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Bhaishajya is practice of spiritual psychotherapy and psycho-education, widely comprehended perfecting the mind, healing by the power of breath, art of affirmation and self-suggestion, creative welfare, well-being and happiness, magic of creative visualization, healing the pain of broken hearts, spiritual development of faith healer, use of healing vibrations of mantras (sound phrases); art of relaxation, transcendental techniques of healing. Power of mind, speech, magnetism, thought, sound, all in the service for self-help and self-healing. Ancient recipes of Rishi and Sufi. Creating Rings of Healing Power (Bhai-Chakra). Holy Spirit (Chaitanya) and charismatic spiritual healing in the religions of the world. Art of intercession prayers, pleas and intentions for sick and dying. Traditional initiations in the Consciousness of Healing Master (Bhaishajya Guru). Secret Power of Vidura (Lapis Lazuli).

Bhaishajya Yoga is highly recommended for graduates of eastern systems of healing straight from India, Tibet, China and Japan. Yoga of Healing exists as the oldest and the most source system of initiations, that serves to developing the potential of healing power. Persons, who have finished various courses of Mind Perfecting, Polarits, Reiki, Maori Massage, Shiat-su, Do-In, Rebirthing or persons who have acquainted themselves deeper with the grounds of China or Tibet natural medicine, and who would like to consider Ancient Art of Healing as their own path of internal development can make it by participating in grand-source of all these systems, which is Healing Yoga of Bhaishajya Guru, also called the Buddha of Medicine or Archangel Raphael.

Dikshan – initiation transmission that forms introduction to healing practice of Perfect Health Land of Bhaishajya Guru (Archangel Raphael) and the blessing for making it deepen to yours and others advantage. Transmission of Healing Power can be received only during at least 2-days (weekends) workshops of Healing Yoga. It’s worth remembering that both Buddhist healing system (like Reiki) or Christian healing system are only the scraps of ancient, seven-levelled, traditional Yoga of Health and Longevity of Bhaishajya – Raphael. Opening heart and mind for receiving divine mercy and all-healing power. But this is only the first step.

Bhaishajya Puja  (healing Ceremony) – It is given as an art of calling for all-healing Power of God and it exists as the fundament of internal action of all people who practice this special form of yoga, given by Himalaya Light. Spiritual exercises and healing practices serve to bringing back harmony in the body and mind of a human, by forming the shape of good health and well-being on each plane of psychophysical individual human. Yoga means reconciliation of all parts and aspects of human creature in one entirety. Yoga of Healing and Longevity is synchronization of all psychical and physical organs of human creature reciprocally like with Great Spirit and Universal Life.

Art of spiritual healing is based on methods used by spiritual Healers of humanity in all ages and all spiritual traditions, especially these which come from Indo-European culture including Indians (Indoarias), Slavs, Balts, Persians, Celts, Germans, Greeks, and Romans. We, Indoarias, at the beginning of our grand-historical root, should always remember about longing of the soul leading us to Vedic studies and practice, where is our source and our spirit. Rules and laws governing spiritual healing are given during Bhaishajya Yoga workshops, so they can be practically used in your own life.

The purpose of Bhaishajya Samaj is awakening humanity for deeper realization powerful force of Holy Spirit (Brahmanah) for healing and for achieving better shape of physical and psychical health and also higher level of fulfilling God’s rules (Brahman). Basic rule is this form of yoga is that soul (purusha, pure jewel) is Divine Breath (Brih): it purifies, enlivens and heals the tools, because of which it functions.

The mission of Bhaishajya Samaj members is giving helping hand to sick or dying people, to all who have got stuck in the bog of arduousness and negativity (klesha). Basic work is effective helping to yourself always if there is such need. Elimination of vyadhi, the corporal or psychical illness or ailment, means basic work in spiritual development of human creature on the path pf healing. A healer must develop great posture of Karuna, a posture of Sympathy and Mercy for suffering people, existing in pain and misery.

Conscious dying is a part of healing process of the soul, hospice help to dying people on their way to eternity is a part of healing work of Bhaishajya Samaj. These practices are called the Art of Longevity and Eternal Youth, and also the Art of Conscious Leaving the Body. Bhaishajya Yoga gives complete lecture of dying studies and practice that you can meet in India and Tibet.

Healing Spiritual Power is a Water of Life (APANAH, Shivambhudhara), magnetic force, which tunes us to the state of internal harmony and beauty (Sundaram), good psychical and somatic health, bringing welfare, pleasure, luck and success as side effects of healing process. Longevity and lack of illnesses and ailments are the fruits of appropriate and deep Bhaishajya Yoga practice cultivated with appropriate commitment and devotion.

The practice of focusing in the Light of Divine Spirit, which neutralizes all illness-causing states of opposites and dualities, and also integrates and purifies whole psychosomatic human creature is a fundament of all exercises of this yoga. This crystalline pure, bright Light of Holy Spirit is called URNA (the Light of Life) and it is contemplated in two-petaled lotus between eyebrows, at the height of eyes, where inside the images of both eyeballs happen to unite. It is like entity of seeing in the Light of Spirit.

Mystery of Name and sound vibration, art of healing vase-like breathing, affirmative protecting prayer, contemplation causing the state of bliss and ecstasy, happy and calm joy (bhavaniya), focusing in the centers functioning as generators of healing power – this all is only a sketch of basis of Healing Yoga practice. Traditionally we practice purifying the energy centers (chakras) and auras of subtler psychical bodies.

Among Vedic studies on spiritual healing there is also practical study of removing undesirable influences, that is colloquially called exorcism. It is used either for people or places that need it. We also practice healing animals, plants, places and towns, and even the whole country, continent or even the planet - Mother Earth.

Principal activity of Bhaishajya Samaj is based on:

1. Workshop acts in the form of 2-3–days meetings of Healers Fraternity members of both sexes in order to keeping joint practice and work on ourselves and for self-healing;

2. Individual and group practice of self-healing and healing others, with the help of series of healing exercises for each of following levels of initiation path;

3. Celebrating Bhaishajya Puja (Healing Ritual) with intention of helping suffering, ill and dying people (always on their explicit request), and also with intention of whole planet and creatures that live there;

4. Gathering and promoting methods of spiritual healing above the world-views or religious differences, for the common good of whole humanity;

A member of Bhaishajya Samaj can be every person totally conscious of taking up the work, no matter the nationality, religion, sex or commitment to any other spiritual practice system. The only condition is openness of heart and mind that enables expressing the will of practice coming from the depth of soul.

Vedic medical knowledge called as Ayurveda was given to humanity by Dhanvantari, Angelic doctor in Heavens, who had given it on the Earth as an Angel that had manifested himself to four sages – medics of beautiful names – Sushruta, Charaka, Aitreya and Vagbhata. Rishi Sushruta, as the legend says, was well-known in Greece as Hippocrates. That’s why the Yoga of Healing in especially recommended for all medics and medical help services as a spiritual way of life devoted to helping suffering population and relieving it from suffering in conscious way. The Rishi Susruta Oath, so the Hippocrates Oath is a basis for work of all medics and healers.

Many methods of current psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy were scooped from Yoga of healing. Gestalt method with it’s “hot chair”, assertiveness training, bio-energy techniques (like Loven), Schultz (autogenny-?) training (auto-suggestive relaxation), following Jacobson relaxation (tensions and relaxation of each muscles, yogoda), cognitive groups, psychodramas, psychology of process, creative expression training, “mirror” method, study about affirmation, rebirthing – these all are pulled out of context techniques of Yoga of Healing, which had been transplanted to medicine as effective therapeutic methods. You can meet them straight from the source, where they come from, which is yoga indeed. You can meet yoga as psychosomatic medicine, especially as system of preventive psycho-education. It’s easier to prevent than to heal, and when healing, it’s much easier if we remember about spiritual essence (Sai/n) of human creature.

The Himalaya Master

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