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Every day we speak to all humanity, but not many people can hear our silent whisper in their Hearts. We call to all the people, but only the Good can hear our voice and come to us. Despite our incessant calls, we gather only very advanced souls, which are able to hear and react to our calling. Chaos and darkness of human minds must become brightened with the Light, so that the people could realize our existence and react to our summoning to the Land of Eternal Happiness and Peace. If only we could feel our Soul or Self a little, for sure we could also become more open to the Voice from Higher Dimensions, but do people miss us and aspire to us? The Path is for us like rising in Fraternity, Serving our dearest people and friends, and above all our Masters and their Students.

Explore yourself, people, and your own memories, focus on what was Good and Profitable in your life. Look into your own inside, your memory and be happy with every manifestation of Good that had place in your life. Explore your own Hearts, refresh the fundaments of Goodness and so your life will creatively change for good. Be aware and keep away from evil, but don’t be afraid or scared. Every Saturday sum up your whole week and remember everything good or wonderful that had happened in the previous week, be joyful and happy about it. Let the Good focus inside you, keep inside the Good events in order to build a better future based on Humanism.

Humanism is every activity that contributes to the good of another man, every positive support for dearest people, friends, strangers, those who are left and lonely! People, be humanitarian and don’t let anyone die of hunger or thirst, either a child or an animal. No child can feel abandoned or hungry. Adopt children who are not wanted, so they could have happy and joyous childhood, otherwise you manifest the signs of the lack of humanism. Don’t kill animals either for fun or for the food, because every suffering you cause to a breathing creature will change into ruining poverty and suffering for you and for the next generations, even if you only use the body of a dead animal.

People, don’t cheat one another, because who sheds the blood, his blood will be shed as well, and who drinks the blood, the one kills his life himself! Animals are to help you, to give you milk or wool, to help at work, but you have to treat them well, like your younger brothers or younger sisters. Let them live till the end of their life in a natural way, don’t oppress or torture them, because such behavior is a sign of your losing humanity. A Good Shepherd cares for his animals, and doesn’t let any of his beloved suffer, because the milk and wool are for the people, and the meat only for vermin!

People, aspire to Wisdom, to Understanding and to Knowledge. Gather the Knowledge, study and explore Sciences, read and listen to the Learned Masters and Geniuses! Focusing on the Knowledge and searching for the Knowledge relieves suffering and lengthens the life of every human creature! Search for the Gold of true Knowledge and Wisdom, because the only masters are Masters of Wisdom, of great power, of understanding and assimilating the Knowledge. Explore and search, and keep everything Good, and that will soon bring you great profits. Even in simple folk Wisdom, in aphorisms, great knowledge and experience is hidden which can help avoiding mistakes and misfortune. 

People searching the path to us, think well about each other and support each other. People of the Path always help each other in difficulties, so that the Path could be easier, and so they support each other with a good word of encouragement and with a practical act. And the greatest Good lies in supporting the Mission of the Master of Wisdom and Power, or His Students who live on this Earth. Be friends of the Path and become a Family of Friends. Who is on the Path, is not alone, and the people of the Path frequently and willingly meet together to Pray and Meditate, which makes them united like the two sides of one coin! Who helps our friends, helps us and stays on the side of Light.

Beware of chaos, darkness, blackness, everything that is brown or grey. Search for beautiful rainbow colors and the play of pure Sunlight. Wear pretty clothes, bright and colorful, so that your auras, the glows of your self could become bright and colorful. Make yourself more vital through beautiful colors of rainbow glamour, so that you could be healthy, strong and happy, because only a spiritual man is effective and efficient. Strong spirit has the force to live and work, and the weak one has no force to live or work, or to perform any effective and powerful activity. The bigger spirit and the higher level of advance in practice means greater skills and power, the higher level of possibilities in practice. When you see great achievements and plenty of work done, then you see a spiritually advanced person!

The greatness of a man is measured by his achievements, the work he has and his overcoming the social and civilization restrictions. Those who do more build our work, and in “doing nothing” we only see a sick man or a bad spirit. Search for Good, Positive Energy, and it is the creative energy of great work! This is the way of manifestation of the older, advanced souls on Earth and of those who get inspiration from Higher Dimensions, but only from the Good creatures, because the astromental world, like the world of people, also has its Good and bad inhabitants. Not every inspiration from Cosmos comes from the forces of Good and Light, and you must check whether your inspirations come from Good Creatures, because they could come from bad spirits of the airy space, which is above you in the atmosphere, and sometimes they can even produce luminous phenomena, to allure you. Search for spiritual Guides with great achievements.

The one, who has done nothing great to us, for sure doesn’t belong to us, nor does the one who doesn’t support us. People of this Earth, do something for your Good Health and for decreasing your suffering, drink pure water, nourish healthy with vegetarian food given to you by Heavens, and they are vegetables, fruits, cereal, seeds, milk, honey and wholemeal bread! In the higher levels of spirit evolution there will remain only fruits which grow on trees, because the Tree of Life is a donor of the most important food of a man! And if you’re spiritual, for sure you don’t eat more often than once a day, before noon, and you frequently fast, because all adepts of soul and self development schools fast at least once a week, because such is the nature of a human organism, one day a week it needs to rest from eating and even from drinking!

We show you an easy and simple Way of growth and development, but listen to us so that you do not lose your way. This holy tradition started in the ancient times, where candidates of the Path gathered at the time of the New Moon to listen to the Lessons of Masters and their Students and to renew themselves in order to reach a higher level of evolution. And meeting once a month for a few hours is nothing hard to organize, on the contrary it is very easy for everybody. About the time of the New Moon everyone gathers, Masters of Spirit, Prophets, Saints and the Blessed, and the Students of the Path, to celebrate the Cult of Sun, Love, Power and to get strengthened on the Path of Enlightenment. The time of New Moon is the time of purification, and the time of Full Moon is the time of gathering and cultivating the Path of Enlightenment.

Remember our simple directions and our life tips, so that you could live a happy life, and so that your life could become better, and you could overcome every storm on the Path of the Spirit, because the one who is lost at the time of storm, he is lost forever. And we Bless you with Goodness!

Himalaya Master

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