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Spiritual Lessons of Himalaya Masters for searchers of truth and pilgrims of Mystic Path of Yoga.
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The Message of Himalaya Master. Pearls of Spiritual Knowledge. Answers to bothering questions, advice and directions referring to Spiritual Development, Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Religion, Mystics, Ayurveda.
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You come to us, and turn to us in with your problems, weaknesses at the time of breakdown, for straightening the twisted paths of your human life. And what we do is help with quite Simple and Pure Path of Development! We help you, people, if you only think about us; say our name, if you only turn to us sincerely and simply. You, people, must be Open with your whole Hearts, so we could help you overcome your difficulties. Otherwise, our help comes back; it happens always if you are not receptive enough. If you ask a Master or Angel about something, than accept and receive all what we send to you, because it is life and happiness for you.

We advise every person that turns to us, and there are about 144 thousand of Holy People-Angels, that are our ears, eyes and our tongues. Listen, you people, to advice and tips of the Spiritual Guides that are established from the beginning of the the world, and the number of them is invariable! Listen, you people, to the voice of advice of your Saints, because they are the real Kings of this planet and the Students of internal spiritual Kingdom, and you dream about Love, Juistice and about Peace! Think about our names, think about us as a Communion of the Wise Masters and Communion of Saints! In return, we will send you the rays of inspiration, when you are submerged in the name of Master and when you ask for support and help.

Happiness in your human life is a precious treasure, jewel and pearl. We want every man to be happy and not to suffer, but your actions, thoughts and words, often make you and other people suffer, go through difficulties and misfortune. So contemplate the consequences of your thinking, speaking and acting. Be attentive and watchful; don’t hurt others with words or thoughts, so this subtle power does not become reality. Think more about what you want and don’t take away anything from the others, especially their love, because than you will expose yourself to destruction and loss. Give, and you’ll receive; ask for, and you’ll get what you want! Guard the Happiness! Good health is an inherent part of a Happy living, so avoid anything that leads to illnesses; avoid smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating meat, poultry and fish; avoid it, because the suffering of animals will turn on you. Avoid water poisoned with contaminations and avoid polluting the air. Care about purity of air and water. Pure water, clear air for breathing and optimally healthy nutrition with vegetables, fruits and corn is a great part of Happiness, which is Health. Be Happy in your life, open to your Happiness. People, the Happiness looks for you, so let it enter your Hearts and Lives!

A single thought is a powerful and creative Force, it can be strong and effective, when it is firmly focused and concentrated. Open, you people, to new and creative possibilities. To believe in yourself and in your own possibilities is to have very good basis for good and effective activities. Fears, anxieties and doubts are bad advisers that will ruin you. Don’t ever submit to fears, anxieties or doubts, because if they take over you, they will destroy the Power of your Mind. Fear psychosis is a final state of a person, who submitted unreasonably to fears, anxieties and doubts and it is a state of a person totally destroyed by the phobia of fear. We come and advise obedience to the angelic voices, and they indicate heroic bravery such as brave actions, loving the truth and justice while aspiration for Divinity, and ability of distinguishing Good and Evil. We advise you to choose Good and reject evil in any phase of your development, on each stage of consciousness’ evolution!

A Master comes, when you call him frequently and touches you with his invisible hand of inspiration, support and blessing for Your development and happiness. Accept often the support of invisible hand of our envoy, which brings your joy, equanimity and peace of mind and also supports your efforts to feel harmony. Live with yourself in friendship and mutual understanding, is it so much? Angels live in perfect harmony and friendship, and they don’t have any conflicts, but always aspire to a larger understanding and closeness. The more Good people call somebody a Friend, the bigger Man he is, a Benefactor. Be, you people, for the others Benefactors in every matter. Be loyal and faithful to those, who keep their hope in you and trust you. Be sincere and open while searching for Good and rejecting Evil! Open your Hearts and be strong on the Path and keep Integrity. Have positive thoughts and impressions; study the art of strong concentration and focusing, so your Mind could become a real power! Be aware of wizardry, black magic, which includes narcotic trances and visions caused by floral substances or drugs, because then bad spirits and bad forces take over you, they are the demons that will finally destroy you. Be sober and conscious, keep your mind clear and stay away from alcohol and hallucinogenic plants (mushrooms and herbs). Black magic is forbidden for people, so they could not become an instrument or medium in the hands of evil, also the evil of subtle, elusive nature. Abnegate drugs and their visions, and you’ll find yourself soon on the appropriate Path of Good and Happiness!

Forget all that was bad, but remember and happily recollect what was good, and soon you’ll enjoy a better life! Do not condemn people, do not curse them, but only their mistakes or abhorrent activities, wish Good and Health to everybody until you learn how to distinguish good and evil. Focus frequently and firmly on anything Good that has happened in your life and be kind for your relatives and friends.  And above all, be happy about every progress of good people and their every single successes! Be calm and self-possessed while calculating evil and don’t hesitate to criticize or combat it! Choosing Good and rejecting evil is the Path, and all that hurts us and causes suffering is usually evil!

Listen to our guide-post so that you will not be wrong. Walk the straight Path leading to the Truth. Always reprimand your children with love if they deviate to doubtful area, but never punish them because of anger. Be strong with the force of spirit against evil! The fast is very helpful to meditation or prayer, and non-eating can be practiced by everyone without any preparations even throughout one week. If you want to spend a day on meditations or prayers, simply don’t eat anything that day. It will strengthen the power of Will and cause the increase of prayer’s power, increase of Mind’s power. Spiritual people on higher stages of knowledge eat less, in fact they consume only one meal before the noon and that is a real sign of progress and development. Who nourishes with the Light of rising and setting Sun, has a lot of Energy, and most of you, people, search for the nourishment of Light and Energy of Life!

The power of Mind, power of Will can be increased and developed by focusing all thoughts on chosen goal, and also by the fasting with intention to achieve this goal. This is a very powerful and very simple method. Concentration on the purpose draws like a magnet all you need to achieve it! Focusing on the object, your aspiration, not on the obstacles that you meet while realizing your goal, must be a subject of your daily thinking. Aspire and achieve – achieving goals is a sign of the higher level of your internal development. Ability to achieve all that you have planned is a measure of your real development. It is the growth of your mental level of spiritual power. It is faith, with which everything becomes possible. However, in the beginning we advise you to exercise with smaller goals and smaller aspirations.

Who thinks about illness, enlarges it, who wants to be healthy and thinks about health, heals quickly and gets sick rarely. Think about Health and about your Happiness! Think about growth and future, think about all that is Good and leads to Peace!

Himalaya Master

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