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Renewing and reforming is a phenomenon continuously present among human societies, it is like a fight of dark forces with the forces of progress. The friction and duality between the forces of resistance and protest are characteristic for civilisations living on the edge, between the worlds of good and evil. Still even a human creature can sometimes rise between the Gods of heaven, to higher, spiritual dimensions of being with his own efforts! An average man is usually tired by day to day struggle with adversities and resistances of reactionary forces, conservative forces, that protest against all progress and changes. There are tens of thousands of innovative inventions and patents, which could be very helpful for humanity; however, dark forces of reaction and exploitation try to prevent what is advantageous and good for the whole society and the whole humanity. There are many examples of it, such as the possibility of burning spirit in the engines of vehicles instead of using poisoning varieties of petrol. And we, as Spiritual Guides of Humanity encourage all the people of good, truth and progress to active actions in the field of popularizing and accustoming useful inventions, and also to fight for eliminating everything that is harmful for humanity and the whole biological environment! Whoever hears our silent voice, the call in the heart, should go for the Great Battle of the World against darkness, which is present in the everyday lives of all people: they should take part in the fight for healthy food, clear drinking water without chlorine or fluorine, clear air to breathe with, without poisonous fumes, life in peace without any wars; these are not minor things to do!

The sign of spiritualization, sign of beginning of spiritual, internal development, awakening the heart is visible in increased sensitivity, care about what is happening with the environment, nature, also sensitivity and reaction to the elements of nature. People who take the first step to internal development and begin to feel the soil, water, wind, fire and spirit in their hearts, they start to feel the harmony or disharmony in nature and feel the harmfulness of many pollutions. The forces of the world gain a lot of allies in various fronts of this fight for good and progress, which is called by the seeing people the final Battle for saving the green planet Gaya from annihilation and devastation. People moved by the breath of soil element will fight for healthy and unpolluted natural food and they will step forward against poisoning pesticides used for plants protection or against polluting the soil. They will demand transforming various beautiful places on Earth into parks and reserves. A spontaneous cult of Mother Earth will appear along with the need of unity with the planet, the need of respect and gratefulness for Earth because of its crops and the work it does to feed and clothe all human beings. People moved by the breath of water element will promote drinking clear water and fight with industry wastes which pollute rivers and lakes, they will step forward against building dams or throwing away poisoning substances straight to the seas or oceans, they will like to relax listening to the rain or the sea wave sounds, which brings inspiration! They will actively fight for protecting numerous endangered species of animals. They will encourage the others to take winter baths in the sea or to have natural showers under waterfalls, or to dance in a flush of ecstasy in  a pouring rain. These are very interesting attitudes of people, who are open to internal development, and we pay attention to them, bless them, support and inspire them, so that they could do as much as possible for the nature and the planet according with their feelings, sensitivity and strength of their beautiful hearts.

While people sensitive to soil element like minerals, precious stones or crystals, people inspired by water draw their vital force from natural water reservoirs, from the rain, streams or sea waves and they prefer to listen to the healing sound of a sea shell or a mountain stream. There are also people sensitive to fiery element; they enjoy fire, heat, sunbathing, the sun and they search for the source of heat, energy, inspiration there. They want to make sure that all the burning materials are not toxic for environment, people and nature. Twelve kinds of wood were considered in antiquity as appropriate for burning sacrificial fire, by which religious and cultural meetings of local societies used to take place. And those, who are inspired by the fire, care about its purity, therefore, they will not burn toxic of harmful substances and rubbish, in order to prevent the nature from ruin and destruction caused by using up materials such as fuel, produced in harmful exploitation. Inspiration of wind is connected with high-flown, lofty thoughts and with healthy, clean air for breathing. An arrangement of parks and gardens and protection of places which stand out because of the climate and the air is a well known phenomenon which is as useful as the old art of healing with water, balneotherapy, successfully used by spas and resorts. Searching for possibility of drawing energy from the wind or extreme experiences in the air are also inspirations of the wind element, similarly to the need of protesting against vehicles, planes, rockets, or bombs poisoning the air. Fighting against Freon or smoking cigarettes can be the inspiration of air as well as installing filters on toxic chimneys and exhaust pipes at cars, and promoting wind power stations.

The 5th element is a spirit, light, sound, ether or space and here we have both people who protest against littering the universe and also supporters of the silence in the towns, at work and on air, so they support radio silence at least at night! On the other hand, the promoters of communication by means of the light, in infra-red radiation or with the help of light-wires are also inspired by ethereal spirit of the fifth element. There are many sections of sensitivity and activity for the profit of nature and the whole planet, and, apart from that, what inspires the element’s spirit are also the issues from the borderline, generated by two or three elements together, because the spirits willingly inspire all the people, who only listen with their tender hearts to a silent whisper that makes it possible to understand the needs of environment, nature and humanity. But we rather want to combine many actions and to make people realise that different actions for the nature add up to much bigger entity and behind these actions such as protesting against harmful companies, technologies or investments there is the pure force of nature itself, the Mother Nature or Mother Earth, which inspires people who are mature enough to cooperate with Entity which is the Gaya planet. We encourage people to broaden the horizons or their feeling and thinking. When loving or defending dogs they could also remember about pigs and stop eating them, and also remember about the water and stop poisoning it with toxic soaps or poisonous washing powders. And while saving the whales, probably the first of all species that God created in oceans, it is good to make sure that the ship with the protesters will not harmfully pollute the air or the water with its fumes, and will not kill other fish apart from the whale!

The fifth element spirit, ether, light, sound as it is differently called, besides of its specific sensitivity allows for seeing many issues from a wider, global perspective, and it helps to notice double-faced people who walk in the nature reserve and fight for another landscape park with a cigarette in the mouth, polluting the air and ozonosphere or forgetting that the tyres production also pollutes the air, soil and environment.

Renewing and reforming is very important, and the sensitive people, people with open hearts always easily find new, good, progressive, cleaner and better possibilities. And this is the direction of developing sensitivity that everyone should keep. Those that fight against goose fattening for livers should help those who defend the wolf, as well as those who support the shelters for birds, to have a wider insight. If we understand the fact that narrow specializations have dehumanised medicine and doctors, even nature-therapists, who instead of the combination of a number of methods begin to promote the only right, narrow therapy, than it is easier to understand the need for broadening the horizons, drawing inspiration not only from one element and to see the necessity for a global view on the whole planet.

We encourage to contemplate all these issues and take part in every Fight, every Battle for progress, improvement, because, in fact, the spiritually developed are those who act and win, those who succeed in every good case, and do not cry over their failures. Be brave, you human soul, be courageous, feel, observe and fight, act and work for the profit of the World and Progress and against Evil or Reactionism. The philosophy of nature, eco-philosophy, harmony with the nature’s element on Earth, harmonising with the elements is the first step towards the direction of the Mysteries  of Life and learning the Secret of Creation. The first step makes you a Pilgrim of the Everlasting Spiritual Path!

Himalaya Master

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