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Alternative natural and complementary medicine, sciences and socio-ecological activities, spiritual development programmes, modern psychological therapies of synthetic or Transpersonal character, trainings and therapies on love relationships, clubs of anonymous alcoholics and support groups for victims of assaults, robberies or toxic sects and their rapes together create a general picture of the progressive development trend of contemporary human civilization. When we add to this picture also modern, pure inventions like solar batteries, laser and light technology or ecological fuels like spirit, which gives out water steam that is so useful, or appliances used for relaxing or magnetic healing, we get a view of the early sunrise of the Age of Aquarius, and we have to consider carefully what the Age of Aquarius should be like, to separate the useful seed of Good from the harmful cockle of Evil.

Fashion for relaxation, psychoanalysis or deep psychotherapy, trainings of overcoming stress, therapy of progress and gestalt, deep, shaman and simultaneously scientific progressive ecology, these are the signs of time. The signs of powerful Cultural-Scientific Revolution, which is particularly needed to disperse the conservative, dark forces so that the humanity could enter a new phase of development, a new phase of consciousness’ evolution. People used to counting months from payment date to payment date and years from holidays to holidays, counting time to retirement, forget about a bigger scale of time connected with civilization, although European Greek culture measures the civilization time with a so called Plato year lasting over 25 thousands of years. Every Plato year is divided into 12 months, which means that every Plato month lasts over 2 thousands years!

In European culture, from the astronomic point of view every Plato month is an Age. Now the Age of Pisces is coming to an end, and the Age of Aquarius is going to begin soon. Scientifically speaking, we are close to the turning point of a civilization month, one of whose 30 days lasts about 70 years. So if we divide the period of over 2 thousands of years into 30 equal time periods, an every turning point of civilization is obviously a period of storm, pressure, social, cultural, technical and ethnical transformations. The beginning, the Sunrise of Age, or if you prefer Plato-months of Aquarius, is an Age of cosmic flights, computers, robots, lasers and magnetic fields, and obviously not all these inventions will be in the hands of Good forces and Good people, so the atomic Age is also the Age of Aquarius.

The idea of the Age of Aquarius, then the Age of Capricorn, the idea of Plato year is popular not only in the European culture, since it comes from Greece, but it was also well-known in the culture of India, Tibet, China and Persia, so we can say it’s a phenomenon present in the whole Eurasia, which from Western Europe and South-East Asia slowly becomes a United Community, whose manifestation was also the Soviet Union and   Comecon, so the Community of Social Countries. We know that according to the native American Indians year 2012 is supposed to be the turning point year, when the old Age of Pisces will finally come to an end, and it’s social, cultural, religious and military structures will turn to ashes, so that something totally new could grow and appear there, a new planetary civilization of the whole, united human society.

The symbol of the Age of Pisces is well-known and it refers to the Christian social order, which since the 60ties of the twentieth century has slowly become to decay and disappear, and the sunrise of the New Age of Humanity creates the need for searching for new rules and social order, but still the Age of Aquarius, according to Greek philosophers, is always the beginning of better and more enlightened half of each Plato year, and we call it the Golden Age, which is12 thousands of years, and even a little more long, and consists of six Plato months, called astronomical Ages. An interesting fact here is the existence of a 70 years cycle, which is described both in the Bible and in many Indian or old Chinese scripts. From the point of view of the civilization calendar it is more or less one Plato day and at the same time the average length of life for most people, although the longevity is easily achieved for humans, for example by healthy, vegetarian nutrition, peaceful lifestyle, breathing exercises and sense of humor in life. 

Plato year, the coming of astronomical Aries point into Aquarius zodiac sign, is a well-known scientific phenomenon, because even Egyptian astronomers could indicate the beginnings of old Ages – Plato months, and we have scientifically described the Age of Gemini, Taurus and Aries, and also the characteristics of the Age of Pisces even before its beginning. Religious ancient cultures mention that with the sunrise of every of 12 Ages of Plato year a great man known and famous Prophet – Messiah, Avatar, appears on Earth, and we know that in the beginning of our Age Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) appeared as a Prophet of the Age. The Annunciation of Advent and the message, plenty of prophecies of the beginning of the Age of Aquarius claim that there will appear a new, great-spirited Guide showing the Path for next 2 thousand years, such information have escalated since the first half of XIX century. So we can slowly open and wait for Another Advent, Avatar, Divine, Great-Spirited Creature, which will be the personification of Love, Mercy and Good. 

Technical progress, that flourishes, especially the light technologies, lasers and computer as well as bio-cybernetic techniques is a sign of the turning point of civilization which we are facing, and similarly the possibility of cosmic flights or communication, so nobody can say that the phenomenon referring to the coming of the Age of Aquarius doesn’t refer to him personally. The key to the Spirit of the Age of Aquarius is Synthesis and appearance of new, interdisciplinary fields of knowledge like biocenotics, cosmobiology, psychosynthesis or gravitation-quantum physics and Synthesis, the process of logical deduction is and will be the engine of science, art and technical progress, despite the fact of degeneration in the fields of knowledge, art, science and religion during the final period of the Age of Pisces.

The desperate attempts to rescue Christianity, that is falling down, by the Second Vatican Council or ecumenical conferences in fact didn’t work at all and nothing can stop the powerful wave of Religious Reformation, which results in plenty of New Religious Movements showing the essence of religiousness by Spiritual Power, not by speculative theology and philosophy of the Middle Ages with the stigma of two Fishes. God will reform the whole religious face of the planet Earth through his Saints and Prophets and everyone who doesn’t want to be forgotten as rubbish of the Age of Pisces must join the New Reformation and creation of the Universal Human Religion based of Syncretism and Common, Universal Moral Values.

We’re at the doorstep of epoch-making events and we must be very conscious of them, seeing clearly all that brings progress and development, and also equal rights for people, equality of sexes and social safety and social welfare for all the inhabitants of the planet Earth. The destruction of old exploitative-political structures is now an unavoidable need of the present!

Himalaya Master

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