Self of God, which is the only one. The vision of Lotus Flower subtilizes human character and focusing in the Light or Love makes one significantly closer to the understanding of the realization of Aham Brahmasmi state – I AM DIVINITY! A man becomes what he thinks about, and human society by its thinking and speaking determines its destiny!

Himalaya Master

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