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According to the ancient spiritual stories of Indians, it was Great Angel named Quetzalcoatl who gave people Xocolatl, Cocoa, when he adopted a human body and descended to Earth to help people. Heavens are very gracious, and higher creatures coming to the Earth, to humankind, gave people many good and useful things. Cocoa plant, which has versatile healing functions, for sure is one of these profits and it’s a beverage of gods, angels, heavens. Cocoa heals, it really helps in about 100 various diseases and ailments, and that’s why people should try this wonderful natural remedy and learn to use it appropriately. Every food of gods, angels (because gods in plural are simply angels and archangels) comes to us from Paradise, from the Garden of Eden and in some way is a remedy for many ailments of humankind. You mustn’t eat or drink Cocoa with saccharin, with white sugar, because this kind of sugar causes many illnesses like caries, acidosis, pancreas disturbances or problems with blood and sight. You can use Cocoa with honey, which has natural healing saccharides, or with glucose, which doesn’t have a destructive influence of saccharin that is poisonous for health. You shouldn’t drink Cocoa with animal milk, because then it loses most of its healing features, and you should remember about these restrictions, because milk causes sick addiction, and conditions human organism to addictions, that’s why drinking it is additionally unadvisable. Saccharides in honey or fruit, like glucose or fructose generally have positive influence. You should definitely avoid multi-saccharides, because of their pathogenic and destructive effects on organism’s immunity, which Cocoa, the Divine beverage, increases.

Cocoa powder, used to prepare the beverage or cocoa soup with fruit and without disaccharides and milk, is an iron rule for using healing and positive features of Cocoa. Cocoa beverages should be seasoned with vanilla, honey, corn flour, chilli, flower petals, cinnamon, tapioca, flour from orchid bulbs, and strong cocoa beverage can be sipped with cool water. Cocoa prevents from caries, and saccharin causes caries, because disaccharides such as saccharose create environment for putrid processes and bacteria that destroy teeth. Those who need to sweeten Cocoa should use honey with minimal amount of disaccharides and big amount of monosaccharides such as fructose or glucose! Magnesium that Xocolatl, the drink of gods, angels from the Garden of Eden includes, regulates the efficiency of neural cells, and zinc and selenium contained in Cocoa increase the emission of endorphins – anaesthetizing substances, which decrease the level of tension and stress. Cocoa is relaxing and amusing. There are E and B vitamins in Cocoa, and also phosphor, potassium and calcium in an easily digestible form! Cocoa contains some amounts of caffeine and theobramine, which in a healthy way join the features of black coffee and black tea, act as an energizer and get rid of apathy. At the same time, Xocolatl is not as toxic as black coffee and black tea. Marihuana amateurs should be reminded that Cocoa contains the same substances as Cannabis, but in a smaller, homeopathic healing dose, that’s why Cocoa increases the flow of energy, slightly amuses, and has a relaxing and anti-depressive effects, it removes the pain caused by breaking up or other difficult emotional experiences. Phenylalanine, known as F hormone, causes euphoric states, the state of being in love, because it’s a substance emitted while being in love. F hormone causes a state of elation, similarly to amphetamine, but without any destructive side effects characteristic for long lasting use of amphetamine. This is the superiority of natural, divine medicine, side effects are eliminated or minimised to a harmless level!

Eating chocolate without sugar or milk as a cocoa beverage or cocoa soup with fruit improves the mood, causes the feeling of contentment, relaxation, it lights up the mind and increases the flow of energy, removes the blockades of energy, makes one feel as if slightly tipsy. For a successful private party you should serve strong cocoa from the beginning, seasoned strongly and tastefully. Ancient Indian kings ate bigger amounts of Xocolatl before going to harem, because cocoa mixtures are good aphrodisiac, and often drinking appropriately made cocoa enables keeping erotic efficiency till old age. Undoubtedly, children frequently drinking Xocolatl will have no need to drink alcohol, which is more addictive to those who eat saccharides, and they’ll have no need to try marihuana and amphetamine as cocoa makes for the healing effects of those substances. And also they will experience love in more mature way, without an addiction of constant falling in love with someone new. Xocolatl prevents human organism from cancer, heart diseases, stimulates the immune system to appropriate work, eases rheumatic pains, has anti-depressive features, improves concentration, heals diarrhoeas, delays sclerosis changes, relieves neurotic exhaustion, heals anaemia, removes digestion problems, these are only a few features that can be healed with cocoa beverages or soups! Iron in cocoa prevents from anaemia and fatigue, so Xocolatl is a good beverage for workaholics and bitter people in depressions! Drinking cocoa improves the feeling of safety and decreases the harmful tendencies of being a victim of life and the surrounding.

Not only is cocoa butter a good product for buttering bread, but also very effective ointment improving wounds healing. Butter should be clarified, so melted before mixing with cocoa and making cocoa butter or paste, which cannot include disaccharides such as saccharin, white sugar. Cocoa mixed with ash from a bonfire is a great remedy for diarrhoea and other problems with alimentary canal. Cocoa oil is a perfect cosmetic product, which lights up complexion, and purifies the skin. Cocoa butter is also good as rejuvenating cosmetic. Well made beverages or cocoa products, such as healthy, sugar-free chocolate help to think prospectively, widely, quickly and brightly, it soothes and tightens interpersonal relationships. Xocolatl helps being grateful, showing kindness, create a romantic mood and improve the quality of lifestyle. Cocoa is a healing and pro-healthy product, used and tested by whole generations of Indian shamans. Catholic monks promoted adding sugar in order to hide or prevent the spread of popularity of cocoa, but such bad habits, which annihilate the power of this remedy, should be avoided as they are harmful. Many outstanding European and American thinkers, scientists and inventors are gourmets of original Indian cocoa recipes, under their influence they discovered the opening or sublimation of thoughts, caused by beverage of gods, which cocoa is.

During breaking up or other difficult life situations, after the death of intimates, during hard diseases, you should always drink bigger amounts of cocoa, similarly during examination time or other effort. Cocoa with honey is a very good beverage for meditating and praying people, so they could keep the balance of spirit and an appropriate mood, and stay in god health despite the asceticism. During drug detox, cocoa neutralizes the needs of addicted people and heals them. The advantage of cocoa is the fact that the amount of caffeine is so little that even after eating a lot of cocoa there is no possibility of a hard disease called caffeinosis, characteristic for many people who drink black coffee. Caffeinosis is pollution of organism with caffeine or other similar products, which appears with such symptoms as vomits, general impulsiveness or over-impulsiveness, over-sensitivity to touch, fast heart beat, fast breathing, problems with muscle coordination, convulsions, weakness, comma, chronic fatigue or sudden death syndrome. Drinking a lot of black coffee is usually exhausting and can destroy the drinker psychically and physically. Choosing Xocolatl, Cocoa, is choosing health and long life, because god’s food, which cocoa is, by eliminating many diseases, can prolong your life.

There are no limits for human gratitude for good angel Quetzalcoatl who gave humankind the priceless gift, the seed of a cacao tree, he brought the heavenly bush from the Garden of Eden, from a higher and better world, where angelic beings live and care about health and choose, what’s good. The message of eating god’s food, drinking god’s beverage without toxic unnecessary additions as white sugar or cow’s milk is clear for every intelligent man that cares about his health, his children and his family! Spread this message, not only among Indian lifestyle lovers or spiritual people, for whom the natural, preventive medicine is a normal daily lifestyle. Your life and your health is in your hands and in you have the ability of choosing and using what’s good and profitable, although we could say much, much more about the healing influence of cocoa!

Himalaya Master

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