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In the modern world, trust towards institutionalised religions is significantly falling down, while the people’s need to find true, uncorrupted authorities and spiritual leaders is rising, which is visible through a big number of religious movements, esoteric groups as well as the whole movement of New Age! Spiritual leaders and priests of all kinds can be only advised to promote themselves, in accordance with the worldly needs, the needs of generations of incarnated human beings, in an institutionless, private and totally social way, since the human world is a place which needs personal, not institutional promotion, like in the Age of Pisces. This change is one of the characteristic features of the age of dawn, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, the transition of the humankind from the old institutionalised world into the world of groups and communities organised around charismatic, spiritual personalities and healthy examples of inner lives. Ideas must be promoted and spread because good and useful ideas represented by geniuses and outstanding personalities gather people of the contemporary world, the people of the new order and social structure, which will be based on democratic negotiations and realisation of common plans, accepted in agreement of all the parties!

Building a New World, creating new order and social structure will be also based on building totally new spiritual and religious culture on the grounds of spontaneously appearing religiousness of the new age. Religiousness that on the one hand will be suited to individual needs of a human being, on the other hand, will be based on all the universal moral and spiritual values included in all the authentically revealed, cosmic spiritually-religious cultures, such as Vedic religiousness, yoga, tantra, taoism or sufism, where important laws and natural rules are respected and constantly reminded of by charismatic personalities and revelations, visions of spiritual kind. Humankind of the Age of Aquarius will gradually get rid of the most harmful perversions and pathologies such as cannibalism, meat-eating, drug addiction, drunkenness and nicotinism as well as perverted sexual phobias targeted against women and natural human instincts. Violence rate will become smaller along with the effective and widely promoted healthy lifestyle, vegetarianism, fasting, herbalism, psychotherapy and mediation in case of problems, along with the progress of moral education based on the everlasting Five Rules resembling the Five-Petal Flower. New World Order will be based on the rules of peace, on pacifism, and mandatory military service and teaching how to kill must disappear from the world and be changed into education of peaceful life, consensus and moral rules of creating a peaceful atmosphere with coexistence of people of all races and cultures.

Ahinsa as a rule of non-harming will be gradually inculcated in the human masses through the common educational system that will not only teach about the necessity of abolishing the death penalty but also about vegetarian education from the nursery school and through all the school years. Creative neutralisation of tensions, stresses and aggression through yoga relaxation will finally minimalise interhuman conflicts to the marginal level, which will be a result of the work of every social educator, even the one that teaches the simplest, interreligious relaxation or transcendental psychotherapy embracing the sphere of sacrum, the sphere of religious experiences, which is the base of health and healing.

Satya as the rule of truth, the rule eliminating falseness and lies, especially among politicians, journalists, judges will clearly lead the humankind to spirituality. And freedom of speech joined with a ban on lying and tampering with the reality, e.g. by historians, is a base for the health of mind of every human being. Honesty, integrity and reliability are all the aquarius signs of openness and sincerity and truthfulness of a healthy human individual. Politically organized systems will be changed through decentralisation of the management to the small local communities and eliminating the rules in accordance with the elementary human laws, such as the right to live and freedom and in accordance with the common sense, and the society will have control over their delegates at every stage of their work, which will eliminate corruption.

Asteya, not stealing, as a moral rule originates from the right education, from care about human beings psychical health, as well as from the elimination of exploitation, social-fiscal exploitation, and caring about fulfillment of the basic needs of all the members of society as well as solid education to honest work, upbringing with respect to the worth of work, which is remunerated according to the honestly negotiated rules. The companies where all the workers decide together about sharing the income make the workers care more about their work and the company as well as give the feeling of honest earnings, they eliminate the feeling of exploitation, that is why, the future lies in cooperatives during the whole Age of Aquarius, all over the world. Everybody cares about the common good, which lets everybody live and share profits, and sharing is what working together is in the spirit of Aquarius, in the spirit of the coming era that is already changing the world. Eliminating the fiscal exploitation, freedom to sponsor the organisational social structures is a basic element of a freedom revolution within the whole human society, because the natural laws allow for sponsoring the poor and the ill, while the structures of the country only in the amount not higher than tithe. More and more artistically-spiritual professions will tend to obtain free sponsoring by more technologically advanced societies, and the work of machines will result in the world’s common welfare, lawfulness and peace.

Religion will undergo the biggest transformation, and all centralised sectarian systems that remind Shiite, catholic or Buddhist fanatism will disappear as they can be compared to great harlots and harmful Babylon of this world, and they will be replaced by authentic mystical spirituality, gnosa, esoteria and hermetism based on healthy and strong leadership of charismatic spiritual teachers, since great avatars and prophets stronger than ever will come to earth. The Celebration of New Moon or the Celebration of Saturday will be widely spread and well-known to all humankind as the natural, primal spiritual celebrations of humanity, the similar change will happen in case of the four days that begin new seasons, namely the Celebrations of Solstice and Equinox (the First Day of Winter and Summer and the Celebration of Spring and Autumn)! Organising people in supranational organisations of nations and countries, removing the boarders, is a base for aquarian power uniting the whole humankind into one organism of the whole planet and universal civilisation of the Galaxy. Today everybody can invite a group of people and create a group of aquarian religiousness based on the domestic rosary or common meditation gathering of people in the spirit of ecumenism and reconciliation above all the churches and religious associations which can be chracterised by fanatism and the fight for money from donations or church taxes. We are organized around the idea of peace and freedom, love, cooperation, wisdom, ecology and protection of the environment, around the holy creatures and spiritual masters without fanatism, above the religious systems which are entangled in exploitation, terrorism and pedophile perversions or alcoholism.

The poet Słowacki, the spiritual master of Slovenes, one of the biggest Indo-European spiritual cultures, predicted that Poland will give rise to a universal, suprareligious ecumenic spiritual teaching of the New Age, even of the New Century and Millennium, and we fulfill these expectations of the nations oppressed by the pseudo-religious and military-fiscal exploitation which are hungry for freedom, unification and peace, not for annexation!

The final end of the inquisition, the satanic-vatican phenomenon directed against sexual freedom and enjoying erotic life, against searching the spiritual truth and common ecumenism of the people of all creeds will be the a turning point, the biggest aquarian revolution and the autumn of all the nations, the social revolution against the oppression, exploitation and inquisition. Spiritually and religiously oriented people will fraternize with each other regardless of the race or skin colour or faith, giving rise to new common religiousness based on the knowledge, understanding and personal enlightenment and unselfish service to the others, because the people must be freed from the darkness of jealousy, rivalry and egoism, and Friendship must become, in accordance with the spirit of the age, the basic value of the individuals and nations!

Himalaya Master

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